Nursing is an honorary profession. And reflection forms one of the most effective ways of evaluating the nursing practice. Since reflection is such a crucial part, the assignments are also painful. If you are looking for values that are important for the professional practice and that guide your decisions in nursing, congratulations because this is the right place for SNPG950 assignment answers. I am going to tell you what values should you mention, what are the professional qualities, how they are important and what is person-centred care.

Important values that guide professional decisions

There are a lot of values that nursing students should develop and nurture. The assignments ask you to identify the values and how they are used in decision-making in professional practice.

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Let me explain to you how do you have to write SNPG950 reflective assignment. The first part is where you have to identify two core values of nursing. For ease of explanation, let me assume that you chose Empathy and Selflessness as two values. Now, you explain how these values are useful when it comes to taking decisions in nursing. Decision making in nursing can include giving medicine, taking charge of the situation in the absence of the doctor, preparing special care plans for the patient, etc. To take such decisions, a nurse should be empathic with the patients and selfless to do whatever it takes.

Identification of personal and professional qualities

Professional and personal qualities can be or cannot be the same. I would prefer that you keep your personal qualities and professional qualities the same. It would be better if you are able to relate these two with each other. For example, you mentioned that your personal quality is that you are a good listener. This is a quality that varies from a person to person. With that, you can mention the professional quality that you are empathic with the patients and can listen to their problems to provide them with motivational words. A part of our leadership quality is the way we manage ourselves. Therefore, nurses should also focus on developing personal qualities like self-awareness, self-control, confidence, personal reflection, etc. Though personal qualities do not form a dedicated section on Healthcare Development Model, they are still mentioned in various healthcare dimensions.

Person-centredness and person-centred care

The next section in the assignment asks you to discuss what do you understand about person-centredness. To answer this question, you need to take a dip in the waters of Google Scholar. And if you want to sail further into other weathers, then you should also take your boat to Wiley, Elsevier, ResearchGate and Taylor & Francis. When you reach there, you need to take your time and analyse the ancient scriptures recovered from the deepest chapels in the Vatican. Just kidding, do not do anything like that. There is nothing there, or is there? Anyway, once you analyse the secondary literature, you need to develop your own understanding of person-centredness and person-centred care. Explain what do you understand about person-centredness after reading the literature. Give references to the source you studied and explain what do you understand about person-centred care.

Communication skills and their importance

In this section of the assignment, you need to identify at least 2 communication skills. Oh, by the way, did you notice that all these activities are asking you to explore yourself? Yes, that is because this assignment is a reflective study type. Here, after you have identified 2 skills, you need to talk about why these skills are important to you, professionally and personally. For example, you can read good and speak well. Then, this skill will help you in your personal development because you would be able to communicate effectively with your near and dear ones. Other than that, your professional area will be safe because you will not miss out on reading any information. Refer to the principles, language and terms of person-centeredness in your discussion of communication. For that, you would need the help of a nursing assignment help expert.

Strategies to care for oneself

The final part of SNPG950 assignment answer is where you discuss 2 strategies that you use to empower and care for yourself. The nurses who care for other patients should also care for themselves. That is why you need to analyse what ways and strategies do you follow through which you empower yourself and keep yourself safe. Here, you need to take a stroll through the gardens of self-actualisation. After that, do not forget to highlight the importance of the strategies that you mention. That is also important.

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