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Online Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

Students often search for a human resource management assignment online sample so that they can know the correct procedure of writing their own ones. However, not every online service provider gives the best human resource management assignment writing help. My Assignment Services provides the most reliable services when it comes to academics. Take a look at this assignment written by our experts. You will get an idea of how to write yours on your own. This assignment required the analysis of several things about the Human Resource Business Partner model given by Dave Ulrich. The writer had to analyse literature and evolution of the application of this model. It was also required to draw a conclusion about the current practicality of the model in contributing towards sustainable businesses. The conclusions drawn out of this study were that according to the model, the role of Human Resource professionals is not just restricted to the conventional ones. In fact, the HR must now also coordinate with the various line managers and help in strategic planning for a long future of the business. It is vital for the business to not simply develop individual leadership, but instead develop collective leadership for better growth of the company.

For this assessment you are required

  • To analyse and discuss relevant scholarly literature on HR Business Partner model (Ulrich, 1997) Page 5 of 9
  • Discuss how and why the application of the HR Business Partner model (Ulrich, 1997) has evolved over time
  • Draw a conclusion about the current usefulness of the model in contributing to sustainable business outcomes

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In the modern era, effective management of human resources is considered as the key and most critical task for companies. Nowadays, the competition among businesses in almost every industry has become so intense that it is no longer secure for a firm to gain a competitive advantage over other market players. Further, challenges such as increasing rate of employee dissatisfaction and turnover also create obstacles to long-term growth and success of a business enterprise (McCracken, et al. 2017). To sustain in the marketplace, companies are now required to emphasise on areas such as growth and development of staff members. The use of concepts such as strategic human resources management (SHRM) among companies is now increasing because it supports in carrying out the best and most efficient use of all staff members working in an organisation. The present study reflects analysis and discussion on HR Business Partner Model which was developed by Ulrich in the year 1997. The primary objective of this model is to determine how the performance of an organisation can be enhanced with the help of HR value. Apart from this, the evolution of HR Business Partner Model has also been carried out in the present study.

Analysis of the literature on the HR Business Partner Model

As per the view of Hunter, Saunders & Constance, (2016) the primary objective of HR Business Partner Model developed by Ulrich in the year 1997 is to enhance the role of HR professionals in growth and success of an organisation. It can be analysed that the model encourages these professionals to integrate more thoroughly and take active participation in business operations and processes. In addition to this, the model also allows the HR professionals with an opportunity to combine their day-to-day tasks and work with overall outcomes of the business enterprise. The model also highlights the fact that companies can enhance their overall effectiveness and efficiencies by using the concept of HR business partnering. It can be analysed that the role of HR Business partners and line managers is very critical in this situation. Before, the evolution of this model, the role of HR managers was restricted only to administration and management of human resources within a company. However, it can be argued that the model highlights the HR business partner should invest less time and efforts on administration and should work more on task related to strategic management and business operations (Gerpott, 2015). It has been analysed that instead of focusing on doable, the Ulrich model emphasises more on the deliverables. On the other side of this, the model also states that the business partner should focus more on results instead of stressing about measuring the process used to deliver products and services to the customers. The statement can be justified by the example that instead of determining the tools and techniques of training, the HR business partner should focus on measuring what kind of impact does the training and development program will have on the overall performance of the business enterprise (Bratton & Gold, 2017). This will allow the HR business partner and professionals to take active participation in the business processes and activities. In addition to this, the model also highlights the fact that it is required by companies to ensure that their businesses process is efficient enough to deliver value to society, employees, customers and shareholders. Here, the use of HR business partner model can be done as the model provides HR business partner and professionals with an opportunity to create and maintain capabilities which can support in delivering such kind of value to all the internal and external stakeholders. Over the past few years, the use of models such as strategic HRM has also increased to a great extent, and the reason behind growing popularity of this model is the benefits associated with the same. For example, the feature of SHRM is that it provides companies with an opportunity to recognise their external environment and the impact of this environment on activities and operations (Nadiv, Raz & Kuna, 2017). In addition to this, the use of SHRM also supports companies to use problem-solving approach while carrying out their tasks and activities.

