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Hi, I am Warren and I am a business statistics assignment writer. I am going to tell you today how to answer your data set assignments and what to write in them.

Let us make things easier with a data set assignment sample?

I receive a lot of assignments every week where students want a personalised statistics assignment writing help. They bring different types of questions and every assignment has to be solved with a different approach.

So, here is a sample of the assignment given to the students pursuing the BUS5SBF course. The question file is divided into 8 different tasks that the students had to complete. I will try to address as many tasks as I can in this blog post.

Task 1

The sampling method that I used was a simple random sampling method. Why did I choose this one? Because out of the various sampling methods available, random sampling allowed me to give every element a chance of being selected.

The best statistic used to compare the volatility in Weekly Expenditure on Food, Weekly Income and Family Size is descriptive statistics. This is because all three variables are continuous variables and are measured using an interval or ratio scale. This means that we can use mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and range to compare the data values.

Task 2

I guess you can make a bar chart yourself, right? By studying the data sets, you sure can check out what income groups are very poor, poor, moderate, rich and very rich.

Anyway, the tabular representation of the data looked like -

Looks like the most frequent group in WI is ‘very poor’. This means that the weekly income’s distribution tends to move to the right.

When you will draw the graphical representation of the data, you will see that the weekly income has a long tail on the right side of the normal curve.

Task 3

Now we are entering the territories of mathematics where you need to now apply formulas and calculate a lot of things. And I mean a lot.

For example, the question asks you to find the top 10% and bottom 10% of the Weekly Expenditure on Food household values. For that, we need to arrange the data in ascending order. Then, we need to apply the following formula -

R = P/[100*(N+1)]

To calculate the probability that the FS will be equal to 2, you need to create a frequency distribution table of the family size values. That will look something like this -

Using this, you can find out the probability of FS is equal to 2.

Task 4

If you haven’t noticed, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Task 4 is worth 15 marks while they were of 10 marks in the above three tasks.

That means, either this task is more complex or is more important. Let us go with the former.

What do you think needs to be done to find what the probability that the head of household is a woman and her HLE is Primary? Jane, can you think of an answer? Well, this task is really easy if you are aware of the one tiny trick here. This is where you are gaining these 5 marks for nothing. Want to know that secret?

First, you need to chant “Hail statistics assignment helpexpert” five times. Just kidding. Here you go -

Prepare a cross-tabulation table that shows the relationship between the head of the household and HLE. In my assignment sample, this table looked like -

Using this, you can find all the probabilities that the question is asking of you.

Task 5

I am sure you have heard of most accurate interval estimate and least accurate interval estimate, haven’t you? In statistics, any two numbers between which a population parameter lies are called an interval estimate.

For that, we have to find what is most accurate interval estimate and what is the least accurate interval estimate. Most accurate one will be 99% and least accurate will be a 90% confidence interval. How did I know this? Because I calculated the mean and used the formula below -

The mean and standard deviation needs the following formulas -

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