Everything in today’s world functions on information. Governments have been built and collapsed because of information. Leaders have come into power and been brought down simply because of information. Information, if not used wisely, is a very dangerous thing. You never know when you might be targeted by the MI6, CIA, NATO, or any other organisation simply because of the information you hold or have access to.

How Does This Fit into Assignments?

Well, there is no point in starting off your assignment saying that information management is collecting information from various sources and sharing it with other sources. We are sure that you and your professor already know this and you are simply wasting your time repeating something that does not have to be repeated.

When you get an assignment, work around the fact that information management is useful and required in almost every modern business’ success. Your first task should be to think that how is information technology used in the question that I have on my desk right now.

Look at This Information Management Sample and Think What You Would’ve Done

This is a written assignment in which the students have to form groups of 3 and develop a security plan as per the given scenario.

information and security management sample

Did you think what you could’ve done if you had got this assignment?

The Principles in Information Security That Assignments Ask

The three key principles that work in the world of information security are the CIA triad.

ict priniciples


What is the use of information security if the data is prone to attack and can be accessed by anyone who pleases? That is why the purpose of an information security is to maintain the confidentiality of the information stored. The lesser number of people have access to the information, the more confidentially it can be maintained.

There is, not necessarily a need for hacking or cyber attack for confidentiality to be lost. If some employee has access to confidential data and allows an unauthorised person to see the same, it is a breach of confidentiality.

There are many ways through the security specialists ensure the confidentiality of their information. One of the most popular ways is cryptography.

How to Protect Confidential Information? Use These Ways in Assignments!

There are a few or rather some of the most popular ways that you can use to protect the confidential information properly –


Encryption is a technique of making data unreadable to the people who don’t have the authority to access it. Any third-party unauthorised view of the data is eliminated by this technique.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-step verification is used in Gmail where they ask you to enter a code sent to the registered device after the password so that unauthorized access can be prevented. This is an example of two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication improves the security of confidential information and reduces the probability of any data leak.


The integrity of data means that it is consistent, accurate and trustworthy as long as it is in the stored location. For example, you saved a file abc.txt on your desktop. For as long as the file is there, it is not altered and is still holds the same information even after 100 years have passed.

If the information is moved, it should not be changed or altered in any way during moving it from one location to other. For this, unauthorised people’s access and their power of alteration are seized and limited as good as it can be. If you faced such a question, use file permissions or maybe access controls. Have countermeasures for non-human events like an electromagnetic pulse or crashing of a server.

To check and verify the integrity of the data, you can use a cryptographic checksum.

There are 4 integrity constraints which enforce the integrity of information –

integrity constraints

Entity Integrity

It means that each row in any table has a unique and a non-null primary key value.

Referential Integrity

This means that any foreign key value must reference a valid primary key value in the table.

Domain Integrity

It says that all the columns in a relational database must be declared upon a defined domain.

User-Defined Integrity

These are rules made by the user are not a part of any category.


The final part of the CIA triad is the availability of the information.

To maintain the availability of information in your assignments, make sure that you are maintaining hardware and performing repairs when needed. Check that the operating system does not have any software conflict. See if the system is upgraded to the latest updates rolled out.

Use data bandwidth that is adequate and is not subjected to bottlenecks. Considered as small problems, redundancy and failover can make some serious consequences in case of hardware problems. In case any failure happens, your system should be equipped with some safeguards and a fast disaster recovery. You will not want to walk up to your professor and fall victim to a disaster, eh?

Familiarise yourself with what DRP or Disaster Recovery Plan is. A good practice that you can include in your assignments is backup. When failure or disaster takes you in its wrath, your assignment answer should have the provision of the backup. If your assignment question says that this is some billionaire company, you can even save some private information at a remote location in a waterproof safe 1000 feet under the sea.

Hold Up, Wait!

The world of information security and information management is filled with opportunities for people; white hackers and black hackers alike. As long as there are information and data available, there will be a need for managing and securing it. If you need help in any of the topics discussed above, a clearer view on the concepts discussed related to information security or need the eye of professional to guide you with your assignment, reach out to our IT assignment experts at help@myassignmentservices.com.

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