Evolution of the HR Business Partner Model

The HR business partner Model was evolved in the year 1997, and it reflects four roles model which creates and adds value to a business enterprise. The roles are employee champion, administrative expert, change agent and strategic partner. The primary purpose of all the HR professionals in an organisation is to create value, and therefore, these professionals can be termed as business partners. Furthermore, the role of HR strategic partner is to develop a productive and long-term relationship with the line managers to share responsibilities and achieve the business objectives in every possible manner (Ulrich, et al. 2015). Before the development of this model, the role of HR managers was restricted to the recruitment and selection of right people for the right job. However, the model explains that HR strategic partner must work closely with the line managers and enhance the organisational capabilities regarding leadership, change management, innovation and collaboration. Furthermore, effective HR strategic partner is the one who does not restrict themselves to draft a strategy but also takes active participation in implementing the strategy in the best possible manner. The role of HR professionals has been increased even at a strategic level as here the professionals are required to perform functions such as active business partners. Here, the role of HR professionals is to make sure that the staff members working in the organisation have adequate skills and capabilities which are required to deliver value to customers and other stakeholders. However, it can be critically argued that becoming a strategic partner is not an easy task for the HR professionals as they need to acquire certain skills and competencies to become the same (Ulrich & Dulebohn, 2015). For instance, the professionals need to have adequate knowledge about the business operations and activities. Knowledge is essential because it supports the professionals in translating the HR models, concepts and strategies and integrating the same into business operations and activities. Effective analytical, communication, problem solving and team working skills are also required to become a strategic business partner. Apart from this, it is also required by the HR strategic partner to have a unique and innovative approach which can assist a company in getting a competitive advantage over other players operating in the market (Lo, Macky & Pio, 2015). The role of HR strategic partner according to HR Business Partner Model developed by Ulrich is to develop collective leadership within the entire organisation. The role of HR professionals is considered as critical even during the process of implementing and managing change within a business enterprise. According to the model presented by Ulrich, organisations can become competitive and gain an edge over other companies by developing practical cooperation between HR business partners and line managers. To establish such kind of corporation, the concept of shared responsibilities between the managers and partners can be taken into consideration (Aldrich, et al. 2015). To meet the business goals and objectives, it is required by the business partners to undertake the task of strategic planning. HR Business Partner must identify the problems faced by line managers and then present practical solutions to deal with those issues and problems in every possible manner.


From the above study, it can be HR Business Partner Model is very effective in terms of enhancing the overall competency of a business enterprise. The Model was developed by Ulrich in the year 1997 and it explains that the role of HR professionals is not restricted to recruitment, selection and administration. Nowadays, these professionals are required to perform a broader role in the management to accomplish the goals and objectives of a company. Here, the professionals are expected to collaborate with line managers and support them in enhancing the overall competency and effectiveness of the organization. The concept of shared responsibilities can be taken into consideration to develop and maintain appropriate collaboration between line managers and HR Business Partners. It can be also inferred that instead of emphasising and improving the overall process of business, it is required by the HR professionals or business partners to focus more on the outcomes or results delivered by the process. Even the concept of strategic human resources management explains that the role of HR managers or professionals has become proactive in strategic planning and business management of a company. Nowadays, the intense competition in almost every industry has resulted in making it very complicated for companies to sustain in the marketplace. The Business Partner Model states that it is the duty of HR managers to continually work upon enhancing the operational capabilities of a business and create value for all internal and external stakeholders of an organisation. Value creation through strategic planning is now essential as it directly contributes to long-term growth and sustainability of a business enterprise. Nowadays, it is the responsibility of HR professionals to assist line managers in process such as leadership, management, risk management and innovations. Instead of developing individual leaders within an organisation, the strategic business partners should emphasise more on developing collective leadership within a company.

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