Writing an assignment about the four phases of international planning process is easy as long as you are as efficient as the marketing assignment help providers. But do not worry because you can refer to this web blog post and learn what are the phases of international planning process and use them in writing your global marketing analysis essay. The fours phases of international planning process are explained with the help of examples.

What are the 4 phases?

The phases of international planning process are as follows -

  1. Assess the market
  2. Design the business
  3. Build a strategy
  4. Manage the output

Assessment of the market opportunities

Before you can define how your business is going to rock the world, you need to test if the place wants their world to be rocked or not. For that, you always conduct an assessment of the market opportunities in the target market segment. A series of the following steps will take your phases of international planning process essay a long way.

  1. Identify what issues is the target market facing. For example, if you are planning to start an operations section in Syria or somewhere nearby, your business would boom with weapons of mass destruction. I am just kidding, do not do that.
  2. See what opportunities does the market give your phases of international planning process essay and then analyse what threats do they pose. Your business does not want to be caught off guard.
  3. Send a team to the ground to collect data from the customers. See whether they are satisfied with the current options available and what prediction to future can be made.
  4. Prepare a SWOT analysis of the market for your phases of international planning process essay.

Design the business as per market needs

It is obvious that the business has to change according to the market forces and trends. If you do not give them what they need, you are soon being thrown out the train. Hence, the next phase is to define your business.

  1. Your phases of international planning process essay should contain the mission and vision of the business. The core beliefs upon which the business is built should also be identified.
  2. Entering a foreign market can be tough and you need to be clear of what you are there for. Here, you need to tell the readers in the phases of international planning process essay what the business will look like in the coming years.
  3. Also, the business will compete with the existing ones and have to solidify the foot. For that, the manager has to think about how will the business survive.
  4. This part also has an objective plan of 3 years and a 3-year financial projection plan.

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Building the business

Now is the time to take the things to ground zero. Your phases of international planning process essay will ask the business to conduct -

  1. A SWOT analysis to identify the priorities of the business.
  2. Set goals for the organisation that is SMART.
  3. Select Key Performance Indicators so that they can monitor the effectiveness of the business.
  4. Assign the roles to various departments and to the team members.
  5. The phases of international planning process essay will also have the budget defined for carrying out the operations.

Manage the business

This is the final phase your client is all set to enter the new market. Check that the strategy is communicated to all the members of the organisation so that everyone knows their role. Write the phases of international planning process essay such that the client you are addressing will be ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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