India's rampant commercialization of higher education has failed to deliver its primary objective. The bottom line is that 9 out of 10 Indian students accept that an overseas education will help them gather practical knowledge and develop new skills vis-à-vis pursuing graduation in India.

The Western Union report further claims that Indian students are increasingly looking for overseas education to understand different cultures, interact with other individuals, and get better exposure. "All in all, the goals hinged around experiences and personal growth took priority over materialistic goals like buying a car or house." 

Indian students are now not behind high-ranking organizations such as Ivy Leagues, with 70% of aspiring students choosing better teaching techniques instead of just a university's reputation. 

The report also suggests that Indian students, particularly, rely heavily on Social Media resources while taking important decisions about overseas education. What are the best international universities for Indian students? Which Australian University offers the best MS program for Data Science? These were some of the popular queries on the Social Media radar.

Along with this, an unconventional course such as eco-technology and digital technology has gained significant popularity among students. During the Covid-19 pandemic, digital technology gained wider acceptance alongside courses like Data Science and Robotics, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence. 

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New Models for the New Normal: Impact of Covid-19 on International Education

An aspiration to have a better future and get overseas education has always been there among Indian students. Data suggests: from 3.71 lakh students in 2016 to 5.88 lakh students in 2019; students were pursuing their higher education overseas. 

However, the Covid-19 pandemic reduced the number of international students applying for education. 

2020 did have a major impact upon overseas education with cancelled flights, closed borders, and a shift to online learning and teaching. Due to Covid-19, several students have decided to defer or abandon their plans to study overseas. Although there are some losses and risks in the short term, international education's benefits and demand are expected to grow. 

The trend indicates opportunities to explore new models of education. 

The pandemic resulted in a tech-hybrid education model, with approximately 46% of the students opting for such a model. 

Reports by Financial Express suggest that students nowadays prefer the opportunity to travel, explore, and learn about others' cultures over better education and job opportunities. Significantly, the report observes the increasing popularity of non-English speaking destinations like China, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Germany. 

Overseas Education During and After Covid-19

With covid-19 interfering with travelling and overseas education across the globe, there are several uncertainties for aspiring students searching to start their higher education overseas. While covid-19 continues to disrupt overseas education as there is no definite solution to the pandemic as it is rapidly evolving and changing, here's an update on the latest news. 

Universities are Accepting Students Overseas

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all universities had to close and shift to virtual classes to ensure the safety of the students. However, it is still feasible to apply for studies overseas. This is evident by visa application centres commencing to reopen and several universities developing contingency strategies in case of further travel bans, restrictions, and lockdowns. 

Travel Restrictions

Overseas education became difficult as several countries imposed travel restrictions post lockdown. Travelling emerged as one of the concerns for aspiring students who want to pursue overseas education and also for the existing Indian students studying overseas. To overcome this, several institutions implemented hybrid options which offer flexible learning and teaching opportunities for students and teachers, respectively.

  1. Student visa Applications: Due to pandemic, new visa applications were rejected and put on hold. Several students had to stay back without going back to their home country. However, visa application centres are now returning to normal. The process of an application takes around three months. Hence, it is recommended to apply for a visa before your course commencement. 
  2. Accommodation and Health Insurance: Taking care of health and housing should be prioritized before students abroad. You need to ensure your university practices appropriate health and safety policies before confirming. However, health insurance is mandatory for students travelling into or out of the European Union. 

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Barriers to Global Education in 2021

  1. Lack of family income: For aspiring students who wish to study overseas, arranging and managing funds for their courses and travel is considered one of the major challenges in their journey. Approximately 54% of students out of 241 identified lack of family income as a major concern while opting for overseas education. Investments and personal savings by parents act as saviours for aspiring students. 
  2. Qualifying exams: Language exams like TOFEL and IELTS and qualifying exams like GMAT and SAT are key concerns for students applying for global education. Countries like Canada, Europe, and the UK are becoming more attractive locations for students while avoiding qualifying exams for MBA. According to Western Union, approximately 64% of students out of 807 identified qualifying exams as a key concern for overseas education. 
  3. Lack of national income: Countries that suffer economic crisis, debt, and corruption sometimes lack the money required to pay for universities. Countries with insufficient money hire unqualified teachers, lack technology such as computers or laptops, broken equipment in universities, and classrooms with fewer aspiring students.
  4. Academic and language issues: Language seems to be a major challenge for international students. Language issues impact aspiring students' academic performance and social and psychological adjustments. Educational and language issues prevent students from engaging socially with international students. Language proficiency prevents students from adjusting to the new environment. 

Digital Platforms: Tool for Overseas Education 

The report concludes that approximately 80% of students out of 241 depend upon online resources and social media while selecting the university and country they want to study. Technology and social media are integral aspects of day-to-day life, and applying them in class is more common than in past years. My Assignment Services and similar hundreds of digital platforms have mitigated their dependency on experts and educational consultants over the years. With our one-to-one sessions and expert guidance, we have helped students make overseas education decisions that allowed them to join their classes on time.

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