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nursing leadership in a clinical setting

What is Nursing Leadership?

In every way, nursing leadership impacts patient outcomes. In your course, you must have studied how the nurse staff ensures the best standards for providing patient care. This is primarily done using evidence-based methods.

Do read our blog about the principles and process of evidence-based practices in nursing to understand this better with the help of a nursing assignment sample on this topic.

Regardless of where patient care is provided such as at out-patient departments or clinics, nursing leadership plays an essential role in every place. But what is nursing leadership? It is defined as the process of motivating individual nurses so that they provide a better quality of patient care. Thus, with the correct guidance and supervision of nurse leaders, there are fewer medical complications and successful treatments.

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What is the Importance of Nursing Leadership in a Clinical Environment?

For taking lead roles in clinical settings, you need to prepare yourself through active workplace presentation and mentorship. So, the nursing program that you are studying will help you develop key leadership skills and knowledge of patient care. It is only through clinical experience that you will gain skills like interpersonal comprehension, decision-making, and communication.

Nurse leaders hold immense value in enabling organisations and communities to help cure patients. They provide the necessary direction and support to facilitate the patient care process. Moreover, most nurse leaders often depend on their team members to get the desired quality of assistance and input. When the challenges arise, it is expected of the leaders to act and motivate their teams to resolve the pertaining issues. Such decision-making and effectiveness decide how well the team can rise to the challenges.

Now, let’s understand why nursing leadership matters in a clinical environment.

There are several roles and responsibilities that nurse leaders play within the place they work. They motivate individual nurses and gather them to work together as a team; which further allows them to achieve the objectives of the care plan. In a clinical environment, working independently is acceptable but without a supervisor, individual nurses might lag in communication and achievement of objectives. Nursing leadership thus provides various opportunities for learning and growth with regards to quality and safety.

In a clinical setting, you cannot afford to become complacent about quality and safety. Individual nurses may cut corners to get the required job completed. This generally happens when they become too comfortable. Nurse leaders educate and ensure that the team follows protocols and proper methods to provide clinical care to patients. They foresee the actions of their team members and make sure that any kind of complacency does not result in something that could endanger the patients.

Nursing policy and practice is yet another essential component of a clinical setting. The role of nurse leaders is to minimise the gap between the two. Once again, they need to educate and supervise team members to understand and practice the various policies and safety protocols. Patients expect a certain level of safety and care standards from healthcare facilities and a nurse leaders’ role is to maintain such standards so that the organisation can meet such expectations.

Nursing Leadership Styles: See Which One Suits You

nursing leadership style

The last question in this nursing leadership assignment sample requires you to identify your preferred leadership style and state reasons for choosing it over others. Here’s a brief explanation of the four main leadership styles to make this choice easier for you:

  1. Autocratic Leadership: These leaders have the ability to make decisions in a snap and delegate tasks without a sweat. Having excellent micromanaging skills, they can enforce policies and procedures effectively than any leader from other leadership classes. The autocratic style fits perfectly when times are challenging and demand instant actions or decisions. However, team members may not feel that they are appreciated for the input and this could undermine the leader.
  2. Democratic Leadership: You are this kind of a leader if you motivate team members to communicate openly and make a collaborated effort towards decision-making. Inexperienced nurses often look up to such leaders who focus on job satisfaction and team development. Democratic nurse leaders also work towards improving job processes that further encourages building consensus.
  3. Transformational Leadership: Widely regarded as the most favourable style of nursing leadership, it comprises a gold class of leaders who are enthusiastic and focused on their results. Such leaders bring the highest level of patient care standards and better job satisfaction among other nurses. However, one of the drawbacks of such a style is that they are too focused on the big picture. Often, staff nurses have to guide them with their tasks and duties.
  4. Laissez-faire leadership: If you and your fellow nurse staff are skilled and can accomplish the objectives without the need for a supervisor, then this style is referred to as a Laissez-faire nursing leadership. Be careful, as sometimes it may result in ineffective decision-making due to nurse staff making their own decisions.

Here are the solutions to the above nursing assignment sample:

nursing assignment sample 1 nursing assignment sample 2 nursing assignment sample 3

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