How To Use Quotes In Your Essay

how to use quotes in essays
October 29, 2021
Author : Kristy

Thinking of integrating quotations into your essay? Well, that’s a delightful thought and a strong step towards achieving top-notch grades in your work. You might have come across a number of quotes and wanted to add them to your essay. Possibly, you couldn’t find the best possible way to do so? Fear not, as our essay writing help experts will solve the riddle of How To Use Quotes In Your Essay in this blog for you.

quotes in essays

Interestingly, our essay writers treat every quote as a minuscule essay in itself; for each of the quotes you use, it provides an argument to your essay, you need to give an introduction for it, and also a conclusion to foster clear thoughts in the end.

My Assignment Services is a reliable online organisation in Australia that has been responsible for bringing students closer to their dream grades over the last ten years. In this blog, we will give you a step-by-step guide on using quotes in academic essays. Let us get started.

Want To Use Quotes In Your Essay? Follow These Steps

Without any further ado, let us give you a brief overview of how our essay writing help experts integrate quotes into their work to enhance the quality. We simply follow a certain set of guidelines provided to us and then follow these steps for integrating the quotations in the reference essays that we deliver to our clients.

1. Introduce The Author

Because you will be using the work of someone else, you must be sure that he/she knows about it. When you integrate a quote in your work for the first time from any other source, do not forget to introduce the author of that quote. And later, whenever you use that quote, you just need to mention the last name of the author.

Our essay writing help experts always advise students to restrict themselves from using repetitive words in their writing. For instance, you must avoid writing “he/she says” every time. Instead, replace it with words like state, propose, declare, critique, believe, note, contend, write, recall, etc. to avoid making the essay a monotonous read.

Below is one example of How To Use Quotes In Your Essay that will help you understand how our experts follow this point.

quotes in essays example

2. State The Quotation That You Want To Use In Your Essay

One thing that you need to keep in mind while integrating quotations in your work is that they should contribute something to your argument and flow logically adhering to the grammatical rules in the paper. For this, you need to choose a quotation that has a proper length. If it is too short, or too long, then there are high chances that it will disrupt the flow of the essay.

How To Use Quotes In Your Essay for some parts of the longer sentence? Well, simply use an ellipsis (...). In case, you wish to quote a long passage in your essay, begin the quotes from the next line of the text. Then, you need to indent the complete quotation, and there is no need to put this within the quotation marks.

quotation marks

3. Summarise The Quotation

If the quotation that you have chosen is easy to understand, then there is no need to summarise it. If you feel the readers won’t be able to understand it, then you can simply rephrase it in your own words. For this, you can use phrases like “Or in other words”, “This refers to”, etc.

phrases example

4. Analyse The Quotation

There is a huge difference between summarising and analysing a quote. By summarising, we just retell the quote, while analysing gives a thorough examination of the entire quotation that is broken down into smaller parts.

For analysing, we just need to identify words or phrases that help us in understanding the significance of the quotation. You can put these words in quotation marks or make them italicised. Here, our essay writing help experts also give their own commentary on the quotation as shown below in the image.

commentary on the quotation

5. Establish A Relevance Between The Quotation And Your Argument

As per our essay writers, this is the most crucial step; it ties your quotation to the rest of the paper. You can use a variety of ways to do it, but most of the students stick to the most convenient method which is to draw a parallel between the quote and the argument. This is how we wrap up the work.

You should never finish this without explaining the significance of the quote to your argument.

quote to your argument

Hopefully, with this detailed guide on How To Use Quotes In Your Essay, you have understood how our experts do it. If not, then you can talk to us via our interactive live sessions whenever you feel convenient. We are available 24*7 at your disposal.

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