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Microaggressions In Health Care Sector Assignment Guide
April 24, 2019
Author : Ellis Smith

Do you have an assignment to write about the rising microaggression and outright discrimination in health care services? Does your assignment answer ask you to research and collect evidence of discrimination? As a future nursing professional, you need to be aware of what is microaggression and nursing assignment help provider from My Assignment Services will aid you in this quest.

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What is microaggression?

The world has changed a lot but there are some things which are still the same. If you look around, there are 195 countries in the world. And how many have legalised same-sex marriage? Only 26. Only 13% of the world lives with the freedom of same-sex marriage. Why do you think this is? Because we are, no matter how modern, still not able to accept this concept. And then, knowingly or unknowingly, we indulge in practices that are insulting to that particular group. Such practices are called microaggression.

Renowned psychology professor Derald Wing Sue says thatA microaggression is a term used for brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward any group.

There are three types of microaggressions

1. Microassaults

You need not always punch someone in the face to define assault. This type of microaggression is one of the oldest form and old fashioned discrimination.

What constitutes microassaults?

  • Name calling

  • Discriminating on purpose

  • Avoidant behaviour

2. Microinsults

This type of microaggression is when you make a remark or a snub that is insulting in nature to the other person.

What are its components?

  • Being rude to the person

  • Insensitive to their condition

  • Stereotyping a person’s identity

3. Microinvalidations

When you are sending a message of declination with the sole reason being their community, it is a microaggression.

What is here?

  • Excluding them

  • Dismissing their views in a discussion

  • Not counting their experiences

What are the types of gender microaggression?

There are a number of types in which we are being a part of microaggression towards the other gender. But the primary ones are given below -

  1. Objectification of the opposite sex

  2. Classifying another person as a second class citizen

  3. Using sexist language during communication

  4. Assuming the other person is inferior

  5. Restricting roles and responsibilities according to gender

  6. Denying being involved in sexist practices

  7. Denying being sexist

  8. Humour and jokes that is sexist

  9. Making the other person feel they are invisible

  10. Macroeconomic factors like unequal pay, glass ceiling, etc.

Microaggression has a negative effect on society

The effects of microaggressions are not only limited to the person victim of microaggression. Instead, the ripples are felt across the entire ocean.

Below, I have mentioned 3 major effects of microaggression and what constitutes to that.

1. Degrading the standard of living

In a gender microaggressive environment, the people are a victim of unequal pay. An unequal pay increases the bridge between the rich and poor and society suffers from higher levels of poverty.

2. Lowering of physical health

A person subjected to microaggression starts feeling depressed and inferior to those who are discriminating against him/her. This leads to migraines, heart diseases, etc.

3. Negative effect on psychological health

There are a number of cases where it was reported that microaggression developed depression, anxiety, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, etc. in the person.

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