Decanting problems are all related to python puzzles in which you will be required to divide a liquid in a certain proportion. These jug-pouring problems comprise of various challenges - one of them is solving these puzzles without using sophisticated capacity measuring devices. Thus, you will only have to rely on several jugs for finding out the solution to the problems.

The 7COM1034 search and Bayesian update is a challenging assignment in itself. There are three assessment tasks – decanting problem, writing a Python program using the Bayesian model, also called ‘whale watching’ scenario, and lastly, a mini-essay. You should be able to deploy a naive depth-first and/or breadth-first search approach for this python assessment task. And, the 1000-word essay requires you to discuss in detail about your research related to the puzzle task and whale search.

7COM1034 Search Decanting, Whale Watching, and Mini-Essay

In the first task, you need to write a Python program that initiates from a starting state, (f 1 , f 2 , f 3 ) and moves according to the rules until it reaches a given goal state for the decanting task. The entire solution should be written in such a way that it enables larger vessels and different fillings easily. For this, you have to make use of appropriate search algorithms, for example Dijkstra’s algorithm, and apply it to a Decant class which you have to write.

How to write and define a search decant class in this 7COM1034 assignment?

Core Task

Do keep in mind the general principle of writing and defining a decant class. These are described as follows:

  • Your basic objective will remain the same, which is, to accurately measure n gallons of liquid
  • To carry out this measurement, you only have a set of J jugs available
  • Be aware that each of the available jugs has different volumes
  • The jug that has the largest volume is full
  • You don’t have an exact measurement of how much liquid is actually in those jugs
  • The only way to do this is when they completely full or all empty

Such decanting problems can be solved with either depth-first or breadth-first search. But, since, there are various position repetitions, the depth-first search may or may not work.

Well, if you’re looking for how to solve decanting problems, here’s a link to a video in which a python assignment expert beautifully explains all the steps for writing and running a python program. The expert discusses what exactly you need to do in the puzzle task and the whale search task.

The second task in this 7COM1034 assignment requires you create a Python program that stimulates a ship trying to reach a whale in a 10by10 grid world. Make sure that you carefully read the rules before attempting to answer it.

Advanced Task

There are a few whale watching phases that you also need to take care of. And, if you want to know how to fill in the missing code snippets, then you can get in touch with our python assignment help providers. They will assist you in every way possible so it becomes easier for you to score the top grades in this entire assignment. Do watch the video if you’d like to do this task on your own.

Get the Full Solution for 7COM1034 Python Assignment Task

This 7COM1034 search and Bayesian Python assessment is one of the most challenging tasks that you might have received. The three tasks, search decanting problem, Bayesian update, and the essay, require you to be able to create a Python program and then implement it such that it stimulates to give you the required results. Our python assignment experts will assist you in writing a literature review of search algorithms and state identification and sketching an appropriate algorithm for search and identifying state. Get in touch with My Assignment Services today and the python experts will help you with this 7COM1034 assignment!

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