If you are a student pursuing a healthcare management program in Australia, you must know that it is a cross-practice field of study that comprises healthcare and management. Under this specialisation, students learn various skills to become apt doctors or nurses with additional management skills.

With the new emerging technology and the changes in the medical framework, healthcare professionals must possess technical and management skills. Now the healthcare system is more technology-oriented, and all such tasks as recording, monitoring and analysing patient’s data have shifted to online mediums.

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The field of healthcare management is focused on the technological and management changes over the years; students pursuing this degree can become good doctors and apt managers simultaneously. But, before you can proceed forth with your dream job, you must give it all to finishing your degree.

Students who pursue a postgraduate degree must submit their thesis or research paper as the final assessment project concluding their studies. To help you tackle that, here it is, a list of the most relevant healthcare management/technological trends and a list of research topics in health policy and management.

how researching beneficial in healthcare management

Nowadays, healthcare professionals are tasked with more than just monitoring the patients. Their job responsibilities include monitoring patient records, information management on cloud systems, helping patients navigate through their health insurance processes. These tasks need various skills and knowledge apart from the medical procedures. Also, you must heed the current health tech trends to match the skill requirements. The top medi-tech trends of 2022 are:

Digital Therapeutics

It is a system designed to monitor a patient’s condition for evidence-based diagnosis constantly. Reports are generated via various softwares, and the patients can access their reports to discuss their remedy process with the concerned healthcare services. Such digital processes are effective for patients with chronic illness as it reduces the risks of non-adherence by the healthcare providers.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote services have become more prominent and almost a part of the culture since the covid crises. Remote patient monitoring is one such service that allows healthcare services to monitor the conditions even at a distance. It is a saving grace for the population suffering from covid.

Patients are provided blood pressure and oxygen monitors to check their conditions and inform the doctor about their conditions. With the new age technology, such devices are upgraded to connect to mobile apps or the internet, so patients and healthcare agents access the reports. It can be a good research topic in Healthcare Management as such procedures are the latest in the field, ensuring various resources for case studies.

Smart Wearables and Devices

Though these devices have become a norm in our everyday lives, still they are not out of trend yet. Devices like pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, and menstrual cycle monitor are available in mobile apps and portable/wearable devices. Such devices are useful for lifestyle fitness and aged care. Also known as IMOT, the internet of medical things.


Getting diagnosis and medicine prescription for illness right from the safety of your homes is generally termed telemedicine services. Various applications and online services connect you to a healthcare provider to help with your symptoms by offering immediate advice, prescribing medicine/tests, and referring to the nearest healthcare facility/providers in chronic cases. Yet another trend that emerged due to covid.

These are a few of the latest trends that emerged recently in healthcare management. Circumstances and technological advancements play a huge role in making a practice a trend. Such processes are widely used, and the upgrade is underway. You can use any such trends as research topics in health policy and management for your assignments or thesis.

The healthcare field is an extensively theoretical one; students are assigned tasks, essay writing, reflection writing, clinical lab report, case study, etc. Researching is a challenging task as you might not find the best resources, and having to read through various documents may boggle your mind. Obtain nursing assignment help for your research papers and work with professionals from the field to research, compile and draft your research paper. Enrol today to get started.

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Here are a Few other Healthcare Management Research Topics That You Can Use

Researching is often considered a mundane and difficult task due to its repetitive nature. Students often feel overwhelmed due to a lack of good resource materials. But, the first step to researching is understanding the best possible research topics. You can try using these research topics, ranging from new-age technologies to the digital framework in the field of healthcare.

  1. How has Telemedicine changed the Healthcare Administration process?
  2. Methods to deal with the Opioid Crisis.
  3. Consequences of the increasing number of emergency healthcare facilities.
  4. How do digital healthcare providers support families caring for aged dementia patients?
  5. What is the procedure to deal with infrastructure mismanagement in a healthcare facility?
  6. How can healthcare managers encourage their team members to use the maximum of their potential?
  7. What are the resolutions for low staff strength in healthcare facilities?
  8. How do healthcare managers maintain the confidentiality and security of their patients?
  9. Why is infrastructure management crucial, and how do hospitals develop new strategies?
  10. How can healthcare managers ensure a positive no-discrimination workplace environment?
  11. Is remote patient monitoring effective? What are its pros and cons?
  12. The effects of state laws on medical malpractice and poor management in healthcare facilities.
  13. Methods to improve digital healthcare management platforms?
  14. How do hospitals manage the excess demand for oxygen, drugs, and healthcare in covid crises?
  15. The latest information technology innovation in healthcare management emerged in the covid era.

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The process for picking a topic for research is two-fold, as many students want to choose a relevant topic, and the topic must excite them. Students still contemplating the research topics in healthcare management can pick one of these. You can even pick multiple topics and discuss them with your professor for the most suitable one for you.

what are the various methods

How is Researching Helpful for Your Career as a Healthcare Manager?

Learning is an evergoing process; you are never too old to learn something new; these words are a statement as studies show that an average person learns as much as 74GB of information in a day. See, you learned another new fact today! The process of learning is based on research.

Researching is an important trait that should be a part of your daily practice, like writing or reading. There are many benefits to researching, and it will surely lay a foundation for your future. As a healthcare professional, you will need to expand your knowledge about the field and the ongoing trends.

You will learn through practice, but researching helps understand the current issues and promotes skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and addressing the issue based on its various aspects. It is also a medium for upgrading your current knowledge set to fit the new technological, academic, and social changes. Hope it helped you pick a research topic in health policy and management.

Pursuing a research paper takes a lot of effort as it is a task that requires multi-dimensional research, analysis and collection of data. As university students, you will have to go through all the processes of creating a research proposal, compiling, drafting, and editing. You can get help from experienced professionals in the field. Sign up to get nursing assignment help through live guided sessions and access to free academic resources.

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