How to Choose a Dissertation Topic for Masters
January 30, 2018
Author : Alex

Choosing a dissertation topic is the most crucial when it comes to writing dissertations. You could be writing a dissertation for masters or for graduation, the process of deciding on a topic will be followed alike. Some universities provide a list of topics to choose from, while others leave the decision up to the student. The most basic step is to talk to your advisor. They are the best source of information at your disposal. They might be willing to offer you a choice of topics. If not, you could always consult dissertation help experts online.

Basic Step

My advice for you will be to delve in yourself first.

  1. Identify
  2. Identify your areas of interest. Writing a dissertation is a long and difficult process. If you are writing on your preferred discipline, you will always be motivated and the tedious work will seem compelling. It would be of added advantage if your advisor is also keenly interested in your chosen discipline, as you will be needing their help from time to time.

    For example, for nursing dissertations, broad research areas to consider could be paediatric care, midwifery, palliative care, public health, etc.

  3. Brainstorm
  4. Study all the recent literature on your selected discipline. Look for articles and papers in the top journals. Explore recent breakthroughs and try to find questions that might have assumed or left unanswered. Make a list of all questions that have considerable scope for investigation. You can refer to Google Scholar.

    Whatever you do, keep making notes of whatever new information you come across.

  5. Make a top three list
  6. Now that you have possible topics, its time to shortlist. What you are looking for are substantial questions; questions that need answering. Leave out the trivial ones. Keep cutting your list short till you find the top three topics. You can always consult with your classmates and professors.

  7. Make the choice
  8. After you have chosen the top three best topics, discuss these in detail with your advisor. It would be beneficial if you develop an understanding with your advisor. List the pros and cons of writing on each topic and comprehensively review recent literature. Now that you have understood all about these, make the choice


    So, what’s new? Everybody knows this!

    If you were expecting to get a secret mantra from me, let me break it to you. There is no shortcut to choosing a topic for a masters’ dissertation, unless somebody just hands it to you in a gift-wrap.

    Let’s look at the brighter side.

    The benefit of all the in-depth reading that you did to find a dissertation topic is your dissertation proposal half done. And if you have kept notes, like I had asked you to, all you need to do is refer to those notes and write it all up. In case you feel you are missing out on information, you could always use some dissertation proposal writing help from our experts. Dissertation is the most important part of your curriculum. A good dissertation will not only help you score better grades, it will also dramatically influence your long-term prospects in the field.

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