Nursing care for children is a very important part of nursing courses. Most students studying these courses often search for a certificate III childcare assignment sample online. Although, every sample available online is not completely reliable and often leaves the students more confused than before, and hence, are not of any real help. Therefore, it is important to refer to reliable online assignment writing servicesonly. However, there are many such services available on the internet and it is not easy to figure out which of these are actually trustworthy. It is better to write the assignment yourself or get it written by a subject expert. Writing an assignment can be easy, but what makes it worth an HD grade is the quality of the material it has. It may be easy to find anyone who claims to be an expert, however, it is necessary for this subject expert to write your assignment with precision and not vagueness. Any assignment calls for exact answers which do not confuse the student or the teacher. A childcare assignment, in particular, must have precise answers, as it teaches the student how to take care of children, and cater to their needs.

Information-Rich Certificate III Childcare Assignments Examples

Universities regularly give assignments to the students, using them as a learning tool. There are a variety of solved childcare assignments available online, along with the questions. An assignment can be of many types, and there are various kinds of childcare assignments given to students pursuing this course. These can be in the form of essay writing, report writing, case study, thesis, dissertation, research papers, et cetera. The most common type of which is in a question and answer format. This is because these kinds of assignments require students to give exact answers, as an assignment for this course will not tolerate vagueness in it. Hence, it is important for the writer to have complete knowledge of the subject.

Is A Question-Answer Type Childcare Assignment Sample Online?

The writers at My Assignment Services have written innumerable academic documents based on childcare and hence are quite experienced when it comes to writing assignments for this subject. Any academic document written by the nursing assignment writing experts at My Assignment Services required interacting with children while supporting a positive and respectable relationship with them. It was meant to demonstrate evidence of the knowledge and skills requires to ensure a positive relationship with children. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this certificate III childcare assignment example which is in the form of question-answers.

The assessment tasks within this unit provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate evidence of therequired knowledge and skills to ensure they can develop and maintain effective relationships and promotepositive behaviour.Responding sensitively and appropriately to all children’s efforts to communicate is an important part of theeducator role. Remember that children will notice both your verbal and non-verbal communication, so you need to be aware of both when you are guiding and interacting with children. a) According to the reading what are ten considerations you should consider when interactingwith children verbally and non-verbally? 1. Demonstrate respectful communication while interacting with children or adults. 2. Consider the developmental stage of the child and communicate in accordance. 3. Opinion and feelings of children should be respected, irrespective of their age. 4. Use open ended questions for the child to express better and elaborately. 5. Keep eye contact with young children or babies if considered culturally appropriate. 6. Provide specific and simple instructions to the child if asking them to do some task. 7. Compliment the children for good behaviour and acknowledge their achievements 8. Help in creating an interactive environment. 9. Actively listen to what the child communicates. 10. Interact with children using the concept of patience (Commonwealth of Australia, 2010).

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b) According to the reading, what are six things you should avoid when interacting withchildren verbally and non-verbally? 1. Do not be judgemental with children or criticize or blame them. 2. Do not demonstrate an impatient expression of body language. 3. Do not diminish praising children by sarcasm or foul comments. 4. Do not order or threaten children. 5. Do not use sarcasm, anger or call names to children. Scenario: Ollie Ollie was slightly grizzly upon arrival at the service. The educator sat down alongsideOllie and picked him up, Ollie gave a small smile. The educator lifts Ollie up above herhead. “Hello beautiful boy.” Ollie laughs, “You like that don’t you. You like being up inthe air!” The educator sits Ollie on her lap and continues to talk to him. “Your mummy said youkept her awake all night.” Ollie laughs. “Oh you think that was funny do you Ollie? Idon’t think mummy thought it was funny. Did you have a pain in your tummy Ollie? You’ll have to have a big sleep today so that you’re nice and relaxed tonight.” As the educator talks to Ollie she pauses, waits for him to respond and then continues. As she is talking Ollie babbles and smiles at the educator. “Look Ollie here’s the caterpillar. You like the caterpillar don’t you. It makes crunchy sounds.” Ollie laughs and grasps the caterpillar. a) What did the educator do to initiate the interaction and respond positively to Ollie? Educator first sat next to Ollie and with surprise held Ollie above her head, by keeping eye contact and initiating the conversation after confirmation of a smile, from Ollie (Kearns, 2017). b) What did the educator do to engage Ollie in conversation? Educator paused at intervals to ensure that Ollie is responding to the stimuli and consciouslyaware of an ongoing conversation. That gave the educator an idea of Ollie’s orientation andemotional responsiveness (Kearns, 2017). c) How does the educator help Ollie to feel secure? Educator kept interacting with Ollie while changing positions, comfortably placed Ollie on thelap and engaged Ollie with a toy caterpillar (Kearns, 2017).

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