Law is a subject that entails a lot of complex topics and concepts in itself. If you are an aspiring lawyer looking for the answers to a perfectLAW6001 Taxation Law assessment, then you have reached the perfect place.

Though there can be ample assignments that may come your way, in this blog, ourlaw assignment helpexperts would direct your focus toAct ITAA36 and ITAA97 Case Studyassignment. Not just because case studies are complex to decipher, but also because these form of assessments are the most important ones for any law pursuing student.

AtMy Assignment Services, we work round the clock to prepare relevant and comprehensive reference assignment solutions for you that can help you secure top-notch grades. So, let us go ahead and talk aboutTaxation law case studyin detail and try to figure out the best way of approaching them.

ActITAA36 and ITAA97 Case StudyAssessment Guidelines

This is an individual assessment for you that has to be written in about 2500-3000 words. There are certain questions that you have to answer. After researching relevant literature that includes relevant cases, you have to advise your client.

law case study

For writing better solutions for each of the given questions, ourlaw assignment helpexperts identify the given facts and relate it with a certain legal issue. This way, they come to a conclusion based on which they make a recommendation to the client.

Let us now see the scenarios and see how we answer them.

The Easiest Approach To TheLAW6001 Taxation Law Case Study

This case study contributes 20% to the overall grades for this unit. Therefore, you need to be careful with your researching skills and be smart enough to be able to produce an authentic solution to all the given legal issues as per the demand of the client.

Another requisite for attempting anITAA36 and ITAA97 Case Studyis to have thorough knowledge about the tax implications of all the issues that the questions address. Only then, you will be able to review the relevant case and the most appropriate legislation for it.

Now, let us see that questions that our law assignment writershave recently solved for the reference purpose of students.

Question 1 (10 Marks)

This is the first question where you can see a case given about Adam Collins. Firstly, our professional law writers study the given case and then choose the issue that they will explain with the help of a law provision.

adam collins law case study

Using the provisions ofITAA36, our law assignment helpexperts explain theDomicile testand theSuperannuation testthat applies to all the Australian Government employees. This is the provision that is the most relevant for the giventaxation law case study.

Question 2 (10 Marks)

Now, this is theLAW6001 Taxation law case study question 2that was solved recently by our experts. As you can see in the given case, again we make notes of the total floor areas of the house and the occupancy rates as laid by Orpheus.

orpheous parker case study

Then, we talk about whether or not there is a need for Orpheus to register for GST by doing Airbnb. We make use of relevant section numbers to explain our point. For instance, we take the help of the income tax assessment act 1936 section 102MB to put forth our viewpoints on this question.

Ourlaw assignment helpexperts make sure to back up every argument with appropriate evidence and section numbers.

Question 3 (15 Marks)

This question 3 is based on a client named Joe Messina. The similar approach is used to study this case as well. After jotting down all the important legal facts, ourlaw assignment writersproceed by using the most appropriate provision of law related to this scenario.

Joe Messina law case study

After using different sections from the legislation, we write the answer to thisITAA36 and ITAA97 Case Study. We advise Joe on whether it would be beneficial for her to constitute assessable income for his transactions or not.

Using theITAA36 and ITAA97 provisions, we state about thecapital gain taxes. This gives us details about theCapital asset. We also advise the client about the consequences of using the assessable income for his land.

Question 4 (20 Marks)

A client named Harrison Carter wants to seek your advice on the CGT consequences related to several events as stated below:

Harrison Carter law case study

As you can see from the three events, ourlaw assignment helpexperts make use of section 149A under ITAA36, and section 802 under ITAA97, we find several methods for calculating the capital gain tax. We use two methods namely, the indexation method and the discounting method.

capital gain tax calculation

The image below shows how we formulate the given information using the discounting method.

Just because there is an unavailability of the CPI, our professionals go for the discounting method. As this question involves certain calculations, the weightage given to this question is the most, which is 20 marks.

Even if ourlaw assignment helpexperts have tried to touch upon all the vital parameters in this assignment, there are several aspects which have still not been explored. For a more detailed explanation of this answer file, get in touch with us now.

Facing difficulties in writing comprehensive solutions for ITAA36 and ITAA97 Case Study? Consider these points

To make the task a bit simpler, our law experts are here with some crucial points that must be there in everytaxation law case study assignment solutions.

These are:

  1. The solutions must include sections of the Income Tax Assessment Act ITAA36 and ITAA97.
  2. It has to be ensured that your assignment recognises and analyses different types of income and deductions in the case.
  3. Ourlaw assignment helpexperts also make use of Capital gains tax to calculate the total gains/losses.
  4. The application of taxation law in the case studies.

Want To Secure Top-Notch Grades In LAW6001 Taxation Law Case Study? Give Us a Call Right Away!

If you ponder over this blog, you wouldn’t find these assignments as complex as you used to find it initially. This is what our motive was. However, this is not a complete solution for this assignment. Ourlaw assignment helpexperts can provide you with the complete solution for this entire assignment for your reference.

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