The MNGT2005 course teaches you the importance of leadership and ethics in the contemporary business world. You will discover how some of the leading corporates have failed due to the compromises made in business ethics. Other core topics include leadership theories, dark side of leadership, ethical issues and challenges to the leadership construct, and ethical dimensions of leadership. One of the assessment items we discuss in this blog is the MNGT2005 reflective essay, which is hard to write unless you are familiar with the topics mentioned above and the theories of decision-making. But since we have decided to make this assignment simpler, you won’t find much trouble writing it! My Assignment Services is a place where you can easily find assignment help for completing your academic projects on time be it any subject or course. We also write 100% plagiarism-free assignments exactly according to the marking rubric and task instructions that bolster top grades for students.

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Major Decisions Taken by McDonald’s and Nutrorim

In the year 2005, both McDonald’s and Nutrotim made two major decisions that helped them mitigate situations from becoming critical in the nearby future. It didn’t take McDonald’s much time to realise the growing concerns of their customers regarding food comprising excessive fat and calories. This wasn’t the case earlier as for decades, people only cared about the taste and price of the food served these fast-food restaurants. Hence, the heathiness factor was completely overlooked.

The company had to respond to the alarming concerns and came out with healthier alternatives. They decided to bring a slight change in their product lines. Soon, fresh apple slices were added to Happy Meals, thereby substituting french fries. Thus, on 18 June 2005, McDonald’s declared discontinuation of the use of trans fat in their food products.

Nutrorim’s product, ChargeUp was doing just fine in the market. It was competing fairly with other popular sports drink brands. But the tables turned around when it launched an improved version that contained Lipitrene. An executive received a call from the health forensics department stating multiple cases of intestinal distress had been reported in the last 48 hours. These people fell sick within a couple of hours after consuming the new product. The top management was shocked hearing this news and immediately called all the strategic decision makers at once. Even though there was no evidence, they still decided to recall ChargeUp with Lipitere. A week later, reports revealed that the intestinal problems did not occur due the consumption of this new product. But nonetheless, the damage had already been done -- not only financially but to the brand image as well. The leadership accepted that they need to find ways to make stronger decisions under pressure.

Let’s take a look at the table given below showing the levels and examples of decisions:

levels and examples of decisions

How Rational Decisions are Made in a Company?

To make a rational decision, one has to go through several steps and choose the best amongst the alternatives available. The emphasis is more on objective data available and a formal analysis. Hence, you need to have full information about the alternatives and have sufficient time to be able to evaluate them. Rational decision model assumes that people make choices which offer them maximum profit at the lowest cost. In this MNGT2005 leadership and ethics assignment, you are required to critically reflect on the decision making process based on one of the models. Since we have already decided to choose the rational decision model, let us take a look at the seven steps involved in coming to a decision.

Verify and define your problem

It could be a possibility that you are working on the wrong problem. This happened because you did not diagnose or analyse the data in the beginning. Hence, try to extract as much details from the data to pinpoint the problem.

Brainstorm possible solutions

Once you identify the problem, it is time to research and bring out possible solutions to it. While it’s better to have several alternatives, you would also require more time to analyse each of them. Brainstorm yourself or with your team members to uncover more solutions.

Set the parameters for the best solution

Not every alternative can solve your problem as there are chances that it could fail. To find out which solutions have the least chances of a failure, set parameters and see if the alternatives comply with them. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses as well.

Test it to find its worth

After choosing the best solution, you must test it to see how it would perform in the real environment. Track and analyse the result of the test and see if there has been a positive change in the process.

Implement the solution and solve the problem

A good solution is the one that solve the current as well as similar future problems. In case, it does not pass the test, then you will have to evaluate the second best alternative. 

To write the MNGT2005 leadership and ethics, you need to be familiar with the format and models of reflective writing. In the purview of academic writing, you use this style to show that learning is taking place. Read this blog to know more about writing reflecting assignment writing. It’s not just conveying information but expressing your thoughts on an subject matter.

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