Five Pros and Cons of Doing College Homework

December 09, 2020
Author : Bill

School is a crucial aspect of children’s lives. Children who are unable to attend schools each day to attain the skills to succeed in life will be at a loss for their entire lives. While school is an important aspect of student life, it is also important that the child takes his homework seriously because it helps in acquiring various skills. But assigning multiple homework has various side effects too such as sleep deprivation, unhealthy levels of stress, as well as related health problems.

The recurring debate on its advantages and disadvantages has been done by various parents, teachers, and schools for years. Homework evokes every negative connotation to every involved individual. Although many individuals think of homework as doing more harm than good, others believe that it has great pros for students by motivating them to think more independently outside the box.

Many kids and their parents state that they are left with no time because of homework assigned in class. Homework stands in the way of spending quality time with family and friends since students have to dedicate various hours to complete their homework every day. But everything has its pros and cons, and so we will be looking at those points in this blog.  To provide you a better idea of both sides of this discussion around the topic, we have enlisted important arguments supporters of both sides. Let us dive deeper into this never-ending debate.

Pros of Homework

Reasons kids need homework

Student-Teacher Interaction

The point supporting the motion is an important reason why students need homework. It allows for the efficient interaction of students with their teachers. When students discuss their assignments and the problems they faced with their teachers, teachers understand their needs and guide them on the areas to focus on. By this interaction, students analyze their work and understand the portion of them that are facing issues. Students test their abilities through homework and recognize the part of the lesson and get the opportunity to think independently. 

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Parents Get To Know What Their Child’s Learning

Have you ever wondered why most of the homework assigned to children need parental assistance? Never thought about this? Parents see it as a burden but the purpose of this is to let parents know what is being taught to their kids, and what their children are learning. It allows them to participate in their kids’ learning as well. 

It Promotes Practice And Learning

Homework is considered important because it promotes practicing what has been taught in class. They get to revise the knowledge gained by applying it to their homework. Students get the opportunity to improve through practice and participation. 

Preparation For Examinations

Don’t you think if you do your homework regularly, you need to spend less time studying on the day before the examination? Homework aids students in preparing for their term exams without them knowing it. Learning happens through practice and when students write their homework regularly, in essence, they are eventually learning and participating in their final exams. 

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Development Of Essential Skills

Homework helps students in understanding the importance of prioritizing one work over another. They learn the importance of punctuality and time-management. These skills are essential for prospects. When students are asked to submit their homework by the deadline, it encourages them to organize their time better. 

So, writing homework has great value. Furthermore, homework can help students from a hard work ethic that they will take to college and beyond. Kids need to attempt problems to realize that failure is an important part of the learning process, and how we deal with it makes us successful. Students acquire confidence and creative problem-skills. Later these skills and confidence enhance their self-esteem to complete a task independently. 

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Cons of Homework

Reasons kids don't need homework

No Time To Relax And Socialize

Students are often exhausted after writing molds of homework because of the long hours of classes in school, children need time to ease their minds and relax for some time but this is not possible as they have the pressure of completing their homework. This can lead to them overworked and not concentrating on the quality of the produce. The lack of time also means that they are left with no time to socialize. Too much homework prevents students to spend their time with friends and families, and also extra-curricular activities are a big no-no. These factors (socialize, reading, playing, etc.) are a big part of the development of a child. 

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Loss Of Interest In Learning

Many students after being overworked due to their busy schedules can lead to a loss of interest in learning. It is found that children under stress can’t perform various tasks such as learning efficiently because they can’t refresh their minds and bodies and they eventually lose interest in learning. 

Frustration And Exhaustion

We can all associate with this point. We feel frustrated and stressed when we fail to complete a task at hand. The same things happen with students when they are unable to complete their homework on time. It eventually becomes a burden that just won’t lighten. Moreover, students might only complete their homework just to escape punishment and not to learn from it. 

Too Much Work For Teachers

Well, yes, homework is beneficial for students because it makes them practice but the same can mean the opposite for others, for instance, it can be a burden for teachers who give it out. The average teacher at least teaches 2 grades. So if both classes have 20 students each, imagine evaluating 30 notebooks or so each day! This is a tiring task.  

Too Much Of It Can Promote Cheating

We have all done it at some point in time. Haven’t we? We have copied from the internet or from our pals to complete homework for the sake of doing it. Children do it too; too much homework can encourage negative behaviors like cheating and copying. If they do not complete their homework on time, they simply come to school and copy it off others. And during tests, they resort to cheating because they did not get around to doing homework.

Homework has gotten a bad reputation lately. There has been quite a bit of negative talk, since the turn of the century. Many books being published against the notion have helped increase the negativity too such as Alfie Kohn’s The Homework Myth: Why Kids Get Too MUCH of a Bad Thing. 

As you see, it is a polarizing subject. The blog has articulated both sides to help you understand both aspects of it. So choose your sides and ponder over it. Getting an homework help in USA without any doubt and worries in no time at ‘My Assignment Services”. Our experts provide the best solution to your problems round the clock. Visit My Assignment Services now!

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