Outside the world of research, people often use reliability and validity interchangeably. Now that people use them colloquially, as per their own understanding, the real meaning of the terms gets clouded for students when they conduct extensive research. Are you one of those students who find these confusing?

Reliability and Validity

Worry not, as we have got the best academic writing help experts for you in the United States of America for over ten years now. In this blog, we will give you a quick glimpse of Reliability Vs. Validity- Everything You Need To Know. This will help you to get the answers to what is the difference between validity and reliability and make it possible for you to research without any hassles.

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What Is The Difference Between Validity And Reliability?

Reliability means how consistent a method is. For instance, if you conduct an experiment five times, then it is likely that every time you will get roughly the same results. And talking about validity, a test will become valid only when it measures what it is supposed to. Often, the tests that are valid are reliable too. For example- the ACT is reliable and valid for this gives an account of what all the student learned in his/her high school.

However, the tests that are valid may or may not be reliable. For example- you measure a thermometer and it comes out to be a degree off. Each time you would be getting roughly the same results (reliable), but it wasn’t recording the correct temperature (not valid).

What is the difference between validity and reliability? Let us discuss each of these in brief now.

What Is Reliability? Hear It Out From Our Experts.

In simple words, reliability is the measure of consistency of any entity, like test scores. It can also be viewed as the ability of the results to get repeated. For example- Thermometer is a reliable instrument to measure the temperature of a human body. By this, we mean that every time we use it to check our fever, we will get the correct temperature. Similarly, tests are conducted to measure the knowledge of a student and are considered to be reliable.

Our academic writing help experts have been using several tools to check the reliability. The two most common ones are:

  1. Kuder-Richardson 20
  2. Cronbach’s Alpha

How Is Reliability Accessed?

There are different varieties of reliability when it comes to researching. In order to conduct thorough research, you need to be aware of these. Hence, we are here with different types of validity and how they are accessed for you in this section.

There are three kinds of reliability that you will come across. These are:

1. Test-Retest Reliability

When the consistency is measured across time, it is known as test-retest reliability. Here, we check whether the result we get is the same when we repeat the measurements.

Example- A questionnaire is given to a group of students to measure their personality traits. If they do it on the same days, and give exactly the same answers, then it will signify that high test-retest validity is there.

test-retest validity

2. Interrater

The measurement of consistency across observers is known as interrater. Here, it is assessed whether it is possible to get the same answers when two different people conduct an experiment with the same measurements.

For example- Suppose there is a fixed checklist for an examination. Different examiners submit different results based on the checklist. This means that the checklist has low inter-reliability.

3. Inter Consistency

How consistent the measurement itself is known as inter consistency. Here, our assignment help experts check whether we can get the same results from different parts within a test that are supposed to measure the same thing.

For example- You want to measure self-esteem and for that you have created a questionnaire. If you randomly divide the entire result into two halves, you will find that there is a strong correlation between the two results. And, if both these results are very different, then there is low internal consistency.

What Is Validity?

It simply means how accurately the instrument or test is measuring what it needs to measure. Though these two terms might look to be the same, there are some differences between the two. Over the years, our academic writers have been through with these two terms, and thus, we have been able to clear all the doubts of students on this topic.

There are three types of validity which are construct, content, and criterion. Even these are accessed differently like reliability. If you want us to clear this for you, then you can come up to our academic writing help experts immediately, and we won’t let you go dissatisfied. We also have a wide range of samples to look at when you get stuck in your assignments. You can reach out to us 24*7 via live expert consultations.
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