How to Write a SOP for Canada University?

How to Write a SOP for Canada University?
November 12, 2019
Author : Bill

I didn't feel like reading the third paragraph after reading the second” This statement, made by the admission officer, led to the unfortunate rejection of the SOP written by a student for a Canadian university. It is certain that you need to be extremely careful when drafting one for yourself. The art of writing a story will help you prepare your statement of purpose. It has to be innovative and creative. And, by the time your admission officer reads the third paragraph, you should have hit the bulls-eye. Now, allow me to show you how to write the perfect SOP for Canada. This format is widely accepted by most universities and colleges in Canada. Let’s roll!

  1. Introduction: the first paragraph of your SOP for Canada should start with an interesting story, which is primarily your experience in 2-3 lines, that inspired and directed you toward the chosen course. You can also include a quote to bring reference to the future study program.
  2. Academic background: This is the lengthiest yet easiest part of the entire SOP. Jump straight away to your high-school experience and describe why you chose the stream and the undergraduate study. Similarly, if you’ve applied for the post-graduate degree, then you should take the reader through the factors that motivated you for choosing the bachelor’s program. Highlight any extra-curricular activities or achievements where you performed a step-beyond your abilities.
  3. Work Experience: When writing an SOP for Canada, you should outline the work experience (skip this step in case you haven’t yet started working) in a chronological manner. Our SOP writing experts suggest that you mention the duration, name of the company, and job designation. A brief description of your work responsibilities will further impress the reader.
  4. Reasons for choosing the study destination: You need to justify why you have picked Canada as your preferred place to study. One easy way to write this paragraph is by comparing the benefits you will get here with those in other similar regions. Provide logical data to validate your claim. In other words, the research required when writing an SOP for Canada begins here!
  5. Reasons for choosing the program: Whether you’ve applied for an undergraduate study or a Master’s program, you must explain the short-term and long-term benefits of investing in it.
  6. Reasons for choosing the university: To write this section, you have to browse through the institution’s website and pick the data that is specific and more relevant to your field of study. Also, you can watch videos about the students’ life experiences at the university to find compelling reasons.
  7. Future Goals: this definitely is the most crucial component of the Canada SOP. You need to show the admission officer what you will do after obtaining the degree. Make sure that the description of your goals is specific and not vague. Mention the expected salary and name 2-3 companies where you will look for a suitable job.

Useful Tips for Writing the Statement of Purpose

  • Statement of Purpose is meant to be written in the form of a story and not a questionnaire or a letter
  • Make sure that you research well before writing it
  • Try to find the ‘unique factors’ in your SOP. You just need to think differently
  • When using your resume for drafting the work experience, try to write it in the form of a story to give it a strong appeal
  • Copying from the SOP samples available on the internet is not advisable. Your application will get rejected if it is plagiarised
  • The focus of the statement of purpose is on the experiences of the student. If you want to mention other individuals or influences such as family members or your team, then this should be done only if necessary
  • Mention that you have financial backup to support you through the duration of the course

Need Guidance To Walk You Through the SOP?

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