Tip to write the BK210 market research assessment
August 31, 2020
Author : Olivia Moore

You might be aware that buyers hold significant power when it comes to making purchase decisions. The way they search, shop, and buy products and services has changed over the years. Today, more than 72% of buyers do their research on the internet. The role of the marketer is to research and gather information about the various elements that compose the customers’ buying decision. 

Market research offers an opportunity to know your buyers pretty well. It opens a plethora of channels and insight from the interactions between you and buyers.  

BK210 Market Research is a core unit that provides a detailed understanding of how to identify and research a market and its underlying issues, quantitative and qualitative research tools, and prepare a research report after analysing the data gathered through a questionnaire design.  

You need to be well-versed with the unit’s topics and follow the task and marking guidelines to prepare a satisfying assignment. We can help you turn in high-quality work with our marketing expert’s assistance. My Assignment Services has made it easier for students to score excellent grades in their BK210 market research assignments. We can get you exactly what you want. All you need to do is simply inform the requirements to our customer support team. But if you have been looking for some marketing research assignment help, then this blog will give you a blueprint for effortlessly writing both the parts of the assessment.            

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Principle Steps Involved in the Market Research Process 

By following these six steps, you can successfully conduct market research:

  1. Define buyer persona: The beginning of your research is all about understanding who your buyer is and then how they make buying decisions. To visualise your marketing personas, you need to understand their age, gender, family size, location, and income. Our experts who provide market analysis assignment help use templates and similar tools to organise the information in a concise manner. If you need them, just let us know.     

  2. Identify the target audience: Next step is to identify the actual customers who have previously purchased your product or service. Now, you may have come across several personas, but we recommend that you focus on just one so that you can easily write this BK210 market research assignment.    

Follow these stages in every market research; Background information, Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. 

  1. Engage participants: A marketeer often takes help from the company’s CRM system or gets the list of participants from sales team. Social media is also a valuable place where you can reach out to your followers and get some info about their decision-making.                   

  2. Get ready with a research questionnaire: These work well whether it’s an online survey, personal interview, or a focus group. A survey could last anywhere between five to thirty minutes. So, get to know your buyers in specific ways and by the time you wrap up, you should be able to gather what is a better decision for them.       

Golden Rule of Market Research: One-word answers are painful for a marketeer. As a general rule of thumb, use open-ended questions that will help you avoid them.   

  1. Get to know the primary competitors: This is a part of secondary market research and should be an easy one. Use the search engines to see which companies are your top competitors (on the first page).    

  2. Summarise: If you have gathered way too much information and are not able to summarise them, then speak to our expert who provides market research assignment help. In your BK210 assignment, we’ll add quotes and diagrams to craft a clear summary.     

marketing ethics

What is the Role of Marketing Ethics While Conducting Research?

American Marketing Association (AMA) describes marketing ethics as moral standards that an organisation or an individual marketeer must consider while conducting research to make business decisions. It is generally viewed as a subset of business ethics. Consumer privacy has always been a concern for ethical marketing. The fact that this research relies heavily on information submitted by the public, there is always a risk of it being misused or abused. Whether the survey is one-to-one or digitised, some information about the buyer remains personally sensitive and must be protected at all costs.                       

Essential Reading

To gain a better understanding of the concepts of market research and data analysis, you can read the following peer-reviewed journals and articles.     

  1. D’Alessandro, S., Lowe, B., Winzar, H., Sigmund, W., Babin, B. (2016). Marketing Research (4th Asia-Pacific Edition). Cengage Learning: Australia.

  2. Malhotra, N. (2016). Basic Marketing Research (4th ed.). Pearson Higher Ed: USA.

  3. Hair, J., Wolfinbarger, M., Bush, R. & Ortinau, D. (2016). Essentials of Marketing Research (3rd ed.). McGraw Hill Education: Australia.

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