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In this web blog post, I am going to explain to you how are you going to write the ICT80011/40005 final assessment report.

1. Read Assessment 1

Though you wrote that yourself, you need to go through what you have written once again. This is because it will help you to write the assignment and you do not want to go off the course from what you wrote previously, do you?

2. Start Writing your ICT80011/40005 Final Assessment Report

Your assignment will be based on a defined structure. Here, I have laid down what and how should you write the key elements that are required in the research report.


In a line or two, tell your readers what is that you are going to achieve in this ICT80011/40005 final assessment report. This will give them a brief idea of if the research is interesting or not.

The objective of this report to analyse the demographics of the moviegoers and observe spoiler giving through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Description of Method

In other words, it is also called methodology. You always write ICT80011/40005 final assessment report in a structured format. It is not that you just stumble across the information while browsing through the internet. Thus, you need to identify what method are you going to follow for this analysis.

To collect the information on the demographics of the moviegoers, we need to first define the movies. For uniformity in the data, we will select one movie which youngsters would be more interested to watch and the other one which the older generation would be interesting in watching. We will distribute a quick questionnaire to the people coming out asking them to write their name, their social media handles and whether they enjoyed the movie or not. We used a questionnaire because recording the response of everyone through the interview was time-consuming and expensive.

Present the Data

ICT80011/40005 final assessment report is incomplete unless you have data and have presented it. The data presentation techniques are there and you have to the one that you think is going to do well with the research report.

If your analysis is of a complex nature or you need to present the data in a complex way, then you can also use data presentation tools. ICT80011/40005 final assessment report can be prepared by using the following tools -

  • Tableau

  • Plotly

  • Visual.ly

  • Highcharts

For example, We will represent the data through bar charts drawn between various factors like the age and if they loved the movie. Also, the presentation of the data of what percentage of the people posted spoilers of the movie on their social media account which was further broken down into the identification of the number of respondents posting spoiler on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook and on all three platforms.


The above presentation of data is where you analysed and interpreted the data. Now you have to summarise it all in ICT80011/40005 final assessment report conclusion. Tell what your aim was, what you did, what results did you see and if you were able to answer the objective research question.

Remember that you do not have to make any new deductions here, just a brief repetition of what you discussed above.

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