6 New Trends in Resume Writing

December 07, 2018
Author : Amelia Mia

Resume writing is an art that is subjected to trials and errors over a period of time to master. There are no definite formats of resumes and no internationally accepted rules signed by the mafias of the world. People are free to get creative with their resumes, try out new ideas and experiment with the resume. The experiments sometimes fruitful and sometimes, not so good. Thus, there came into being a few trending resume writing styles and we thought it would be a good idea to make you familiar with a couple of them.

No. 1 – Resume Format

By the time the recruiter has glanced over your resume, a professional bull rider either went hard or went home. That’s right, the time that recruiters spend on one resume is 8 seconds, the time that bull riders have to stay atop a bull for their score. In a situation like that, it is important that you choose the right resume format which goes along with the information you are providing and the type of job you are applying for. Back in the day, the people preferred the ‘one size fits all’ but that’s so not raven now. Professionals say that the first things first, that is your most premium of the specifications should be written in the first third of the resume instead of a read more section.

No. 2 – Address? Meh.

That’s how the recruiters react when they see a mailing address written on the resume. Tell us something, if someone is responding you on an email, would you still send a letter to their home rather than replying back to the email? This is the 21stcentury and that too in a lot of development where a lot of things are being done over the internet and via email. Your resumes are also being sent through email. There is no need of mentioning the mailing address in the resume and use up the space that could have been utilised for something better. Professionals say that no recruiter is going to write and send a letter to your mailing address for calling you to an interview. The days of writing the address on the resume have gone by.

No. 3 – Make ATS Your Best Friend

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is the thing of today and tomorrow which is being used by almost every industry out there, large or small. When this is happening, it is important that you, a job seeker, adapt your resume and blend it in with the ATS. There is a really low probability that the resume you are sending to an organisation is being reviewed by a human. The ATS glances over the resume and correspondingly checks the resume with all the relevant data that the recruiter is looking for. For example, years of experience, the skills, education, job keywords put up by recruiters. The trick here is that if your resume does not meet the minimum requirement in the ATS, it is never going to make it to the big boy’s table. No. 3 – Make ATS Your Best Friend

No. 4 – Show Off Your Achievements

The latest trends show that recruiters like to see and meet people who are result oriented. So? So, your resume should be a result driven resume where you are telling them that you can do the job. Showing what you have done is not going to cut the slack anymore. You have to tell them how you used your skills and wit and knowledge to overcome a challenge that you faced at work. Results and achievements in the resume show the recruiter that you have added value to the business and makes the recruiter think that you are someone who will bring good things to the table. A boring list of skill is what everyone writes, you tell them what you have achieved with the help of those boring skills.

No. 5 – Make A LinkedIn Profile

Social media check is a trend in the world of recruiters where recruiters check the involvements of the person they are employing. This social media check is even the more powerful when you have some really good connections and professional connects. Where you going to connect with them? On Facebook? Snapchat? Instagram? No, you need a professional platform to connect with them and that is offered to you by LinkedIn. Over LinkedIn, you meet people in a similar field, masters of your field and see global updates in the related field. LinkedIn is a really powerful tool where you can make your entire interview. If you don’t have a professional LinkedIn profile, you can request us to make one for you.

No. 6 – Writing Less But Telling More

Pretty confusing, right? How can you tell something more by writing less? That’s the skill you want to learn, my boy. Resumes are not an autobiography, you will get the chance to throw your entire life to the recruiter when he or she calls you in for a resume. Right now, you have to focus on what important things you need to include in the resume and what not to include. This is crucial especially when you to customise each resume as per the job. So, by making sure that you do not make a mess out of the resume, you have to write every information that needs to be there in order to support the fact that you are the best candidate in this whole wide galaxy and nobody can do this job better than you.
If that’s the kind of response you want to generate, learn what’s the best thing to put on a resume that will wow employers.


You can save yourself all the pang of writing a world class resume that is going to land you the job you have always wanted. So, why not let professionals work on it? Send your query to us and we will tell you how we can help you in preparing the best resume.

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About the Author

Amelia Mia

Amelia Mia

Amelia Mia completed her masters in human resource management from the Deakin University in the year 2006. She worked as a human resource manager for a small firm in Adelaide before becoming a freelance hiring expert and recruitment manager. By the end of the year 2017, Amelia had taken thousands of interviews and had become a resume writing expert guiding freshers and professionals alike with their resumes. She is a resume writing expert at My Assignment Services and prepares resumes that match the industry standards and impress the recruiters.


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