How to Write a Reflection on Professional Identity as a Social Worker?

January 14, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

In the present scenario, social work is considered to be one of the noblest professions. However, in this broad domain of services, professionalism is something that is considered to be the most vital keyword. Why? Well, every student can be a social worker, but not many can be a professional social worker. This is because it involves a lot of practice and dedication to be able to gain the skills of being professional in social work scenarios. If you are still not able to understand the importance of professional identity in social work, then our social science assignment help experts are at your rescue! In this blog, My Assignment Services brings forth a brief discussion on professional identity as a social worker reflective writing assessment answer. We will help you explore all the major aspects of this so that you are able to write better assignments on them.

Core Concepts That Are Important In this Social Science Assignment

As a social worker, students need to cover diverse areas such as the micro, mezzo and macro domains of work. Naturally, you need to have a broad thinking capability to do so. For this, the best way is to familiarise yourself with some important concepts. Mainly, this is a topic in which students get a lot of reflective writing assignments. If you wish to grasp all the important points involved in such assignments, our expert reflection writers are here with certain dimensions of professional identity which are crucial for understanding them. These will definitely help you achieve a strong professional identity as a social worker.

Professional identity as a unit of competency

Being a social worker is not a cup of tea for every student. This is because it requires a broad paradigm and specialized education to be one. After education, students have to undergo a rigorous training process as well as stringent schedules to evolve as a social worker. They are also weaned to evolve within strong professional boundaries, due to which they are able to interact with a diverse group of people.

How Do Our Social Science Experts Approach the Reflection Assignments?

Now that you are clear how we view professional identity in a social work context, it is time for us to move further and show you how we approach such reflective assignments. With the help of past experiences, values, personal beliefs assignment examples that we have recently solved for the reference purpose of students, we will clarify this topic for you. As a social science assignment help expert, we feel that there are four vital steps that are considered to be the framework for such reflective assignments on social work. With the help of these, you will be able to attain professional prowess easily:

1. Lead with competencies

Isn’t it a well-evident fact that we are residing in a competency-based practice world today? Naturally, for providing quality health care services, competencies are important. With the help of competencies, students get closer to their professional identity in social work. As per our social science assignment help experts, students must exhibit 9 competencies in this reflection which are as follows:
  1. Exhibit ethical professional behaviour
  2. Interact with patients belonging to different groups
  3. Understand human rights and justice
  4. Know the difference between practice-informed research and research-informed practice
  5. Engage in policy implementation
  6. Communicate with people, families, groups and communities
  7. Assess them
  8. Intervene with individuals, groups, organisations
  9. Evaluate the results

2. Embrace lifelong learning

If you wish to grow professionally in social work, you ought to take initiatives to be engaged in continuous learning. During this process, our social science assignment writing experts emphasise on underlying the role of technology and innovation in social work scenarios.

3. Get licensed

Even if you are at the lowest level, you need to get yourselves licensed so that you have a certain level to attain. This step would demonstrate your eagerness to grow your professional identity in social work.

4. Leave a legacy

The last and the final step that you have to take in these reflections is to depict the professional contributions in social work. When you have a set contribution in your mind, you shall work towards achieving it, won’t you? With the help of these 4 steps, our social science assignment help experts now begin to complete the given assignment. First, they reflect upon their past experience, values and personal connections that have helped them grow their professional identity as a social worker. The main purpose of this reflection assignment is to develop a critical thinking ability and self-awareness. In addition to this, we also identify the visible and invisible forms of oppression. These two forms of oppression help shape the values and approaches towards the broader concept of racial and ethnic oppression. To make the reflection more credible, our social science assignment writers added several other core concepts like privilege, critical reflectivity, whiteness and critical reflection. This is just a brief discussion of the entire reflection assignment that has come to us. If you wish us to guide you with the entire assignment solution, then you can just send us all the requirements and we will provide you with our intricately-designed, high-quality reference reflection assignment that can help you formulate a better reflection with which you can secure top-notch grades.

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Points To Keep In Mind While Drafting a Social Work Reflection Assignment

For any reflection assignment, there are certain points that our assignment help providers always keep in mind. Talking about this social work reflection assignment, there are a set of pointers that you must cater to if you wish to draft a perfect reflection. These are:
  1. It must be your personal experience that exhibits all that you have learnt during that time
  2. There has to be a coherence between the experiences and the incidents or examples that you have used to back it up.
  3. Although, it is a personal work, there are instances when you also need to equip them with references. So make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Have Your Social Work Reflection Assignment Written By Our Experts Today

Though the domain of professional identity in social work is huge, we have still tried to incorporate the major concepts in this blog. However, there is more to this which our social science assignment help experts can assist you with. For more than a decade now, My Assignment Services has been engaged in providing superior quality reference assignment solutions to students across the world and made the task a lot easier for them. With a lot of lucrative and exciting value-added services like a free copy of the Plagiarism report, use of six-sigma approach to ensure the quality, an overview of the entire assignment before payment, partial work for free and more, we make sure that none of the queries of students goes unanswered from our end. To know more about our value-added services or to get a copy of your social science reference assignment solution, you can contact our customer care team right away!

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