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August 04, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

“You can correct only if you can reflect” -- Keith Morris. Practicing reflection involves different techniques of assessing and critically evaluating one’s own actions or thoughts for the purpose of improvement and learning. Along with case studies, nursing students are bombarded with the tasks of writing reflective essays. Though reflective essays are one of the few tasks that students find interesting, being bombarded with tasks of writing reflective essays can be super off-putting! Nursing students are often bummed and left discouraged as writing high scoring essays hijacks their “me time” and even eats up the weekends that students otherwise spend doing the stuff that matters to them. 

But hey! John Model of Reflection is super easy to understand and if you have been looking for some help with your reflective essay assignment, subject matter experts can write a well researched, properly formatted, and well-referenced essay for you in a jiffy. Our subject matter experts have penned down this article to help you understand the models and stages of reflection. 

What’s John’s Model of Reflection? 

John’s Model of Reflection

Like any other reflective mode, John's model of reflection can be considered as a step by step guide to introspection. Following the model would enable one to introspect one’s own action and analyze the event without any biases. Reflection is helpful for nursing students as it prepares them for real-life scenarios. 

Describe The Experience

John argued that one can have different perspectives on an event. He asked nursing practitioners to look inwards to reflect on an event and then describe the experience of an event. Describing an experience could involve describing the critical factors of the situation and how they affected the patient’s state of wellbeing. This may also include any psychological influences or decisive decisions made during the treatment of the patient. 


This step solicits one to find answers to some questions that are often ignored due to the hustle and bustle of the routine. 

One may ask questions like: 

  • What was I planning to achieve? 

  • What could have been the consequences of my plans that I did not execute?

  • What were the consequences of the decisions I made? 

  • How was I feeling while executing a certain plan or decision? Was I scared, excited, or anxious? 

  • If there was another person in the room, would it have been any different? What would have they thought about my actions?

  • Why did I feel the need to do it? Why did I feel that way? 

Influencing Factors

A crucial step of reflection is to identify and isolate any factors that influence the process of decision making. Regular practice of this helps an individual to recognize one’s tendencies and influences and may help one to prevent taking any un-appropriate actions. One may breakdown the thought process behind any decision and identify any influences like one’s own knowledge, an external factor, or any internal beliefs. 

Answering “ Could I have dealt with it in a better manner?”

Often, there are times when you are unable to solve a problem but you find a solution afterward.  Reflecting in a relaxing environment may help you to recognize the alternate choices. You may ask yourself “What alternate paths could I have chosen?”, “Was the chosen path the best solution?” “What were the consequences of this?”

“What Did I Learn”

Every event adds up to our learnings and helps us grow as a person. The outcomes of the event leave valuable learnings for us to consume and imbibe them in our future actions. 

One should always ask questions like: 

  • “What more did I get to know from the experience?”

  • “How would the newly learned knowledge benefit me?”

  • “Can I leverage the learnings in the future?”

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Keith Morris

Keith Morris

Keith Morris is a certified nurse who retired as a registered nurse after participating in a WHO campaign in Geneva. He is dedicated to helping students score good grades in their nursing courses and are offered a chance to help the people and establish a better healthcare community across the globe. He works as a nurse at a local clinic with underprivileged children and provides assignment guidance to the students. Reflection writing, aged care, Gibbs reflective cycle, cardiac nursing, pathophysiology, etc. are a few to name from his area of dominance.


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