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What is Cognitive Ergonomics?

It is a way to make the human-system interaction compatible with human cognitive abilities and limitations at the workplace. The cognitive ergonomics, as the name suggests, is a mix of the cognitive behaviour of the humans and the ergonomics. The processes that are utilised here are -

  • Decision making
  • Perception
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Attention

Using Physical Ergonomics

Apart from the mental ergonomics to improve the man-machine relationship, the workplace also uses studying of the physical environment to improve that relationship. One aspect of this is the one of anthropometry, the study of the measurements and proportions of the human body. Using this, you need to eliminate all the unnecessary movements from the human environment so that they can improve their efficiency of work. Another one is of workspace design. The way the work desk of the employee is designed very much affects the efficiency they are delivering. For example, if a drill machine operator sits too far away from the machine, he would be wasting time coming again and again back to the machine.

Study Current Workplace for these Ergonomics

You must have seen some particular workspace sometime. It must not necessarily be of a factory setting. Think about how these ergonomic considerations were being met at that workplace. Use secondary literature and research articles to find suitable academic evidence if that ergonomic setting was fruitful or not. At the same time, give your own understanding of the ergonomic setting that you witnessed. Explanation of the concepts is a must. The assignment requirements clearly state that you must explain at least two concepts under each sub-topic. For example, if your sub-topic in the physical ergonomics is Anthropometry, then you can explain concepts like viewing angle and viewing distance. Remember, you are conducting a study of the existing system to identify the flaws and issues. Even if the question does not ask you to do so, you need to identify what shortcomings are there in the existing system.

Suggest a New Design

The only reason you are being asked to write this MEE40005 application report B assignment answer is that you can analyse the existing system and improve that further. If you are able to do that in the assignment, you can expect to be able to do so in real-life situations. Hence, you need to propose a new design that will rectify the issues you found above. For example, the drill machine operator has to waste his time to come to the machine from the workstation. Hence, you can propose that the distance between the machine be increased and the workstations are built near the machine itself. After proposing such change, you need to check that such a change is possible or not. This will be done with the help of designs prepared with CAD software.

Reflect the changes

Critical thinking is a skill that will come in handy in the long run. But before that, you also need to be aware of yourself. For that, you need to tell why do you think your proposed design will improve the workplace environment and improve the ergonomics. You have to mention why there was a need to adapt to the cognitive and physical ergonomic measures that you proposed.

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