“HOW DARE YOU?” roared Greta Thunderberg and the world leaders and elite took notice. She has single-handedly changed the narration of #climatechange from a scientific discussion to an urgent issue, and it’s about time. The U.N.E.P. campaign of #InternationalEnvironmentDay too has taken a cue from this. Digest this! “Over a million animal species in the world are at the verge of extinction. In the last 50 years, the human population has doubled and the economic activities have quadrupled. If today’s human carbon footprint is taken into account then it will take 1.6 Earths to sustain our population.” It’s time, we wake up. This is the time #fornature and we need to take off our Don Quixote glasses and stop destroying the very planet, whose natural produce accounts for more than 50% of our global economy: USD 43 trillion”.  It is possible and easy too. On #WorldEnvironmentDay2020, let’s take a step back and ponder on preserving #ourhomeplanet and her #biodiversity by changing one habit at a time. Like the way, My Assignment Services has made it possible with our #paperlessoffice.  world environment day 5th June 2020 Key takeaways: World Environment Day 2020

  • History
  • Host Country and

Theme How My Assignment Services’ #paperlessoffice is helping to #savetrees? The world is in #godigital mode to celebrate the IED2020 amid COVID19 pandemic. Events such as #WorldEnvironmentDay is important. To remind the capable adults of wrong practices and to make the future generations aware of the importance and beauty of our exquisite planet. We should remember that our planet is the single most unique landmass in the entire universe. We are not only morally required to conserve it; today, #savingmotherearth is an idea that is superbly vital to our own survival.

#WorldEnvironmentDay2020: A quick round-up

It all began in 1974 at Spokane, Washington with the slogan #OnlyOneEarth. The last WED event in 2019 was hosted by China with #airpollution being the central theme and this year the host country is Columbia in partnership with Germany and the central theme is #biodiversity. biodiversity

The History:

Although the idea to initiate a Global Environment Campaign took birth in 1968 but it was the 1972 UN Convention which solely discussed #environmentalissues such as #marinelife, #humanoverpopulation, and #globalwarming and laid the solid foundation of this novel idea. Following the success of this convention #WorldEnvironmentDay was first celebrated on 5th June 1974 at Spokane, Washington in the United States of America. It was decided by the UNEP [United Nations Environment Program] to mark 5th of June of every year as World Environment Day. This is the most significant event in the UNEP calendar and worldwide activities are collaborated to raise awareness about nature conservation. This is a marquee day to raise awareness and sensitivity towards nature’s conservation and a significant campaign in the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) calendar. Governments, Corporations, celebrities, citizens and nature activists from around the world come together on this day to voice out the impact of economic development on Earth’s ecosystem while propagating sustainable solutions to counter-effect the causes of greenhouse gases and the massive carbon footprint of human species.

The Theme:

#Biodiversity includes everything from marine life to plush leas. From expansive mountain ranges to pristine rivers and all the flora and fauna that exists in the lap of #motherearth.  Germany has announced a substantial investment in Columbia where urban areas such as #BarranquillaBiodivercity are being planned under the #sustainableinfrastructure programs. tree

How My Assignment Services’ #paperlessoffice campaign is helping #savetrees?

We at My Assignment Services take pride in our policies that are eco-centric and we will be contributing to #WorldEnvironmentDay2020 with a full heart and positive actions. The current pandemic has changed a lot for us while our most teams are remote but this is not going to deter our spirit and commitment towards the well-being of our planet. Each of our team members will be planting a tree in their homes and will continue to practice our ongoing pledge with a higher gusto. Not only do we take personal offence if we see non-essential usage of electricity in our offices; we recycle everything that can be and have consciously been a paperless office since 2010. Here’s an interesting fact: We have completed 5.5 lac academic assignments since 2010. Considering an average assignment will use 4.5 sheets of A4 size paper. Till date we have saved:

  • A whooping (5,50,000 x 4.5) 24,75,000 sheets of A4 papers.

  • It is equivalent to 14 tons of paper and lives of 165 trees.

That’s right! And these 165 trees are not just any trees; they must be 45 feet in height (taller than a four-story building) and have a bark diameter of approximately 12 inches to be able to produce this much amount of paper. Not to mention the uncountable birds, reptiles and flora that grow and live on these trees and call it their homes. That’s how much of a difference each individual and businesses can make by changing a few basic habits. Let’s calculate again. How much is 1 ton of paper?  It is 907185 grams of paper.  1 A4 sheet = 5 gms; 1 ton of paper = 1,81,437 A4 paper sheets By that metric, we have saved 14 tons of paper to date since we started providing environment assignment help to university students worldwide. Data Source: According to an estimate calculation available on Sierra Club.org, A 45 feet tall tree with a 12-inch bark produces roughly 15000 A4 sheets of paper.

The world is in #godigital mode to celebrate the IED2020 amid COVID19 pandemic.

The current year has witnessed catastrophes of an unprecedented scale right from its onset, beginning with Australian Bushfires, multiple cyclones ravaging the global coastline and now we are in the middle of a pandemic which has the potential of wiping out a significant chunk of the human population. The corona pandemic has yet again forced this global conservation event to #godigital. All Governments and Welfare organisations have interactive digital awareness campaigns ready on a massive scale. The message is the same #savetheplanet; only the medium is different. Multiple online events are taking place to make this day a success like the A Corey Baker Dance short movie presentation with Hong Kong Ballet on World Environment day. This will be available on UNEP’s Youtube Channel on 5th June at 3 PM AEST.

How each one of us can contribute to the cause of #biodiversity?

  • Recycle: Anything and Everything that you can.

  • Plant a tree or maybe trees. Start with your very own backyard.

  • Volunteer for #climatechange organizations. It is the duty of each one of us.

Our message is simple but if practised by the entire human race; the change it will bring about will change the course of human development. We say, “Enough of #savetheplanet campaigns. It is time to save ourselves. Earth is not going anywhere. When the seawater rises and the cities drown, it will take less than 500 years for Earth to rejuvenate and ours is a young planet. Earth can afford 500years. We cannot.” We solemnly appeal to all our readers to take a pledge on #conservingbiodiversity and do share your ideas and views with us in the comment section below.


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