How To Write An Effective Conclusion For an Argumentative Essay? Concluding The Essay Debate For Once

These are the tips to write an effective conclusion for an argumentative essay
August 04, 2020
Author : Kristy

Ever wondered how much is at stake when you are writing a conclusion? Well, it might just seem like any other paragraph, right? But before you jump to any conclusions, let’s realize how important a conclusion could be. How would it feel to watch a movie without a climax? Likewise, the conclusion is the climax of your essay, without it, your essay wouldn’t pack a punch. A weak essay would directly translate to poor grades and would also leave your professors with a poor impression of you. 

Why on earth would someone want to compromise their grades due to a weak conclusion? But you are not alone at all. A lot of students fail to write impressive essays and their conclusions. Well, you would be glad to know that our expert essay writers provide argumentative essay help to students across the globe. They can write a well researched and properly formatted essay for you with an impressive conclusion. What’s more? Their services come at super affordable prices and would help you score top-notch grades in your essay submissions. 

So, How Should I Conclude My Essay? 

It would be an overstatement if I was to say that you could transform your essay to be as impressive as Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream”. But, by properly concluding your essay, you could leave your reader satisfied and with a feeling that they gained something tangible from reading your essay. The goal while concluding an essay is to leave an impression on the readers that could stay with them after they are done reading your essay. It’s supposed to be like their “take away information”. It should help them clearly understand why your analysis was important for them and how they can use your analysis to form new opinions on the subject. Mentioned below are a few easy strategies to conclude the essay. 

Conclusion For an Argumentative Essay

Playing The “So What ” Game!

If you think your conclusion is not providing anything tangible or conclusive, hand your essay over to your friends and make them ask questions like “so what” or “why” on everything they find they want to know more about. Then try to ponder the answers to questions. This way you find reasons for the facts and information you provided in the essay which would help you make better conclusions. 

For example, if your essay discusses that education is not a concern for millennials. Pondering the answer to “So What” would make you arrive at the conclusion that it could be detrimental to the health of society in the long run. It is not a problem if you don’t have friends around, you could do this exercise with yourself as well. It is not a problem if you don’t have friends around, you could do this exercise with yourself as well. 

Conclude With a Quotation

Find a powerful quotation that could amplify your argument or put a different angle to the story. You can take this quotation from your primary research, or even conduct secondary research to find quotations suitable for your essay. Just make sure that when you insert a quotation, it should actually amplify your voice and help collate the gist of your essay. 

Conclude like a jigsaw puzzle 

Have you ever noticed how a jigsaw puzzle doesn’t make any sense until the final piece is inserted into its place? Your essay is like a jigsaw puzzle and the conclusion is like that final piece. You could include a brief summary of the text that you mentioned earlier in the essay, but it should be done in a way that makes everything fit together. It should present how all the points that you discussed in the main body, fit together in the big picture. So you could put your essay to a larger context; i.e, paint a bigger picture. 

How Not to Write Conclusions

Don’t Simply Repeat Your Essay

People tend to summarize essays in the conclusion by simply repeating the arguments that they stated in the body. Your readers will be annoyed by simply those arguments again without any addition of perspective to glue them together. 

Don’t Apologize in The End

When you write length essays, it feels natural to apologize in the end. But apologizing not only means that you believe that value provided in the essay is not worth the time, but it also hints that the readers wasted their time reading your essay and you feel sorry for making them waste their time. This can sound more off-putting than modest. 

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