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Are you someone who gets stuck in disputes every now and then? Probably, you are falling short of listening skills to enhance your communication. In today’s high-tech, stressful, and fast pacing world, the significance of listening can never be ruled out. Yet, we focus more on speaking and less on listening which is the main cause of disputes among people all over the world today.

Genuine listening has somehow vanished nowadays. This results in weaker relationships, more problems, conflicts, and less understanding. This is why there is a pressing need to engage in selective listening exercises to enhance communication. Worry not, our academic writing help experts are here to help you out in this.

In this blog, we will throw some light on 5 Interesting Activities To Boost Your Listening Skills. These will help you in improving your listening skills and better the process of exchanging your viewpoints with others. My Assignment Services is a reputed organisation that is known for its unparalleled academic assistance. So, let us get started without any further ado.

Listening Skills

5 Interesting Activities To Boost Your Listening Skills

We all know that every domain and sector has its own infrastructure and needs; amidst them, listening becomes one of the most important virtues that one must learn. Especially, in classrooms and workplaces, one has to be thorough with listening skills to come out with flying colours.

Thus, our academic writing help experts have compiled a list of 10 Interesting Activities To Boost Your Listening Skills. These will not only make you a better listener but also help you in interacting with others and have fun in the process.

1. A Game of Telephone

During the mid-twentieth century, this game became really popular in the USA. However, only a handful of people know its utility as a listening exercise. With the help of this game, we come to know how words get distorted when they are passed from one person to another.

The game is pretty simple; there is a moderator who supervises the game and a group of people play this game. The first person thinks of a message and tells it to the moderator to let him note it down. Then, this message moves to the next person and so on. The last person loudly tells what he heard.

This way, we will notice how words will get distorted and a single word would change the meaning of the sentence in the end.

2. Listening Comprehension

This is one of those selective learning exercises that is the easiest one. To make it even more engaging and interesting, the moderator can use the dialogues of some popular movies. Once the dialogue is played and stopped, questions will be asked.

Students need to boost up their listening skills if they wish to answer those questions perfectly and then rely on their memory.

3. Group Storytelling

It is a game that comes in handy for everyone. We can simply sit in a group of 4 or more and enjoy listening to group stories. In this, the moderator gives any sentence to one of the people and he/she adds another sentence to it. This process gets repeated until a complete story is formed.

This not only boosts listening skills but also enhances the thought process of every individual.

4. Obstacle Course

This is one of those games that is played and enjoyed by most of the people in the USA as well as all over the world. There have to be different kinds of obstacles such as rolled-up bedsheets, bean bags, mattresses, etc in the path. One person will be blindfolded and he has to cross the room without touching the obstacles. The partner will assist him in doing so by giving directions to him/her.

So, the emphasis would be placed on the verbal directions provided by the partner and the other person has to complete it. This tests how well the listening skill of that person is.

5. Memory Game

There are students who complain that they are not able to retain the information in their minds for a longer period of time. Our academic writing help experts believe that there is a direct connection between the listening skills of a student and his memory. Both enhance precision and attention.

Memory game is something that will help you give a boost to your listening skills and as a result, also improve your memory. In this game, some flashcards will be used to demonstrate some information. The person who shows the flashcard to others will read it loud so that others can listen to it. Now, the people who listen will have to reproduce the same information. The one who does it without deviating much from the actual information will win the game.

Listening strategies

These are the 5 Interesting Activities To Boost Your Listening Skills that we suggest you do. It all depends upon your imagination and creativity. So, go ahead and devise out some awesome and selective listening exercises to develop your listening skills. If you want our guidance, then you can always come up to our academic writing help experts via live sessions. We will be happy to help you.

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