Wondering which is the best font you should use in the dissertation? Not able to guess what style of writing you should write your dissertation in? Confused in the various dissertation font sizes that you can choose from? You were buried under the stack of information but you made it through. Now you have reached the end, almost there. But you are feeling like Jon Snow caught up. img1 The end is near but you are worried about the formatting of the dissertation. You are also having sleepless nights about the presentation of the dissertation, the font, and stuff.

How is that dissertation coming along, kid?

You ever think that this task is no more of any interest and significance to you? That no good is going to come out of this dissertation writing and you can do a lot many things without this degree? If your answer was yes, then you are completely normal. If your answer was no, then you are an exceptional kid and I would like to meet you. Your dissertation presentation is affected by many things and parameters. There are many mistakes which you are making when you are choosing these parameters.

Fonts To Be Used In Dissertation

The font used in the dissertation is an important thing to be taken care of. I understand and feel you when you are browsing through the various fonts available looking for the best font for the dissertation. The readability of the dissertation is affected by the font style you use and the size you choose. You probably do not want your professor to act like this, yes? So, make sure that you do not make these mistakes when you have to choose your dissertation font –

Using Various Font Styles

You might feel that your dissertation is too monotonous to read. So, what do you do to make it more interesting? You start writing every single paragraph with a different font style. Or maybe you thought that it will be really cool to write different dissertation chapters in different font styles. This is not advised and not at all recommended and no, you have not got too many options. This will not end well I tell you. Always make sure that you are using the same font size for all the headings, subheadings, and the content. Using too many font styles are not loved by the professors and it really gets on their nerves. Be uniform.

Using The “Cool Looking” Fonts

I know how much students prefer to use font styles that give a really cool impression. It even looks great on the document that you are printing. But the question is of readability. After all, it is not you who have to read a 15000-word long dissertation but your professor. Your professor might be asking for mercy like this. Your really cool looking fonts are of no use if the professor is not able to read it properly. The readability of the dissertation should not be compromised with the font styles you are choosing. Remember, sometimes boring is better.

Using Fonts That Are An Addition In The Latest Microsoft Word

The font packs in Microsoft Words are always updated and each version contains some newer fonts. But not everyone is using the same version of Microsoft Word. For example, I am typing this blog in Microsoft Word 2013 but you might be using Microsoft Word 2016. It depends on which version you feel comfortable with. Anyway, the font style might be available on your version of Microsoft Word and may not be available on the version that your reader is using. So, any font that is not found in their language pack will be automatically converted into the default font style (which may not be formal or good looking in your dissertation). Therefore, always make your practice that you are using only the most basic of the font styles in your dissertations. Such fonts are available in almost every version of Microsoft Word and will be easily loaded.

Here is a list of fonts that you can use in your dissertation and why you should use them

It is 30 pages long and 15000-word long academic document which is so boring that even you will not read it ever again. And your professor is going to read it word to word and look for any mistakes. At such a situation, the best you can do is make the dissertation as readable as you can. After you have finished your dissertation, you look like this – img2 And so does your professor after they finish reading it. Hence, use the following fonts while formatting the dissertation to make the job easier on those poor souls.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is the go-to font for almost all the office looking documents around the globe. Everyone is familiar with it including a person who is using Windows XP. Various studies have also found that Times New Roman is the most trustworthy font. img3 Above are two same statements written in different fonts. If you were able to read the second statement better, then you have your answer. Times New Roman, it is.


Calibri is also a widely used font style and most of the people have this font style as the default in their Microsoft Word. Calibri has many brother fonts as well such as Arial and Verdana. Using them in your dissertation while typing gives a smooth and clean look. The only drawback with this font is that it is not that readable once it is printed. If you are going to submit your dissertation as a printed document, then you should not go with Calibri, Arial and Verdana.

You can also ask your professor for the font style that should be used in the dissertation.

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