How to Write a Book Report Outline?

How to Write a Book Report Outline
July 01, 2022
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Reading is a habit that many nurture since they were young, or maybe you are someone who’s not into reading but still has to write a book report. To write a book report, you will have to read the book. Just knowing the outline may not be effective in writing an intricate book report. Like the movie version of the book, you can’t completely grasp the author’s intentions unless you read the book.

Reading improves your vocabulary, supports creativity, and helps induce an inclination towards learning. As university students, you will be assigned a reading pile every week. Writing a book report requires knowing the plot, author’s description, and especially the format for composing a book report.

You must think before you speak and read before you think. Quote by Fran Lebowitz

Also, you'll have to draft, format, edit, proofread and even research additional material for the book/author's background. It's a multistep process, and you can't skip any step if you face trouble writing; read forth to know the steps and the book report outline to compose one effectively.

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What are the different types of book reports?

Main Character Recitation

One of the most common forms of a book report is main character recitation. Students are required to analyze, recite/recreate character lines and formulate a character study. One or more characters can be included in this report. It can be both an individual or group task.

Written Sequel

A good way of assessing students’ understanding of the book is by asking them to write a sequel to the book. Such reports are more creative writing-based but still require you to read the book and use its elements to create a new setting and plot.

Picture Book

Developing a picture book out of the book you read can be intriguing minus the hard work. Such tasks are useful for students who might not feel confident with their writing skills but are dextrous enough to pull this off.

Letter to the Author

This is an interesting report writing form as students are required to write their report in a letter format. A letter they are writing to the author appreciating the parts they liked; expectations before they started reading the book.

Did you know that the longest book ever written and published is Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust? Including the spaces, it includes 9,609,000 characters. Imagine writing a report for that.

Book report outline can be of many forms depending on the type of report you are writing. Such interactive report writing forms aren’t quite popular but are used in different courses. Students discuss what they read through such interactive activities and make report writing a worthwhile task rather than just an assignment.

Writing a report requires completing multiple steps - drafting, editing, proofreading, and researching - that need to be completed. You may find some of these steps difficult; no worries, you can get Report writing help in the USA with just a few clicks. Just fill out the enrollment form to get started.

What are the steps involved in writing a book report?

Book report writing may seem a boring or (for some) too easy task, but they still are given in a comparatively longer deadline. There are several steps involved in writing a book report. Everyone has a different reading/writing/working pace, but still, these are the basic steps in the process.


Of course, you have to read the book before you can even start planning to write. The whole purpose of writing a book report is to get students to read the respective book. Highlight the necessary parts or scenes you can use in your report while reading. Try reading the book more than once for a better understanding.


After you are done reading, you may get started with a book report outlining your report. Keep in mind that different literature forms require different formats. Refer to the university guideline or discuss the format with your professor before you start outlining.


When composing your report, you will have to make several drafts. Once you plan your content, you may discuss it with your professor to improve your formatting. When you start writing that you might get done in one go, or something pops in your mind that you’d like to include, don’t stop yourself from writing as effectively as you can.


The final step after writing is editing your content. Proofread your paper and get second opinions from peers for more improvement. Edit the content - remove unnecessary parts and add the required information.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest book ever written in 2100 BCE. It is the second oldest religious text and the longest surviving literature.

Report writing isn’t as easy as it might seem. It’s a multistep procedure, and you must complete all of them. Do not submit your work before proofreading, no matter how urgent it might be. It will make you seem unprofessional, and the impact on your report will be reduced. Get more opinions on your paper to avoid any mistakes until the last line.

steps involved in writing a book report

What is the template for a book report outline?

The right format for a report is as follows:


Introduce the book you are reviewing. Vaguely discuss the plot in a line or few. Add some intriguing parts to excite the reader for the body content. Keep the introduction limited to a paragraph or two. No one would read a long paragraph when it’s a quarter of your paper.


Summarise the plot of the book. Discuss the characters, scenes, and parts that you find interesting. You may briefly introduce the characters or discuss the best part that you’ll highlight later in the following section.


Character description is an important part of a book report. Here you'll be discussing your first perception of the character and how they contribute to the plot. You may as well specifically dedicate a section to your favourite character and its characterization.


Highlight your favourite scenes and the climax of the story in this section. Describing the plot also includes appreciating the author for writing specific scenes or the overall book - the imagery, overall writing style, literary devices if used, and plot holes, if any.

Evaluation with Conclusion

In the conclusion section, you will expand on the points you included throughout the book report. Write an in-depth analysis of the plot points you liked, the characters, and why they seemed appealing to you. Also, comment on the overall plot and the book’s conclusion.

The word 'Library' originated from the ‘libre,’ a Latin word that means “book.” - Wikipedia.

You just need to follow this format, and there won’t be much improvisation required. Also, keep in mind that a book report is different from a literature review. Both have a different purpose and format. For a book report, you will just address the book’s main theme, any noteworthy elements from the book, or the writing style. 

A book report isn’t entirely deprived of personal opinions, but the language should be suitable for the type of literature. Keep the writing focused on the book, and the book only does not add too much information (unless required) about the author’s background or how many copies the book sold. Follow the standard Book Report Outline for the type of literature/book you’re writing a report on.

Unless you're out of time, reading a book or writing a report isn’t a very difficult task. You planned on completing this report by last week, but now it’s due tomorrow. For helping you through such emergencies, our experts are well apt. Get Report writing help in the USA from experienced academic writers that help you effectively complete your book report before the deadline. Just fill out the enrollment form to get started.

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