Are you worried about how are you ever going to prepare that treacherous concept map assignment in nursing? Do you not feel that you do not have enough time to take a deep dive on the internet to search for how to prepare a nursing concept map assignment yourself? I’ll teach you how to prepare a nursing concept map. Hi, I am Keith, a professional nursing assignment help expert and I am going to talk about how can you prepare your nursing concept map assignment.

This is a concept map assignment I received

Concept map assignment question Reading the question, it is evident that the student is in the final year of the course, probably bachelor of nursing or something, and is soon going to become a registered nurse. So, what the question asks here to do is prepare a concept map that will be a 5-year plan and talk about what professional development will the student undergo after becoming a registered nurse. To make things a little easier, there are a couple of pointers that the students have to use in order to prepare an outstanding concept map assignment.

You might be wondering what is the use of them, right?

Since the question already gives you a couple of pointers, you now have a structure defined that you need to follow in the concept map. Trust me, it does make things a lot easier. Anyway, now that the question is understood, I am going to now take you all to see how to solve this and prepare a concept map assignment in nursing.

This is what a concept map looks like

sample concept map I know you have questions and I will answer them all one by one.

Professor, what is this diagram?

Jenny, this is what we call a concept map assignment in nursing solution. This is what you have been asked to prepare in the sample question right above. You should scroll back up and see the question once again and then see this concept map.

Professor, is this is all we were supposed to do? Make a diagram?

Oh, wonderful question, Max. No, this is not all that you had to do. How do I put this? Concept map assignment help you to understand yourself and then reflect upon what you are going to do. In easier words, preparing a concept map lets you take a stroll through a number of theories and concepts and principles that govern the question in hand. It is not that you just out of the blue pluck a couple of theories, think they sound cool and then prepare a concept map assignment.

Professor, why does this concept map has midwifery feels?

Because, Rashid, the student whose concept map I prepared wished to pursue a career in midwifery. And the concept map was prepared accordingly as to how the student would develop their career in midwifery over a course of 5 years as a registered nurse.

Professor, how do I start and what things I should take care of?

When you start writing your concept map assignment in nursing, you first lay out an introduction. Explain your question a bit. For example, I explained what is the role of midwives, why midwives are an important part of clinical settings and other things. After talking a few moments about -

  • What is the role of a midwife?
  • What are behaviour theory and its use in the nursing environment?
  • What is the synergy model and how does it help a midwife?
  • What are the strengths and limitations of midwifery nursing?
  • What is continuous professional development?
  • What is the learning theory?
  • What are the requirements of the higher education you are aiming (midwifery, in my case)?

I started with the concept map assignment.

Professor, what is the deal with the 5-year plan?

That is just the structure that I had to follow in my concept map. This is just that the sample I chose required me to prepare a 5-year plan. You need not necessarily include this in your concept map assignment. But, if you have to, then here is how you answer it -

Talk about year 1

What you are going to do in this year for your development and what will be your goals, how do you plan to achieve the goals in the said year and what factors do you think are important for the professional development plan you have made.

Similarly, talk about the remaining years 2 to 5 and focus on the details accordingly.

Professor, I want help in preparing the concept map assignment.

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