The role of values is unprecedented, neither in personal life nor in professional. The same thinking is applied in clinical situations and nursing practices.

Nursing is a course which is built for those who want to walk on a path of healing, helping and nurturing people around them. And what helps them in their journey are morals and values.

Hence, if you are looking for nursing assignment help, here are some core founding values that are essential for every nursing practice.

Empathy & Caring

Every nursing school teaches its nursing students the true meaning of empathy and care. Empathy is not limited to simply understanding and feeling the pain of the patients. It means to develop an understanding of the condition of the patient and knowledge of assessing the health of patients by observation. For a nurse, empathy is the ability to understand, be aware of, be sensitive to, and vicariously experience the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of the patient and their family.

This is real empathy.

It guides the nurse’s decision in the professional sector because it allows the nurse to respect the patient’s dignity. It also teaches to appreciate the independence of the patient.


Whether it is a clinical setting or the office of Google, communication is a key value that is one of the most important ones. One cannot progress their lives without communicating with others. And for nurses, communication is nothing less than a necessity.

The exchange of thoughts, ideas, messages and information, from nurses to patients and vice-versa is really important. It forms a vital component of effective nursing practice. The nurses have to use communication skills like speech, signals and writing during patients assessment. Along with this, communication is also used during planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care.


Make ‘em beg for it.

Just kidding, do not try this.

Teaching, here, does not mean that you need to take classes of your juniors and you will be assessed on the basis of that. A nurse has to teach the patient and patient’s family. It is also one of the most vital values of a nurse that is used in personal and professional practice. The nurses have to assist the patient with the information that is necessary for maintaining optimum health.

And this fundamental is based on the belief that the patients have the right to make informed decisions about their care. Thus, nurses have to provide information that is correct, accurate, and complete.

Critical Thinking

Critical analysis is a skill that is used in almost every single profession that you can think of. Yes, it also applies in pizza delivery and cabs. A large portion of the clinical decisions is resting on the critical thinking ability of nurses. Nurses should be able to make decisions by using their critical thinking. This is because there are times when the nurses face a situation in which the patient’s problems are not clear and not mentioned in textbooks.

To make informed decisions in nursing practice, the nurses must develop an active and organised cognitive process. This lets nurses explore and challenge assumptions.


The concept of altruism is based on the fact that people should help each other out of selflessness, without expecting any reward or compensation in return for their care. Well, nursing practice is also based on this principle. Nurses are expected to display altruism by caring for their patients keeping in mind their well being.

Altruism is different than a sense of duty because altruism is displayed by people out of their own selfless acts. On the other hand, a sense of duty is a responsibility that you need to perform. For example, a paramedic accompanying a patient in an ambulance is a sense of duty. But a person offering their help in carrying the injured to the hospital is altruism.

Holistic Care

Holistic nursing, as defined by the Holistic Nurses Association, is “all nursing practice that has to heal the whole person as its goal.”

Holistic care is more than certain actions or a few spoken words. It is a philosophy that focuses on all of the patients. It also accepts that every patient is different and has to be treated differently to ensure maximum healing. Holistic nurses are referred to as nurses who truly care. And that is why it is an important value in clinical practice.

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