Do you think being a nurse is just providing safe and effective care to the patients? Well, it is way beyond this (possibly, it stretches to such an extent that the human mind cannot even fathom)! It even entails those aspects of nursing which are usually overlooked by students. It starts with gaining command over nursing communication techniques

Have you heard of something called nurse-to-nurse communication? Yes, the appropriate manner to exchange viewpoints with a co-nurse is something that you might have to terms with. However, students are often clueless about applying the requisite knowledge and skills for communicating with the family members of the patients effectively. This is the basic crux of HLTENN002 apply communication skills nursing practice unit. 

There are several types of communication in nursing to consider when you are studying this vital nursing unit. For this, students need to have a basic understanding of information technology and interpersonal skills that are implemented within the boundaries of different nursing care units. Primarily, this unit is designated for nursing work that is done by registered nurses in Australia. Our foundations of nursing practice assignment help experts are thorough with the guidelines that are laid by the “Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)” which is why we are the perfect choice for getting guidance from on these assignments. 

Having a good communication skill for a nurse is one of the ways of gaining a high Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (CAHPS) score. There are two primary aims of nurse-patient communication. These include fostering a positive, compassionate and warm environment for the patient. And, promoting patient education and engagement. 

Isn’t this enough to let you know the importance of communication in nursing? So, let us dive deeper into the unit and get acquainted with the main essence of the HLTENN002 assignments.

2 Barriers to effective communication 

Two Assignments That Are Covered Under Apply Communication Skills Nursing Practice Unit

There can be a vast array of questions that you can get when you enrol yourself into this unit. However, our foundations of nursing practice assignment help writers have categorised them into two types. First is a set of questions that underpin the relevant concepts of nursing that form this unit and second is the case study assignment. 

Let us discuss each of these in detail now. 

Question and Answers

The HLTENN002 assignment task 1 encompasses several questions that are based on effective communication skills in nursing practice. There’s no end to these questions and you can get a variety of these in your assessment. For now, just have a look at the following question file that we received recently from one of our clients. 

HLTENN002 Nursing Assignment Sample

This is an HLTENN002 application communication skills nursing practice assessment 1 task. All these questions underline different methods of effective communication in nursing practice. Here, we have discussed a number of imperative concepts like types of communication techniques used in healthcare settings, different levels of communication in nursing, the role of social media in nursing practice and more. 

For us, completing this task is not more than a few moments. We have catered to a large number of similar questions and provided instant answers to students. Therefore, you can rely upon us for all the questions that you have with you. 

Case Study

Coming to the next assignment that falls under this unit, we have an HLTENN002 case study assessment. In this task, students are given with different types of case studies that need to be analysed. Based on them, they have to give answers to the questions. 

Let us help you understand this better with the help of apply communication skills nursing practice case study assessment sample that have been curated by one of our foundations of nursing practice assignment help experts. 

Nursing Assessment

For this assignment, we got a case study to analyse. After doing so, these are the questions that had to be answered. It discusses the concept of interviewing in HLTENN002 apply communication skills nursing practice. 

One of the questions that are often asked here is “what constitutes effective communication in nursing practice”. Interviewing is an effective technique to smoothen communication in clinical practice. Here, we discuss the different types of interviewing techniques that are used by nurses to interact with the patient. 

This is just one of the case studies that we discussed here. We have covered hundreds of such case studies that cover a variety of topics associated with HLTENN002 assessments

How To Build Patient Rapport: An Important Concept To Look At

To foster a friendly environment for communicating, it is essential that nurses are efficient in building patient rapport. This is a vital concept that our nursing assignment help experts consider while drafting reference assignment solutions for students worldwide.

If you are confused about how to build patient rapport, then you can stick to these following points. 

Engage Yourself In Breaking The Ice

No communication can take place immediately after meeting with a patient. Thus, as a nurse, it is crucial to start the conversation with small things. Not every patient is comfortable self-disclosure. 

Owing to this, an HLTENN002 apply communication skills nursing practice assignment is all about broaching small and respect the needs of a patient. After the patient gets comfortable, you can begin to gradually focus on the more emotional aspects of him/her. 

Consider The Environment You Are In

One of the most crucial factors that contribute to effective communication in nursing practice is the correct time and place. Reaching out to a patient in a busy and loud environment can inhibit communication. Thus, the environment plays a significant role in deciding how well you will communicate with your patient. 

Thus, never choose the wrong environment for communicating with the patient. These are some of the points to consider while writing an HLTENN002 assignment solution. Our foundations of nursing practice assignment help writers never forget to pay attention to these minor yet important factors influencing effective communication in nursing. This way, we are able to deliver flawless academic guidance to students. 

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