A Comprehensive Guide to Nursing Informatics

July 01, 2022
Author : Keith Morris

Recently, the rise in remote healthcare services proved technology's importance in the healthcare industry. You must know about the distance services that aided the masses affected during the covid era. Hope got us through the pandemic, yet it’s the technology that made it easier.

Did you know that nurses make up half the healthcare population? Still, the healthcare industry faces a shortfall of over five million nurses.

Nursing Informatics is the need of the hour for the healthcare industry. The pre and post covid pandemic issues have highlighted the need for technology in healthcare practices. Choosing the best nursing practices for the patient’s needs is necessary. Additionally, plan and predict the outcomes while staying nimble regardless of the changing circumstances.

Moreover, innovative use of data is a necessity in healthcare. Streamlining the healthcare systems and innovating new practices are imperative in the industry. Various healthcare informatics examples, like clinical Image capturing and predictive analytics, have advanced the healthcare industry.

Read this guide to know more about nursing informatics and the current trends in the industry.

examples of health informatics

What are the Four Areas of Nursing Informatics?

The history of nursing and information technology dates back to the 1960s. Several articles from the nursing Index 1966 are the first scholarly evidence of the use of computers in nursing. The US held the first conference on information technology and healthcare.

Such as any other established discipline, nursing relies on theory, practice, and technology. The major areas of nursing informatics are practice, research, administration, and education, as these are the primary areas of learning.

Nursing Practice

The radical evolution of nursing is visible throughout the electronic health record in healthcare. The computer systems are apt to record, track and inform the healthcare professionals about the patient’s condition. The original idea of EHR is based on the need for the nurse and the doctor to access such data for patient care and diagnosis. Thus, such systems make it easy to access records and track progress - anytime/anywhere through a common cloud portal.

Nursing Administration

Likewise, hospital administration is less complex through the various departments' cloud systems. The administration monitors the policies and processes for the employees through nursing informatics. Further, acuity systems, workload measures, and other nursing processes are integrated into the cloud systems. The patient's EHR or other hospital records can be accessed for efficient management.

Nursing Education

Also, the changes in nursing education are evident via computer-oriented courses in the discipline. Online and distance learning has been the norm since the Covid breakout. Students who learn through online mediums are no less apt than classroom learners. Additionally, universities provide computer systems for students in nursing school to learn various IT skills essential in the healthcare profession. Time distance is a negligible variable for nursing students.

Nursing Research

Therefore, Computer systems spur students to engage in nursing research per their curriculum and practice. Software like WebMD and Med Mnemonics is a must for every nursing student to research and curate their papers. The cloud computer systems incorporate extensive databases that students access to retrieve information and develop a bibliography through an e-literature repository.

The World Health Organisation marks 2020 as the “Year of Nurses and Midwives” to honour their pivotal role in the healthcare industry.

Lastly, the field of nursing informatics has come a long way. Access to extensive databases and cloud computing systems for electronic patient record keeping are prime examples of healthcare informatics. Moreover, several changes are visible through a streamlined healthcare system.

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How Has Informatics Changed the Healthcare Industry?

Informatics paired with nursing is the leverage that several health organisations need: staff models implementation, care plans and workflow mapping, and it also reduces the administrative burden on nurses. Therefore, some examples highlight the data support for the nursing workforce to enhance patient care.

Helps provide nurse-led care and reduces the administrative effort

Also, documentation is an important part of patient care. Nurses are responsible for administering the EHR (Electronic Health Record). Such intense documentation is the leading cause of nursing burnout. Data management is made easy through information technology in the field. It has made patient care easy and efficient.

Virtual care, streamline staffing and reduce overtime.

Nursing informatics helps develop effective, data-driven, flexible employee models. Such models reduce over time due to data management and streamline the staffing process. Through predictive models, nurses care for patients by tracking their condition and progress. Virtual staffing models provide remote nursing care for patients in quarantine and deliver the best healthcare.

Enhanced patient care and health quality

Furthermore, the healthcare industry gaps are visible during the pandemic. During the pandemic, nurses applied their knowledge and understanding to decipher the best practice to care for patients on ventilators. Besides, a system for regular monitoring and effective care provision through telehealth is an effective practice. By combining assets and patient data, nurses make real-time decisions per the patient’s needs.

The registered nurse and midwives’ population in Australia exceeds four hundred fifty thousand. - Health Australia

These three areas fundamentally drive healthcare. Administration, staff care and patient care are the key elements of healthcare. The primary needs of the patient and the healthcare providers are effectively met through information technology. Furthermore, we'll discuss several other examples of healthcare informatics in the next section.

latest trends in nursing informatics

What are Some Examples of Informatics in Healthcare?

Health informatics is the future of healthcare. Although the daily tasks of nurses remain the same, their daily lives are affected by informatics. Technology leads in offering effective patient care and tracking the patient’s progress. With evolving technology, the examples of health informatics also evolve. Some of these are:

  • CPOE or “Computerised provider order entry” is the application that lets healthcare administrators access the medical records on the cloud system. Hence, nurses retrieve patient information quicker and easier.
  • EMR or “Electronic Medical Records” are the electronic versions of the paper that record the patient’s essential information and health data. Such e-reports are easy to access and update.
  • Hospitals and healthcare institutions use healthcare workflow management. It effectively tracks productivity, internal control and employee compliance. Moreover, this system also monitors staff levels to offer effective healthcare.

Florence Nightingale is the name behind the cleanliness and sanitation procedures nurses use today. Her most significant influence on the nurse’s outfit is the hat. - Wikipedia

Nursing informatics is a blend of computer science, information technology and nursing. It facilitates data integration, information storage and retrieval. Nurses and healthcare professionals learn such systems to empower their careers and excel in cross-disciplinary skills. Thus, the implementation of informatics is beyond easing the care process. It delivers experience and education to empower individuals, families and communities.

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