The marketing process is an extensive area of study which underlines several theories and concepts that are crucial to the understanding of modern marketing science. MARK804 is an integrated unit that has been specially designed for those students who find themselves interested in the domain of marketing and management. The unit enables students to gain a command over a variety of principles of marketing that are vital for striving in today’s competitive world.

For completing this unit successfully, you have to complete a wide range of assessment tasks that are surely not a cakewalk! There are hundreds of thousands of students like you who struggle to complete these on time, without missing the deadlines. Realising this, our marketing assignments help experts are all at your services to help you walk through all the doubts that you have in your minds regarding these assignments. In the last decade, we have played a pivotal role in making students efficient enough to combat such tasks with the help of our intricately-designed marketing assignment samples.

As per the reports of analytics firm IBA Australia, with the advent of technology, there were about 600 million people using smartphones and tablets in Australia in the last few years. Nearly 74% of the Australian population rely on their phones to get information every day. This clearly indicates the bright prospects for marketers all over the world, especially the ones who are there in the technology sectors.

Enough to let you know how important is marketing in Australia? Now, let us get straight away to the approach to writing MARK804 report writing assessments. Being one of the most common forms of assignments for students in this field, it is our responsibility to brief you on this topic. So, let’s begin.

7 ps of marketing

Which Are The Most Important MARK804 Assignment Topics?

Before we help with marketing assignments, it is important to equip you with some of those topics that are quintessential for writing a marketing report hassle-free. Our steadfast team of over 2,500 marketing assignment writers have covered them all for the reference purpose of students in the last decade.

These are:

  • Creating and delivering value to customers
  • Marketing ethics and social responsibility
  • Retaining a customer
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing investment
  • Marketing research
  • Strategic plan for an organisation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing plans

Now that you already know the topics that you will require in writing such assignments in MARK804, it is time to recollect all the knowledge about them that you have in your minds by directly talking to our marketing assignment help experts via our interactive live one-on-one sessions.

Now it will be easier for you to understand how to apply these concepts in the assignments that you will get. What if we can clear it further for you now itself? Yes, we have a high-quality principle of marketing assignment sample for you ready with us right now!

How To Write MARK804 Report Assessment Answer? Here’s How Our Experts Do It!

‘Marketing principles’ is a huge umbrella term that further can be segregated into numerous concepts, theories and principles. Naturally, students get a wide range of assignments for this marketing topic. Fret not, as our marketing assignment help experts have come across all such assessments and dedicatedly furnished students with instant solutions for each of those works.

Amidst the different assignments that we have catered over the years for students all across the world, a report on principles of marketing is one of the most popular types of assignment that students have brought to us over and again. Thus, let us present a brief overview of how our experts write MARK804 report writing assignment instantly and help students in achieving their dream grades.

MARK804 supplementary assessment

As you can see in the image above, it is the assessment brief for assessment 3 of this unit. It is a business report of 2,500 words that have to be written to compare the marketing plans of two universities in Australia. Students are required to conduct competitive market analysis here.

For this assignment, our marketing assignment help experts refer to a lot of chapters in different textbooks, moodle books, learning notes etc to study different universities before choosing the two. There are a total of 8 sections in the reference MARK804 report writing assessment answer that is prepared by our experts. Let us give you a brief overview of all the sections here.

Section 1

In about 300 words, our marketing assignment writers give a short summary of both the selected universities in the first section of the report. This gives a clear picture to the readers of the content that will be included in the rest of the report.

Section 2

The second section consists of two important concepts which are customer segmentation and market targeting. In about 500 words, we categorise the customers (Students in this case) for both the universities and introduce different ways by which the universities target them.

MARK804 segmentation

Section 3

Here, our marketing assignment help experts differentiate and position the two selected universities in 300 words. This adds on to the credibility of the report.

Section 4

The fourth section of the report contains details about the market offerings, that is the details of all the facilities that the universities promise to deliver to students. In 300 words, we talk of all the ways by which the universities lure the students.

Section 5

The next section is one of the most crucial parts of this report. This is because it contains the information related to the pricing that the universities offer to students. As we know how pricing is for a market and the target audience, this is the part where we need to be extra cautious.

Section 6

This part talks about the promotional mix which lets us know how effective the strategies of the universities are. In 500 words, our marketing assignment help experts cover all the aspects that are required to create a successful marketing promotional mix for both the universities.

Section 7

This is the second last section of the MARK804 report writing assignment where our experts describe the place and how it plays an important role in bringing students to the specific university.

Section 8

The last section of the report has to be the list of references that have been used in the report. Although there is no word count for this part, missing out on this section can make the entire work futile. This is because we cannot proceed without giving due credits to the authors/writers from whose work we have extracted information from. Else, it will fall under the category of plagiarism.

This brings us to the end of the report on the principles of marketing assignment. This is how the introduction of the report looks like. This excerpt is from the solution that has been drafted by our marketing assignment help experts.

MARK804 introduction

Hopefully, you have got a brief idea on how to go about this task. However, there are several facets of this report that have still not been touched yet. If you require an in-depth analysis of the report or want us to furnish you with a complete solution to this report or any other similar marketing reports, then you can simply hand us over all the requirements.

How Do Our Marketing Assignment Experts Help Students In Drafting Impeccable Reports Within The Deadlines?

Just like we shared the brief approach to writing MARK804 principles of marketing report assignment in this blog, our marketing assignment help experts have catered to a wide range of such reports for students all over the world. My Assignment Services is a renowned firm that is known for the pristine quality of work that our experts have been delivering to the doorsteps of students for over a decade now.

Over the years, we have grasped all the concepts of marketing that have enriched our knowledge and made us proficient enough to deal with the intricate assignments that come to us from students. Our great industry experience of more than ten years has given us a strong command over all the queries of students.

What Else Can You Get From Our Marketing Assignment Help Experts?

With a vast panel of professional experts in our team, it is just a matter of a few moments for us to get back to them with complete reference assignment solutions. Other than that, we also take care of all the other requirements of students so that they do not return dissatisfied from us.

These include:

  1. A free plagiarism-check report with each of the assignments
  2. Our client satisfaction manager carries out the 21-steps quality check process
  3. You can download our mobile application on iOS and Android to track your assignment writing process and to stay updated on all our latest discounts and offers
  4. Live one-on-one sessions with experts, as per your convenience
  5. A variety of samples covering a vast array of topics and concepts

So, hurry up and place your order with us today!

Our Experts can answer your Assignment questions instantly.

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