In today’s competitive market, there is a pressing need for managing the resources effectively, especially human resources. Doing this contributes immensely to enhance the productivity of different organisations. Therefore, students need to be well-versed with all the steps that fall under the broad paradigm of the human resource development process. This intricate procedure is based on the principles of human resources management which ensures the smooth functioning of all the activities that are looked upon by an HR manager.

This is the basic crux of HUMA53 unit. In Australia, students who find their niche in HR management are given several opportunities to explore a plethora of facets through this unit. If you are one of those students who want to unleash your potential in this field, then having a thorough knowledge of all the concepts included in this discipline is a must for you.

In Australia, there is an approach that is followed by the HR managers, which is an extension of human resource management. It is referred to as SHRM. The approach strictly adheres to adaptation and integration. Strategic human resource management concerns itself with satisfying the strategic needs of an organisation.

However, to be able to apply and implement the SHRM strategies within the boundaries of a firm, it is mandatory to be well-acquainted with the principles of human resource management first. This is because, often, it becomes the foundation for all the assessments that are rolled out to students. Have you been struggling with one lately? No need to worry, as our management assignment help experts are fully capable of rescuing you out of this situation and assist you in achieving your dream grades in them.

Nature of HUMA53

5 Golden HR Principles That You Cannot Afford To Miss!

Over the years, several students have approached us with multiple queries and we have successfully covered them all. With the help of our intricately-designed HRM assignment samples, it won’t be more than a cakewalk for you to complete and submit them on time! However, before you submit your work, as the best management assignment writers, it becomes our responsibility to aware you about all the principles that you’d be dealing with while writing a human resource management assignment yourself.

So, these are the 5 golden principles of human resource management that HUMA53 covers.

1. Recruitment to retirement

The broad umbrella of human resource development process encapsulates all the activities that fall under it. From recruitment to retirement, students need to have a firm command over manpower planning, exit interview, selecting new employees, merit rating, the procedure of training and development, evaluating the job responsibilities, placement process, welfare administration, looking into the salary issues, grievance handling, appraisals and promotions, transfer and separation and more.

2. Focus more on counting men rather than the machine count

Traditionally, the HR managers only had the responsibility of counting the machine behind the men. With the change of time, nowadays, every organisation has become an employee-driven organisation. Therefore, a machine is only there to assist people. Naturally, HR managers now have to direct their focus more on the people (employees) instead of the machines that are run by them.

3. Hire only those employees who possess a good attitude

As per our management assignment help experts, the attitude comes to be the prime factor for influencing the engagement of the employees and the success of the organisation. Thus, HR managers must recruit an employee who has a high attitude, even if he/she doesn’t have enough experience instead of an employee who has years of experience but no attitude. This is because when an employee has the required attitude, it is easier for them to adapt themselves according to the needs of the organisation.

4. Respect intelligence

In the process of appreciating the attitude of the employees, it would not be fair enough if the HR managers neglect their intelligence. It is true that to achieve the organisational goals and objectives, attitude is required. However, that attitude will only come with some intelligence, isn’t it?

5. Hire slow, fire quick

The HR managers must be very selective in choosing the employees for their firm based upon the skills and knowledge of the appropriate mindset and toolset. This might take quite some time, which is fine. On the other hand, the process of firing must be fast. If they find any bad apples within the basket (employees), then retaining them for long can affect the entire lot. Thus, HR has to be quick in firing those employees who do not meet their KRAs and performance benchmark.

These are some of the rules that will be covered when you study HUMA53 principles of human resource management. Now that our management assignment help experts have given a brief on these, it will become easier for you to understand the assessments that are rolled out to students for this unit. With the help of an instant HRM assignment sample, we will now let you know the approach that we use for writing these assignments.

How To Write HUMA53 Principles Of Human Resource Management Assignment Just Like Our Experts?

As discussed above, looking after the cash and non-cash reward employees is one of the most essential roles of an HR manager. So, the assignment that we will be discussing now would focus on this aspect. Over the years, our human resource management assignment help experts have come across a variety of such topics and efficiently covered them all for students all over the world.

HUMA53 assignment task

As you can see in the image above, the concept of compensation management has been highlighted in this assignment. The main objective of this task is to choose any one organisation that is engaged in compensation management extensively. Then students have to analyse the process and present a brief summary of the way this organisation carries out the process of compensation management for the employees.

Then, our management assignment help experts introduce some of the crucial concepts of human resource management and the principles that we have discussed above to establish a connection between HRM and compensation management.

HUMA53 assignment task 2

In the end, our management assignment writers critically analyse how the concepts of HRM are applicable to the situation of the selected organisation. The questions that are mentioned in the above image are answered by us in a well-structured and logical manner. This brings us to the end of the assignment.

However, there are several aspects that need to be covered in this for securing stellar results. To gain a comprehensive understanding of those concepts, you can directly get in touch with our management assignment help experts via the online live one-on-one sessions that we hold all throughout the day.

How Our Management Assignment Experts Help Students In Applying All The Principles Of Human Resource Management In The Assessments?

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What Other Benefits Can You Get From Our Management Assignment Help Experts?

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