Across the business world, organisations are fighting tooth and nail to produce better goods and services than the competition. The procurement of the best talent in the industry adds to the competition. The corporate world focuses more on leading than the actual process. In this age of globalisation, the best leaders with effective leadership qualities are in-demand more than ever.

Organisations need multiskilled managers who possess sound knowledge of various operations across the industry. Production is one of the key processes that keep the business running smoothly and produce revenues. Effective product and operations management is necessary to maintain the quality of the goods and increase productivity.

Did you know that Australia is one of the world's major iron ore producers? The iron ore industry makes upto 50 million AUD approx in a year. It is even more prominent than petroleummproduction, ranking at #4 in Australia's leading industries.

A good leader can manage the team through various stages of production, improve quality, increase output and even resolve any adverse situation. This blog will discuss the qualities that a good leader must possess and some product and operations management examples. Read forth to get more insight.

5 management traits of an operations manager

Why is Production and Operations Management Important?

Creating goods and services is the most important for keeping a business running. Production and operation management is a business process that involves planning, monitoring and controlling goods manufacturing and service delivery. An organisation must manage product production as it aids effective management and supervises goods, service delivery and human resources. Here are other few benefits:

The manufacturing industry in Australia contributes upto 100 billion AUD to the
GDP every year -ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

  1. Business can ensure the good quality of the output or the finished products.
  2. An apt operation manager will keep an eye out for any faults in the production line and maintain a good productivity rate.
  3. Good products eventually mean satisfied customers, resulting in customer retention and increased profits.
  4. Another essential resound for managing production operations is to make the production process more cost-effective by reducing any waste.

Product and operation management examples include managing and ensuring delivery of proper healthcare provided for the patients in the healthcare industry or the delivery of good quality products in some other industry. Such a management system cuts across almost the whole business industry as it concerns the timely delivery of goods and services.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Product Manager?

Production managers are responsible for handling the standard details of a product provided by the organisation. Doing so allows the company to produce outstanding products and services. Product and operations managers take on high-level roles and responsibilities such as:

Did you know that the manufacturing industry in Australia employs over 900,000 employees as per the reports published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics?

  • Recruiting, mentoring, and training the new joiners of the production unit.
  • Addressing the cost forecasts and revenue goals and developing timelines for different product development.
  • Sharing business objectives with the stakeholders and discussing the product vision to align development strategies.
  • Presenting plans and objectives to the executives and the company seniors to plan out a budget for production.
  • Ensuring compliance with the standards for product planning, development, and design. Also, the availability of tools for production staff to do their job effectively.

Managers hold a pivotal role in any business process: production, marketing, sales, or delivery. Effective leadership ensures that the business produces goods effectively and continually without any issues in the production unit and maintains the quality of goods. The decisions made by a product manager affect their team, the product and eventually the business, so it isn't an easy job.

What Qualities Must Effective Product and Operations Management Leaders Possess?

Today's business processes differ from the last decade, which will be true for the decade to come. Innovators develop new technologies and strategies to make business processes more efficient and effective. Production and operations managers are the leaders that are responsible for ensuring the same. Here are a few qualities that make an effective leader stand out:

The production and manufacturing output of the goods and services had quadrupled in the Australian business sector since the mid-1950s. It has become one of the fastest developing industries supporting Australia's natural funding with profound skill development and R&D potency. - Department of Industry Development, Australia

  • Setting realistic goals for the organisation and the team is the first step to achieving great results. Reaching a realistic goal helps the team to get used to a threshold that they need to push past. When that becomes, an easily achievable newer target can be introduced.
  • Team efficiency is more important than the target, and a production manager knows that. It is important to make the process errorless and cost-effective.
  • Focusing on quality is also an important trait in product and operations management, such as making the goods high and paying attention to every detail.
  • Sound knowledge of supply chain management is also needed to keep track of the timely supply of goods and services.

The most challenging part of being an operations manager is counselling the team members through their struggles and helping them meet their daily goals. If even one team member lacks in their performance, it reduces the efficiency of the other team members. Figuring out a possible solution and building trust among the team's leader is more important that other tactical actions.

the production process

What are Some Real-Life Product and Operations Management Examples?

As the great Martin Luther King, Jr. once said;

"A great leader isn't someone who seeks harmony but rather establishes harmony."

Similarly, these product managers are trend leaders and great managers for their teams. The best way to learn product management operations is to learn from industry experts. So here's the list of the world's most influential product managers in 2022 to help you get insights into future product managers.

1. Lulu Cheng (Product Manager at Pinterest)

She believes in the happiness of the teammates; the happier people are, the better they perform, and the company can achieve their goal - The best goods. Previously she worked in Microsoft and Dropbox as a Product Marketer and was placed among the top fifty women in the product management industry at the Product Management Festival 2022.

2. Ken Norton (Former Google Product Manager and Current Google Ventures Partner)

His strategy is building the right team is the way to go when you are not provided with the right team and strategy. Worked at google for a decade and developed hands-on skills for tech support and business startup. Currently a manager at Google Ventures, he's a name you will hear in the production sector.

3. Hunter Walk (Head of Product at YouTube)

He graduated from Stanford University with an MBA degree, joined Google in 2003 and now works as the production head at YouTube. He's a humble and hardworking guy, and his strategy of "living below your means'' is the key to his success and, eventually, his team's happiness. Currently a partner at Homebrew.

Businesses are now in a very intense war for securing talents; organisations are trying to surpass their competitors by fulfilling the existing workforce's skill gaps to enhance the product development process. Implementing sustainable production plans can very well result in high-quality products, effective teams, and increased productivity. However, new product and operations management strategies can be complex and require the employees to acquire chronic changes in the teams through behavioural and dynamic changes.

In the current economy, students in management schools must possess multiple skills. It can be challenging to learn accounting and management while learning all the business operations concepts and added information technology comprehension. If you are a university student struggling with your management assignment questions, just fill out the enrollment form to get affordable management assignment help and free academic resources.

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