1807NRS Safe Administration of Medication Assessment Answer

1807NRS Safe Administration of Medication Assessment Answer
November 13, 2019
Author : Bill

Though it is believed that ‘to err is human’, however, as a nursing student, you might very well know that there is no scope of error in medications. Thus, students are taught to eradicate the medication errors, to provide safe and sound nursing practice to patient. Nursing students learn about more similar concepts in the 1807NRS Safe Administration of Medication unit. However, before I go on explaining to you further on this course, let us talk about some concepts that are considered to be the most imperative ones when students come across the assignments on this topic. So, fasten your seat belts as we would be taking you on a journey around thePrinciples of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics-1807NRS, that are considered to be the heart and soul for these assignments. Once you are through with these, you would be able to easily write the assignments.

Pharmacokinetics And Pharmacodynamics: The Mystery Unraveled!

search Ready for unraveling this mystery? Let me help you do this. It is believed that to be able to draft these assignments efficiently, you need to be familiar with 2 main concepts that are Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. So, let me brief you on both of these so that you can begin writing the assignments as soon as you get them.


In healthcare, Pharmacokinetics is defined as the analysis of the time that a drug takes to get absorbed, distributed, and all the metabolic processes that take place and excretion. If you ask a nursing assignment help professionals to simplify this, in simple words Pharmacokinetics is the trajectory of medication from the time it enters the body till it exits. The main purpose of Pharmacokinetics is to reduce the toxicity level in the body of patients and increasing the efficacy to get cured soon. The processes of Pharmacokinetics involve:
  1. Absorption
  2. Distribution
  3. Metabolism
  4. Excretion


It is the relationship between the concentration of drug at the reaction site and the way it affects the body. Pharmacodynamics involves the time taken, the intensity of the treatment as well as the effects the drug has on the body. So, now that you are aware of these two concepts, you are now in a position to know what are the assignments that are rolled out to students under the safe administration of medications.

WriteMedication AdministrationAssignments Just Like A Nursing Expert!

When students seek guidance on these assignments, it is not only because they do not get ample time to complete it themselves but also because they do not possess an inbuilt system of knowledge that is required for such assignments. So, let us see how anursing assignment helpexpert approaches these assignments. Assessment Task For this, there are a lot of dimensions that need to be taken into consideration. However, two aspects are the most vital essentials of such assignments. Firstly, an expert looks upon the8 rights of medicationthat forms an integral part ofmedication administration. These include:
  1. Right patient
  2. Right medication
  3. Right dose
  4. Right route
  5. Right time
  6. Right documentation
  7. Right reason
  8. Right response
In addition to these, all the potential problems are also taken into consideration for completing this assignment. After this, the next thing that forms a major section of these assignments is the roles andresponsibilities of healthcare. A healthcare team contains different professionals such as doctors, physician assistants, nurses so on. So, talking about their roles, it covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities that include:
  1. To maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the patients
  2. To report to the licensing authority
  3. To establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient
  4. To educate and aware the patient
  5. To look into the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics involved in each case.
So, these two things are included in the reference assignments that anursing assignment writerdrafts for students. After compiling both of these concepts, an assignment is drafted that can fetch a student desirable grades. I hope you are clear with the brief of this assignment now.

Need Guidance To Walk You Through1807 NRS MedicationAssignment?

Nursing is a technical subject. Consisting of a wide range of topics and concepts, any student who comes to terms withsafe administrationassignments finds a lot of challenges in them. This is because there is an involvement of both practical as well as theoretical elements in such assignments. Why not talk to our nursing professionals atMy Assignment Services? Working and providing academic assistance to students for more than a decade now, we have been habitual in bringing smiles on the faces of students by helping them secure top-notch grades.

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