A saying goes for digital marketing like ‘Blink and you have missed it’. Quite evidently, it can be witnessed by every marketeer in the world today, isn’t it? Digital marketing is a dynamic industry that keeps on changing with time. This change is rapid; something which is in trend right now can become obsolete in just a week! Naturally, there is a need to be fast if you want to sustain in this industry.

All the day-to-day changes taking place in the world are affecting all the sectors related to marketing- Education, E-commerce, business, finance and more. Digital marketing has liberalized the manner organizations promote and deliver their products and services to their target audience. Consequently, for marketing students, it has become imperative to study the new ways of digital marketing and its impact on marketing assignment writing. No need to worry about this as we have covered it all for you.

Seeing the importance of digital marketing in the world today, this might seem to be a very old practice. Interestingly, it was in the year 1990 (just a decade ago) that Digital Marketing had been invented. And that too, users only knew about Web 1.0 platform that was only able to provide users with the basic information that they needed. That time, people were unaware of the benefits of digital marketing as people were not much into the use of the internet.

Within a decade, Digital Marketing has taken a toll over the industry, in every manner. In this blog, our marketing assignment help experts will take you around the new ways of digital marketing that have transformed the way of writing a marketing assignment.

new age digital marketing

One of the most trending concepts in digital marketing in the 21st century is ‘influencer marketing’. We hope you are clear on this now. Let us proceed.

New Ways Of Digital Marketing That Have Revolutionized The Present Market!

With the world engulfed within the shackles of the Coronavirus, anything to everything has shifted from offline to online. The target audience has moved away from face-to-face interaction to buy every product or service online. This called for new ways of digital marketing to step into the scene and ease the process for the consumers.

Following is a list of new ways of digital marketing and its impact on marketing assignment writing:

1. Shifting to Apps that Work on ‘Micro-Moment Marketing’

Just like the change in trends of digital marketing, there has also been a change in the nature of consumer behaviour. Since people have now become proactive in browsing and surfing for information online, they hardly have any time to waste. With digital marketing making its way, it has become possible for consumers to get access to the ‘best’ information within a few seconds via their smartphones!

digital marketing

Did You Know?

  • 91% of the smartphone users search for information when they are already in the middle of any task
  • 69% of the travellers plan their outing via their smartphone when they are standing in a queue or waiting for a cab.
  • 82% of the smartphone users are those who look into their phones even while buying products in a store.

This is what digital marketing experts take advantage of targeting their audience. Now, have you understood the significance of ‘moment-marketing’ for digital marketers? Thus, our marketing assignment help experts use this modern concept in the reference assignment samples for students to make it as per the current market conditions.

2. Focus on Highly Innovative and Integrated Content

Paying special attention to innovative content is one of the new ways of digital marketing and its impact on marketing assignment writing can be felt by every student. It would not be an exaggeration to say that dynamic content has taken over plain, monotonous content, isn’t it? With the interactive videos and clips reigning the industry nowadays, there will not be any looking back.

It has been observed that:

  • Among the entire population of Facebook users in the world, over half of them spend at least an hour watching videos per week.
  • 85% of Americans are habitual in finding videos online
  • More than 90% of the people who watch online videos have a habit of sharing it further
  • If an organization uses videos on their landing pages, it has the capability to engage the users more by 80%

Do you know what is Ephemeral content? They are somewhat similar to Instagram stories that last for a very short span of time. This type of content is what is the main focus of the assignments that are rolled out to marketing students these days.

ephemeral content

These types of content trigger the fancies of people as it tickles the emotions of the consumers. In that very moment, it has a meaning which is why consumers do not want to miss going through an Ephemeral content.

Thus, integrated content and AI technology have become the trends in modern-day society and consequently impacted the way of writing a marketing assignment.

3. Digital Marketing With a ‘Personal’ Touch

Needless to say, there is a greater significance of customised and personal content today. The need of the hour is to make the digital marketing strategies more personal and interactive so that consumers can get engaged.

For doing this, our marketing assignment help experts have come up with three techniques that we discuss most in our work.

These are:

Augmented Reality

This a newer concept yet has already been in the limelight of big advertising of organizations. Have you forgotten about the game Pokemon Go that was trending a couple of years ago? It is a pure example of augmented reality. Another example that we can think of here is IKEA place. It is an app that lets consumers design their own house virtually.

Yes, virtual reality is a tool that has already reached the hands of the consumers, yet a lot can be explored in this. Using a touch of ‘personalization’, with targeting and segmentation of target audience, digital marketers are reaching out to a wide range of population using chatbots.

Professional Videos and Intricate Graphics

Nowadays, Facebook lives have gained a lot of popularity as it’s not only interactive but are also capable enough to impart a personal experience to the users. This is one of the many new ways of digital marketing and its impact on marketing assignment writing is huge. Therefore, it may be worth spending a little more in purchasing a professional camera or getting in touch with someone who can help create unique and authentic illustrations for social media content!

These are some of the ways how digital marketing is booming in the world today. These would affect all the strata of the society which is why it becomes imperative to bear in mind these new ways. The future of digital marketing is bright and would require students to have knowledge of VR, AI, personal assistants, online shopping and more that can be useful in enhancing user experience.

A Digital Marketing Assignment Sample For Your Reference

Enough of the information about the vast world of digital marketing for there’s no end to it. Now, we proceed to one of the digital marketing homework samples that has been curated by our experts for your reference.

digital marketing homework samples

The main objective of this assignment is to develop a ‘real-life’ DMC plan for a chosen organization in Canada. Our marketing assignment help experts have produced a flawless assignment sample for this question. If you require the complete solution of this file or any other similar kind of file, then you can always come to us for guidance. We are available 24*7 at your disposal via the live one-on-one session.

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