They say a picture is worth a thousand words- so photographs are enough to give a picturesque description of any topic in an essay, or any other form of complex homework assessment.

Google is just like a vast pool where hundreds of thousands of sources converge just like different tributaries of a river converge in a sea. So, How To Cite An Image Found On Google Images when there are thousands of websites just a click away?

While you might have some knowledge about how to cite a journal article in your work, citing a picture from google is pretty much difficult for students, especially when it is from some online source. Well, you are lucky enough, as it is not very different from citing a website.

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to How To Cite An Image Found On Google Images in MLA, APA, Chicago formats, our assignment writing help experts have got you covered on that. My Assignment Services is a trusted online resource for students in Canada and worldwide for catering to all their academic needs. Let us proceed with the blog.

Citing Google Images

Before getting started with citing images from google, you must be aware that a majority of the images that are either found on Google or any popular search engine would definitely be copyright protected. This means that you cannot use those images to earn money. However, you can use them for research purposes.

Once you are ready with the image that you want to cite in your work, you need to click on an option that says “visit page”. Here, you will get your hands on all the requisite information for citing the image.

How To Cite An Image Found On Google Images? First, try to find out these points about the image that will make the work much easier for you.

  1. Who has created the image? (name of the illustrator or photographer)
  2. Image title or image description
  3. Website name where you have found the image live (Google is not the name of the website)
  4. Who has published that particular website?
  5. Date when the image was published
  6. URL or DOI

Having these with you, it is possible to get started. Our assignment writing help experts will give you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on How To Cite An Image Found On Google Images.

How To Cite An Image From Google In MLA 9?

If you want to use an image from Google and want to cite it in MLA 9, then this is how it will look like.

Google In MLA 9

These are some of the points that you need to keep in mind while citing images from Google in MLA style. Our assignment writing help experts always follow them.

  1. If the image that you have chosen has a title, then you have to use the Title case and put it in quotes (“).
  2. You need to capitalize the first letter of pronouns and all the important words
  3. If there is no image title, then you have to create a simple description for it.
  4. If the publisher and author is different, then only the publisher name has to be included
  5. The URLs or DOIs have to be copied exactly from the browser link.

Let us give you MLA image citation examples to make it a bit easier for you.

MLA image citation examples

How To Cite An Image From Google In APA?

How To Cite An Image Found On Google Images in APA style? Here’s how it will look like.

Google Images in APA style

Whenever students rely upon our assignment writers for citing an image from Google in APA, these are the points that we ask them to follow.

  1. If you do not have a formal title of the image that you have chosen, then you simply need to describe the image and place this within brackets ().
  2. Remember to not use a period at the end of the URL

This is how our experts cited one of the Google images in APA.

Google images in APA

How To Cite An Image Found On Google Images In Chicago? Here’s An Example

If you’ve decided to cite an image from Google in Chicago style, then it will look something like this.

Google in Chicago style

Points to keep in mind when you are citing a Google image in Chicago are as follows:

  1. If there is no official description of the image, then you need to create one. However, ensure that they are not placed in quotation marks.
  2. Also, if there is no date of publication with the image, then you need to include the date when the image was accessed.

This is how Chicago image citation will look.

Chicago image citation

In this detailed comprehensive guide on How To Cite An Image Found On Google Images, we have tried to cover the three most popular styles. If you require our guidance on any other style, then you can simply let us know. Our assignment writing help Canada experts are at your disposal 24*7 via live sessions.

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