Expository essays are the type of essays in which the author tries to inform his readers about certain ideas, historical events, books, or other subjects. These essays serve the purpose of describing and providing information to your readers by being precise, straightforward and within logical confinement.

Expository Essays

This blog covers everything that you need to know about how to write an expository essay; be its outlining part or essential components.

Five Types of Expository Essays

Each of the five types of expository essays highlights a different aspect of writing style.

  • Descriptive Essay - Under such types of essays, the writer gives a description of a particular topic or process. The topic could be related to anything; a person, situation, experience, place, etc. While writing such essays, you get a lot of freedom to mold the story as you want. These essays purely showcase your talent in terms of your thinking style and technique of writing creatively.
  • Process Essay - These are classic “How To” process essays giving the readers a sense of learning and make it on their own.
  • Comparison Essay - This form of essay analyses and gives a detailed description highlighting the similarities and/or differences between two objects.
  • Cause and Effect Essay - Cause and effect essays are concerned with ‘why’ and ‘how’ an event occurred. If you want a well-written expository essay example sample, then you can ask professional essay writing services to assist you.
  • Problem / Solution Essay - Such expository essays are some of the standard assignment tasks. In this scenario, you are assigned a problem that you have to look for possible solutions by breaking them into separate pieces and filling in the gaps in the solution.

How To Write An Expository Essay?

Given below is a process that makes a full-fledged expository essay writing smooth for you.

Plan Your Essay Out

Planning your essay should be the first thing that you do as soon as you are assigned this task. Identify what the corresponding is all about and then jot down some key points based on how you start your essay. You should check the guidelines provided to you as well as the final deadline date so that you can plan well. This would give you enough time to conduct your research as well as make an outline.


In case you want expository essay topics to write on, you can ask a professional essay writer to help you. However, some of the common topics have already made it to our list:

  • Describe possible effects of whether or not to vote
  • Teen pregnancy: is it a norm in society?
  • How to stop racism?
  • How you can stay fit?
  • Analyse the author’s style on ‘To kill a Mockingbird’
  • Effects of the french revolution
  • How did the radio has shaped the world?
  • Consequences of the internet revolution
  • The reformation of the catholic church
  • Causes and effects of adult literacy
  • Your favorite movie or book
  • What was your first day at college?
  • Your role model

Crafting A Catchy Introduction

You have to ensure that your introduction should tightly bond with the whole topic. Engaging content would give a great start to your essay and then you can creatively put your researched information effectively. Your introduction should be simple and clear in terms of providing relevant information.

Putting The Main Points Together

The next step in your guide towards writing expository essays is to include the number of body paragraphs and segment every body paragraph in your favor by adding supporting points with sets of examples. However, always ensure that every paragraph should define one idea and the supporting evidence based on that idea only.

Concluding Your Essay

Always remember the difference between concluding your essay and smartly form the ideas that direct you towards concluding your essay. The latter part is what many professional essay help providers believe in. The conclusion typically summarises your entire idea in a well-defined concise manner so that it gives your readers an understanding base to fulfill their expectations. Your concluding part should be easy yet attractive.

Outline of Expository Essays

Every expository essay that you write should fall in a proper structure to provide your readers with a content flow that many people find appropriate to read. A general expository essay outline looks like this:

  • Introduction
  • Research Question
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • References and Citations

If you are still facing issues and want some tips on how to write expository essays, you can look at the image below and take control on your essay.

Simple TIPS to Write an Expository Essay

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