Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) community has always been one of the minority sections in Australia, the reason being, the lack of healthcare facilities. With time, there has been an improvement in the way nursing care is provided to them. Considering the situation of the ATSI population,CHCDIV001becomes an important unit for nursing students to study. Towork with diverse peopleis one of the main challenges which every nursing student comes across. So, if you too are stuck with any of these assignments, then you can simply rely on ournursing assignment helpexperts for guidance. My Assignment Serviceshas always been a constant source of support to all those nursing students who fall short of information while writing the solutions toCHCDIV001 Work With Diverse People assessments. This blog will take you a bit more into the topic so that you can handle all these assignments on your own with ease.

A Quick Overview Of CHCDIV001 Unit

The main motive of this unit is to impart all the skills and knowledge of students that are needed to function respectfully with a different set of people. These people belong to a variety of social and cultural groups, the ATSI community being one of them. As per ournursing assignment writers, this unit gives to study a plethora of concepts associated with the health of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.We will talk more about them with the help of the assignments that our nursing professionals have recently solved for the reference purpose of students. Students who are enrolled inCHCDIV001unit are given three types of assessments. Now, we will be discussing each of those and give you a brief approach to all the assessments so that you can present praiseworthy assignments.

Assessment 1: Underpinning knowledge questions

The first assessment task for you is to complete the given activities or questions, either in a group or individually. Following are the questions that have come to ournursing assignment helpexperts forCHCDIV001 Assessment 1. cultural values and beliefs Using relevant concepts associated with Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) community, our experts reflect upon their own experiences, in context with the values and beliefs in social and cultural background. In addition to this, we also incorporate the concept of non-judgemental practice related to the Aboriginals and explain how it impacts them.

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Assessment 2: Research Work/Project (Q/A)

The objective of theCHCDIV001 Assessment 2is to demonstrate that you have all the required knowledge for this unit. In this assessment, students are required to work upon the concepts of cultural awareness, cultural competence and safety to show the impacts of these values on the ATSI community. cultural awareness and safety While dealing with the questions and answers for this research work/ project, ournursing assignment helpexperts also explain the concept of diversity, in relation to the scenario they are working in. For this, understanding the attitudes associated with one’s own culture and communities is a must. This is because we get a better idea of how these contribute to shaping their attitudes. In this project, we also elucidate the 4 features of diversity in Australia that plays a crucial role in the lives of the ATSI community. These include: v Political v Cultural v Social v Economic With the help of this project, our experts attempt to study the key areas of diversity that are visible in the indigenous Australians. These include the culture, race to which they belong, any disability, details about their religious or spiritual beliefs, the gender bias which they are facing. The research paper also answers the requirements of these marginalised groups like their protective factors, all their healthcare needs, how they are discriminated and excluded from society.

Assessment 3: Simulation/ Workplace Observation

InCHCDIV001 Assessment 3, students have to participate in a roleplay. This allows them to demonstrate their skills in the real-life workplace. This is how scenario 1 looks like. workplace observation 1 After playing the role of Saed, you are to answer the given questions based on the experience that you have had in working with the ATSI community in specific clinical settings. Let us look at scenario 2. workplace observation 2 This is the second scenario, where you are required to play the role of Mr Scott. Based on the information given in the scenario, you need to state whether the given situations place in your scenario or not. For doing both of these tasks, ournursing assignment helpexperts guide students on writing reflections which demonstrate they have taken a structured process to find evidence for their clinical setting. In this role play, the most vital thing that needs to be reflected is that as a health practitioner, you have identified and respected all the requirements of the ATSI community. This is just a brief discussion on all three assessments of CHCDIV001. However, we possess highly-professional experts who have handled more than 20,000 nursing assignments that make them profoundly experienced for handling your assignments as well. If you require us to guide you on any aspects of these assessments, then you can always reach us with your queries. With the help of our customised reference assignment solutions, you will easily be able to produce praiseworthy nursing assignments.

Vital points for CHCDIV001: Work With Diverse People

Whatever assignment you are attempting for this unit, there are certain points which must be kept in mind while drafting the solutions for them. Our panel ofnursing assignment helpexperts have always made it a point to fulfil these parameters in the reference assignment solutions that they have drafted for students. So, ensure that you too check this list before you get started writing yourCHCDIV001 assignments.

  1. The solutions of all the three discussed assessments need to be a reflection on your perspectives. This means that you need to identify and reflect upon all your personal experiences related to social and cultural biases. This will only be when you are aware of your limitations. This is how ournursing assignment writers can support inclusiveness in their reference assignment solutions.
  2. Only when you can appreciate the concepts of diversity and inclusiveness, you will be able to respect diversity. Also, the assignment solutions must be such that you can establish professional relationships with them.
  3. When answering the questions given in the assignment, you are expected to convey your message accurately to the patient. During this process, you must be able to respect the diversity in which you are working, make use of appropriate verbal and non-verbal modes of communication. Many times, there might be situations wherein the patient is suffering from language barriers. In those situations, you are expected to use effective strategies to help them out.
  4. Your assignments must be written in such a way that they can promote understanding across a variety of diverse groups such as the ATSI community.

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