I can kill the coronavirus. What’s your superpower?” said the smug soap.

Global Hand-washing day 2020 is especially prominent in the wake of the current pandemic caused by a mystery virus for which there is no vaccine developed yet and the only effective prevention method is washing your hands with soap; again and again and yet again.

Global Hand Washing Day

The logo itself highlights the combined powers of
Water, Soap and Hands that can prevent almost half of germs
related contagions leading to a much healthier children population

The Global Hand-washing Partnership is an international initiative with a sole objective to canvas the benefits of regular hand-washing with soap and of personal hygiene. The partnership which is deemed as Public-Private partnership includes UNICEF, UN Water, World Bank, Colgate Palmolive and other prominent government and private organizations.

Global Hand-Washing Partnership is the only effective front today, in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic and is funding rigorous and profound researches in the area of personal and hand hygiene. The result is evident with the sudden surge of Research University students seeking Coronavirus Assignment Help.

Global Hand-washing Day | The History

You’d be surprised to know that the effects of hand-washing in preventing infections and respiratory diseases were established as facts, way back in 1846 but the doctors of that time negated this and rather found it offensive when Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss (also known as the Father of hand hygiene) proved that not washing hands between autopsies and labour was the leading cause of infant deaths in a Vienna General Hospital where he was a resident superintendent. The cause was late championed by Florence Nightingale who yet again proved that hand hygiene was of utmost importance in preventing the spread of infection in p.o.w. camps.

However, it took about millennia more for the world to wholly accept the benefits of hand hygiene and it was as recent as 2008 when the Global partnership for Hand Hygiene was announced at a UN convention.

The council declared 15th October to be observed each year as Global Hand-washing Day.

The theme of 2020 Global Hand-washing Day

This year’s theme is ‘Hand Hygiene for All’. The partnership calls on to every single being no matter what your position is, to spread awareness about the importance of regular hand-washing. In 2020 a clear focus is also on the food-security related hand-washing practices.

Covid-19 Pandemic has Revealed Cruel Facts About the Access to Hand Hygiene

WHO first recommendation of a simple wash to curb the spread of COVID-19, still remains true to the date. A rigorous 20 sec hand-wash with soap alongside a face mask and hand sanitizers are the only defense that we have against the Wuhan Virus. But even with a high public awareness; WHO has claimed that 60 countries bound to be hit worst by the pandemic are also unable to provide clean water to a large chunk of their population.

The WHO and UNICEF estimated findings infer that almost 40% of the world’s population does not have access to clean water to practice hand hygiene on a daily basis. This situation further worsens when there is lack of clean water for medical professionals who become super spreaders of the infections and germs for not practicing hand hygiene.

Why ‘Hand Hygiene for All’ must be taken seriously

A good hand wash is something that even Coronavirus can’t beat thus further paving out the way for more advanced research in this direction. The International Hand-washing campaign strives to spread the awareness about hand hygiene and how it can effectively result in preventing respiratory and intestinal infections by up to 50% (source-wikipedia) even reduce the mortality rate in infants (source- CDC).

The CDC ( Center for Disease Control) terms regular hand-washing with soap as the most effective low cost method of preventing a close to 25% of infections, diarrheal and respiratory disease that humans are susceptible to from external bacteria and viruses.

How Should you Observe Global Hand-Washing Day

The Hand-washing day Partnership programs are open to public and seek maximum involvement from public in general to spread the word.

Here’s how you can help:

Use your Facebook page for healthy things

World Hand-washing Day Facebook Banner and keep it as your profile picture.

Participate in H for hand-washing campaign

A novel campaign by Unilever and Lifebuoy is asking educators from around the world to start teaching children right from elementary level that H stands for Hand-washing. Traditionally in text books H has always been associated with common things like horse or a hat. The campaign aims to bring about the awareness right from the root level of society.

Click HERE for Campaign resource Material

Spread the Knowledge Map

The WASH in Schools Network which includes ‘Save the Children and Unicef’ has curated a detailed knowledge map for children of all ages about how to practice hand hygiene in schools. The information is might vital for schools, learners and their families in fighting the novel coronavirus spread at a time when most schools are planning to reopen after a hiatus.

Download the Knowledge Map PDF

The Hand-washing and Coronavirus Fact-Sheet. Red it and make other read it too.

This document explains the science behind the importance of hand washing and how it helps in keeping us healthy. It also demonstrates a clear road map for the Post-Covid world. The study is available in English, French and Spanish language.

Click here for the English version of the Fact Sheet 

Wherever you are and at whatever stage your life is, don’t forget to spread the word about hand-washing as the health of our future literally depends on it. Feel free to share your hand-wash stories with us and keep washing them with soap for a good 20 seconds.

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