The financial sector fluctuates every day due to the constantly changing and evolving world economy. Various trends, political, socio-economic factors are responsible for the constant shift in the economy. We see the most changes and downfall of that matter in the global economy in recent years due to the pandemic.

New age technology has resulted in the evolution of the finance sector before the pandemic, and in 2022 the finance industry is becoming more tech-oriented, automated and data-driven to meet the needs of the current economy. New AI and ML technologies influence the finance industry, and It allows the workers to leave the repetitive task to the machine and focus more on the production procedures.

The Australian economic liberal score is 77.7,
making it the 12th most independent country
in the 2022 finance index.-

The new technology and the circumstances are the reason for the emergence of the new finance trends and the changes in the sector. In this blog, we'll especially focus on the issues in the cash flow cycle of businesses. Read forth to get help for writing your FIN80001 Modern Finance Issues assignment.

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How A Company's CCC Has Changed Over The Last Five Years

CCC refers to the cash convergence cycle in a business; it is how businesses can invest their capital and get good returns. The primary step is investing the capital or the cash in hand and converting it into sales and revenues. The business and economic metrics are responsible for deciding the time it will take to get returns and pay the debts.

Deloitte is a well-known finance giant and one of the top four firms globally. They provide various finance management services, audit, consultation, financial and advisory, and risk management. Established in 1845, it has become a world-leading financial service due to its remarkable cash conversion cycle.

The total managed fund industry rose
by 86 billion Australian dollars in 2020

As we look at the company's history, it experienced a major fall in its CCC cycle, which took two years to recover. The reform in its strategies and the use of new-age technology helps them catch up with the market trends. By 2015 their cash flow cycle was halved into twenty-five days or less, tied for the functional capital.

Deloitte provided customers access to data, financial aid tools and advice, and low-interest rates; hence, they could generate greater trust among the customers. By 2019, they started with a new brand promise to empower the customers. The method used for ensuring the same was to aggregate products and services to meet the customer's diverse financial needs, taxing, loans, buying insurance and tracking their investments.

The humanising the technology with which the older customers struggled also helped manifold increase their cash flow. Rather than creating a platform where every customer or business can access their finances, they focused more on industry-specific platforms that meet their technology, cloud and AI assistance needs. This is one of the most sought questions in the FIN80001 modern finance issues assignment.

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What Are the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Involving The Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) In Line With The Industry Norms?

CCC is how businesses and investors can objectively compute a business's operations and management effectiveness. Because increasing efficiency and lowering the costs is useful for increasing profits, most businesses try to steadily lower or maintain their CCC over time.

Advantages of Cash Conversion Cycle

  • To get a sense of the corporation's overall image: It depicts the cash flow that occurred in the business. The stronger their revenue, the easier it is for the company to convert cash.
  • To determine a company's financial strength: Greater cash flow indicates that it is performing well. It lowers the chances of bankruptcy, causing a shortage of working capital to pay providers, workers, and debtors.
  • Create a Goal for administration: The cash conversion cycle helps KPI management grow the business. The statistic comes from a comparison of historical data with the market average.

The public sector demand in Australia detracted
-by 0.1% in the second quarter of 2021 - ABS

Disadvantages of Cash Conversion Cycle

  • The cash conversion cycles vary from one sector to the next, and it's difficult to compare them.
  • To keep the CCC in the short term, companies sell the inventory and gather money quickly. At the same time, they delay paying the supplier as long as possible for maintaining the CCC. Doing so will impact the relationship with customers and suppliers. They will not be happy to do business with us in the long run.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the cash flow cycle in finance. However, this cycle has its disadvantages; businesses must maintain a short term cash flow to keep clear of bankruptcy. The cycle varies for different industries and relies heavily on the nature of the business. In FIN80001 modern finance issues, CCC is an important concept, so you must focus on learning it well.

modern finance issues modern finance issues  samples

COVID-19 sparked the world's worst economic downturn in over a century. In 2020, 90 per cent of governments' economies contracted, the global financial system shrunk by around 3%, and food insecurity and poverty rose for the first time in decades. Governments responded quickly and comprehensively, alleviating the crisis's harshest rapid economic effects. On the other hand, international policy aggravated a variety of economic problems.

Australia has ranked as one of the richest
nations in Asia-Pacific for more than two

If you are looking for answers for your FIN80001 Modern Finance Issues assignment, Here's a list of the persisting or emerging modern finance in 2022:

  • The skill scarcity will persist, prompting firms to become more inventive when hiring.
  • Businesses will invest in new technologies, with 2022 the year with the highest technology spending ever. Many will deal with the talent shortfall by investing in automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics.
  • The greatest persistent inflation in ages will produce a turbulent corporate climate, which CFOs despise more than anything else.
  • It's unlikely that procurement difficulties will be fixed relatively soon. Businesses understand that without Fair inventory control is crucial. When something problem occurs in the supply chain, their company will suffer.
  • The imminent possibility of a government takeover of COVID-related rules poses major employment challenges, putting our company's capacity to keep adequate employee levels in jeopardy.

Affordability of goods and maintaining low loan interest rates is important for pandemic's economic recovery. We need to focus on the aspects of the crisis that are most likely to damage emerging economies. It proposes measures to alleviate the interrelated financial risks posed by the pandemic and guide economies toward long-term, fair recovery.

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