In today’s modern scenario, understanding culture and contemporary leadership have become one of the most quintessential parameters for a manager. These two concepts are the main areas that are taught to students who are enrolled in MBA401. however, the vast and extensive unit consists of several other topics that are associated with the assignments that students get for this management unit of study. In this blog, our management assignment help experts are here to brief you on how to write MBA401 people, culture, and contemporary leadership Assessment Answers. For ten years, students have turned to My Assignment Services with all their assignment-related queries and we have successfully catered to all of them and provided relevant reference assignment solutions at the earliest.

What Is Contemporary Leadership In Management?

In management, there are several leadership styles to study. But to write flawless MBA401 assessment answers, it is important to have an idea about the contemporary leadership style. Not only is it most relevant for this unit, but it also fosters a sense of new rules and regulations that are now being followed in every other organisation effectively. So, before we get ahead of discussing the people, culture and contemporary leadership assignments, our management assignment writers would quickly talk about this concept now. Stating it simply, contemporary leadership is the management leadership style that uses personal influence to bring change in the organisation to meet the set goals and make a difference in society. Now, let us discuss the 4 contemporary approaches to leadership that you’ll be needing in the MBA401 management reflective writing assessment that we will discuss in the blog.

4 Contemporary Approaches To Leadership In Management

While writing people, culture and contemporary leadership assignments, four management theories underline the main concepts in them. Therefore, it is mandatory to talk about the 4 contemporary approaches to leadership before we discuss the assessment. Following are the theories that our management assignment help experts have covered for students:

1. Transformational leadership

Using this approach, the managers lead the employees by integrating the goals of the employees with those of the leaders. As a result, the people working under these organisations start to pay attention to the well-being of the organisation as compared to their benefits. This is because, as the organisation progresses, the employees are also given resources in exchange.

2. Leader-Member Exchange Theory

The LMX theory proposes that the kind of bonding that the leaders have with their subordinates is prime to decipher how employees are influenced by the leaders. There are so many types of relationships that leaders establish with their employees in a company, however, talking about the LMX-relationship, the bond formed here is based only upon trust.

3. Servant Leadership

As per our management assignment help experts, servant leadership is the style that is mostly followed in the 21st century. This is because in this the role that leaders play is a reflection of the needs of others. The main goal of this leadership approach is to build a panel of robust employees and aid them to reach their set goals. To do this, leaders keep themselves behind and the employees first.

4. Authentic leadership

Leaders have to adapt to new changes in the organisation. At times, it might seem that their strategies are changing as per the changes taking place in the firm. This would give a bad impression of the leaders on the employees. So, the authentic leadership approach is that the leaders take a stand on what they feel is good for the organisation, irrespective of the changes going around them. This reinforces the idea that the leader is solid enough to stick to their decision, no matter what. After talking about these 4 contemporary approaches to leadership styles in management, we are now good to go. Let us discuss the MBA401 people, culture, and contemporary leadership Assessment Answers now.

How To Write MBA401 People, Culture, And Contemporary Leadership Assessment Answer?

Though there are three assessments in this unit, our management assignment help experts would focus on the second assessment here. The MBA401 assessment 2 contributes 35% to the overall marks for this particular management study unit. It is a management reflective writing assessment. people, culture and contemporary leadership in management In 2000 words, we draft a comprehensive management reflection assignment for the reference purpose of students. In the unit, students are exposed to a lot of different aspects of people, culture and contemporary leadership in management. So, the task here is to reflect upon all that you have learned and the application of those learning in real-life. To complete this task, we refer to the following sourced:

  1. Management theories that concern areas like recruitment and talent management.
  2. All the podcast, videos and textbooks that are prescribed for this unit
  3. The notes of the industry guest in week 6 who helped students understand how to apply management theory in real-life.
  4. Discussions and cognitive exercises provided with the assignment
  5. The psychometric tests are based on leadership and interpersonal traits.

5 Things To Remember While Writing a Management Reflective Writing Assignment

While drafting these MBA401 management reflections, our management reflective writing help experts ensure to keep certain points in mind, which enable them to write perfect reflection assignments for students. Following are the elements that must be present in people, culture and contemporary leadership in management assessment answer. So, make sure that you incorporate these things in your work, to secure the grades that you’ve always desired for.

  1. Examples from real-life incidences to support the arguments that you have presented in the reflection
  2. Through a reflection is a depiction of personal learning, our management assignment help experts advise students to critically analyse them instead of just summarising. This adds depth to your work
  3. There must be evidence to exhibit both your strengths and limitations as a leader within an organisation.
  4. Being a reflection, it must always be written in the first-person narrative to add a personal touch to it.
  5. The MBA401 people, culture and contemporary leadership in management reflection assessmentmust have clear areas for improvement. It must be backed up with a solid action plan to show how you will improve on those areas
  6. The reflection must be thoroughly referenced in the Harvard style.

This is just a brief on how to write an MBA401 management reflection assignment. In case you require complete solutions from us for your reference, you can order it by filling up the order form now. We will present high-quality work within a few hours.

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