In the context of business, risk management is something that plays a crucial role in the working of every business organisation. Business risk management (BRM) is a subset of risk management which studies the risks that may come in the path of the organisation’s success.

Ourbusiness management assignment helpexperts say that the way to mitigate the risks is to devise out a human resource strategic plan. There are several case studies and other types of assignments that are given to students to strengthen their skills in risk management. This is where students rely upon the experts atMy Assignment Servicesfor guidance.

In this blog, we will talk about the case study onKing Edward VII College and try to figure out the health and safety policy and procedures associated with it. This will give you a brief idea on how to approach such a case study analysis and report writing assignments on your own.

The King Edward VII College Case Study

Before proceeding with theKing Edward VII College Report Writing assignment, let us first go through the case study that is given to us.

The case talks about King Edward college in Australia. Based on the information given here, students are required to analyse it and then talk about thekey areas of human resourcesthat will be applicable here.

Question 1

As per ourbusiness management assignment helpexperts, these prime areas are:

  1. Equal opportunity and diversity
  2. Human resources information systems
  3. Induction
  4. Job analysis and design
  5. Occupational health and safety
  6. Performance management
  7. Professional development
  8. Recruitment and selection
  9. Staff retention and succession planning

These are the prime area of focus of the HR, thus the strategic plan that is to be drafted has to focus on these aspects of the college. Now that you are clear with the areas, let us talk about the questions that are to be answered.

Question 2

For the first question, students are required to write a briefing report about the college that can be presented forth the CEO and senior managers. This is how ourbusiness management assignment helpexperts write the report.


The first section of the report is a brief introduction to the college. Relating it with the human resource potential, new approaches are introduced that will help enhance the progress of the organisation.

Current HR capacity

After this, the next section includes the capabilities of the HR and also the areas that are focused by him. Also, there is a compare and contrast between the employees and the HR.


Forecasting HR requirements

The next section of the briefing report will consist of all the HR requirements for this particular college. This step helps us to execute the HR strategic plan.


Gap analysis

Then, ourbusiness management assignment writerstalk about the gap between the traditional approach and the new approaches that have been introduced. Some of the key features that we have highlighted here are cultural changes in the college, technological advancements and work-life balance.


HR strategies

After this, the task for us is to enlist some of the strategies that will be used by HR to bridge the gap. Some of them include:

  • Recruitment strategies
  • Working environment policies
  • Training and developmental programs in the college
  • HR system
  • OHS hazards
  • Retention and performance management

Question 3

Coming to the next question, ourbusiness management assignment helpexperts advice students on the most appropriate way of writing an E-mail to the CEO and senior managers.

For writing this e-mail, the first thing to keep in mind is that you have to re-introduce that you will be presenting ahuman resource strategic plan and risk assessment for King Edward VII College. In the body of the mail, you need to talk about all the strategic risks associated with the college.

Question 4

The third task for this business management assignment is the role play. Your assessor will play the role of the CEO. Here, you have discussed the briefing report with the CEO so that you can go ahead with the human resources strategic plan.

The main purpose of this roleplay is to give some recommendations from your end and work upon them in the future when you come across the same situation in real-world life.

Question 5

Question 5 talks about the main task that is to develop the human resources strategic plan. You have to incorporate information from your research and also from the input of the meeting discussed.

The plan must include important areas like:

  • Recruitment, selection and induction
  • