Assignment of the Week: FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance And Mortgage Banking

March 02, 2020
Author : Andy

Certificate IVFNS40815is a great course to study as it provides an opportunity to get equipped with loan applications, presenting broking options to clients and controlling and implementing the code of practice obligations. There are so many different kinds of assignments which are rolled out to students gaining expertise incertificate IV in finance and mortgage banking.In this blog, we will be dealing with these assignments and share with you a basic approach that you can use for writing the answers and secure an excellent grade.

Assessment Tasks That Fall Under FNS40815

As discussed, there are several kinds of assessments that are designed to test specific aspects of a student studyingFNS40815 Certificate IV in finance and mortgage banking. Our finance assignment writers have got numerous types of assignments from students that contribute to the overall marks in this course. Let us talk about each of those in detail now.

Task 1: Identify and interpret compliance requirements

The first task is to recognise and put forth compliance requirements. One of the major compliance is to lend relevant provisions of the NCCP act. In case, fraud is included in this, fines and imprisonment can also be issued. Therefore, as a finance broker, it is imperative to be updated with the compliance requirements. Based on these, there are a few questions that ourfinance assignment helpexperts answer forFNS40815 assessment 1. Task 1 As you can see, these are the two questions that talk about ‘unsuitability test’ and client requirement and objectives. Relating these concepts with the compliance requirements, we answer these questions.

Task 2: Deliver and monitor service to customers

As per ourfinance assignment writers, the establishment of empathy stands for the relationship that a client has in the beginning. For every mortgage broker, it becomes mandatory to understand whether the client is interested or not and what are his requirements. So, for the second task, the motive is to deliver and monitor service to customers. Based on this, there are a few questions that fall under thisFNS40815 assessment 2. Task 2 Ourfinance assignment helpexperts study all the client need and requirements. Based on it, we define several concepts associated with it such as empathy, developing empathy with the client and active listening approach.In addition to these questions, a survey is also given for which we answer a separate set of questions as well. Task 3 With the help of the survey taken, ourfinance assignment writerstalk about ‘over-service clients’ and creditor provider’s hands.

Task 3: Contribute to OHS hazard identification and risk assessment

Occupational health and safety hazards (OHS) cover a wide range of aspects, in addition to the physical injury incurred to employees. In the context of the OHS, ourfinance assignment helpexperts focus on several elements that help us to answer the following questions:
  1. How would you define workplace stress?
  2. Discuss at least two ways by which client relationships get hampered by workplace stress
  3. How can you reduce workplace stress? Discuss four approaches.
  4. What is the difference between ‘job demands’ and ‘job resources’ risk factors?
  5. Discuss the pros of team meetings

Task 4: Manage personal work priorities and professional development

As per ourfinance assignment writers, time management remains one of the most crucial challenges that employees come across in the workplace scenarios. Using the Pareto principle and Stephen Covey’s time management matrix, cover several aspects related to work priorities and professional development. Covey’s quadrant 2 and personal well-being is related to completeFNS40815 assessment 3. all the associated parameters that are related to Covey’s quadrant are also discussed in this task.

Task 5: Develop and nurture relationships with clients, other professionals and third party referrers

Being professional is a trait that must be omnipresent in every finance and mortgage broker. With the help of this characteristics feature, they can establish meaningful relationships with their clients. Also, networking is a key term that ourfinance assignment helpexperts consider to be important in this context. In light of this, we answer the following questions: Task 4

Task 6: Promoting the effective use of credit

To demonstrate the knowledge in credit, a situation is given for this task as shown below: Task 5 After analysing the given scenario carefully, we suggested two financing options and explain the most important features of each. After this, we talked about its advantages and disadvantages.

Task 7: Prepare a Loan Application On Behalf Of Mortgage Broking Clients

After knowing all the problems that have been addressed in it, ourfinance assignment helpexperts produce the answers to the questions that have been asked. This brings an end to thecertificate IV in finance and mortgage bankingassignment. However, these are not the entire solutions for all these tasks. These only cover the main topics and concepts. If you would like our experts to help you with the entire solutions of all these different assignments, then you can send all the requirements to us and we will get back to you with high-quality reference assignment solutions.

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Though we have tried to incorporate all the essentials in these assignments, here in this blog, a lot of topics remain untouched. Now that we hold an experience of more than a decade in helping students worldwide with their assignments related toFNS40815Certificate IV in finance and mortgage banking, our reference assignment solutions remain the top source of assistance for them. My Assignment Serviceshosts a team of highly-qualified experts who also provide students with a wide range of value-added benefits like partial work for free, unlimited revisions, multiple quality checks, and more. To get your hands on supreme quality finance assignment solutions and exciting value-added services, simply text or call our customer care team right away!

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