How to Structure Law Assignments with IRAC!
February 03, 2018
Author : Amy

Writing briefs and other law assignments is an erroneous task. Since, legal problems are almost always complicated, it becomes imperative to break down the facts and address them using a structured approach. Students sometimes seek assignment help online to solve such problems.IRAC method is one such method; it provides a comprehensive analysis of a legal case. It is widely used, and is the most accepted format for writing answers to legal questions.

Legal Questions

Issues:Even if the facts are evident from the problem, it is a good idea to start by stating the facts clearly in a who and how manner. This step requires a brief summary of the facts, excluding any irrelevant information.

After stating the facts, identification of issues should be done. This will pertain to answering the why part of the problem.

Rule:Set out the laws and legal principles that will be relevant to the situation, with clear reference to the particular rules which apply to the case.

Application:This is the most important part of the answer. The rules identified in step 2, must now be applied to the issues of the problem. The facts of the case are contested with the rules. Precedence can be established from previous legislations.

Conclusion:Present the closing arguments in a few lines, stating who is liable for the problem and who is the victim.

Finally, summarise the court’s final verdict.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Have a look at the below problem.


Now, let’s apply IRAC to the problem:

  • Issue: The question here is, if the doctor failed in his duties, while treating this patient. The doctor is the defendant in this problem.

  • Rule: The rule applicable, here, is medical malpractice. It is a form of professional negligence and the four elements required for a successful claim are: duty, breach, cause and harm.

  • Application: Here, the four elements discussed above need to be related.
    • Duty - The doctor had a duty of treating the patient.
    • Breach - It needs to be established that the defendant breached his duty, by refusing to treat the patient.
    • Cause – The doctor by not treating the patient, caused the death of the patient. The doctor abandoned him and the patient died, as he left the facility, untreated.
    • Harm – It must be established that because of the defendant’s actions, the plaintiff suffered harm. Since the patient died in this case, claims for wrongful death and negligence must be presented.

  • Conclusion: In the conclusion, a successful claim for negligence can be brought up against the doctor. Medical malpractice has been proved and the defendant did not meet the standard of care in this case.

Some professors mandate the use of IRAC while writing assignments, while others give students the choice of whichever approach they wish to follow. CRAC and CREAC are two other approaches, similar to IRAC.

We hope the above assignment was successful in clearing your concepts. In case, you require help, our law assignment help experts can guide you.

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