BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans

January 14, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Under the unit BSBMGT616, you will learn about developing a strategic plan, implementing it using appropriate methods, and increasing competitiveness in the organisation. Moreover, it includes the study and implementation of related markets, capability analysis of the organisation, and potential allies and competitors. In addition to this, you also have to deal with multiple writing tasks comprising of several questions. In this blog, our business management assignment help providers will throw light on the BSBMGT616 Assessment Task 1 and this will help you in writing perfect answers to score HD grade!

Questions For BSBMGT616 - Assignment Task 1

Assignment Task 1 Now, let us have a look at the BSBMGT616 Assessment Task 2. It mainly deals in preparing a report stating the strategic plan for HealthFocus including objectives, strategies, timeframes, performance indicators, and methods to control and implement the plan. Moreover, you will be required to answer the following questions:
  1. How might you check that your mission and vision are still current and supported by relevant stakeholders?
  2. How will you develop and /or review the core values of your organization?
You can use the following tips that will help you in clearing any doubts: Topic 1: Check the vision and mission of the organisation Topic 2: Examine the external and internal environments Topic 3: Develop a strategic plan Topic 4: Implementation of the strategic plan

How Do You Create and Implement A Strategic Plan?

As we have discussed above that there are a few essential topics that students must remember to prepare a flawless strategic planning assignment. If we talk about the first 3 steps to be followed in developing a strategic plan involve the establishment of organisational values, mission, and vision. These terms can be used interchangeably but each one is different from the other.
  • In strategic planning, vision indicates a long-term direction, the purpose of the organisation and the goals and objectives of the organisation.
  • The term mission refers to the road map of the organisation that takes you to achieve the organisation’s vision.
  • In the end, the organisational values are related to principles through which a company works.

Confirm The Mission And Vision

The initial step in setting up a strategic plan is to check the organisational mission and vision are supported and current. Our strategic management assignment help experts say that strategic plans function for a defined period of time, thus it is essential that every strategic plan should be prepared with an analysis of its relevance and currency. What is an organisational vision? Here, a vision can be defined as a clear and extensive “photograph” which provides direction to an organisation in the future.

Implement Changes as Per The Requirement

After consulting with key stakeholders, it is important to collate review and feedback on the mission and vision statements to know the changes required. This might be a challenging task for new students who do not have prior experience in establishing a strategic plan. Some aspects required to be considered while making changes are:
  • Annual report
  • Information and advertising brochure
  • Letterheads, signage, and business cards
  • Voicemail and on-hold messages
Students must enlist the help of business management assignment writing experts while making changes because they are the one who can assist you in the best possible way. They ensure you to make changes as per the organisational procedures by using the required format and templates of the organisation.

Develop New Values

At the time of developing values, students must avoid obvious choices like fairness, honesty, and integrity. The main purpose is to find values that represent who you are and what you deal with. Such values also explain the culture of the organisation. Tips To Define & Review A Vision Statement After formulating the values and refining the vision and mission of the organisation, you are required to start with the process of strategic planning. Our strategic planning expert suggests to include SWOT analysis, and review inputs to research and develop the plan.

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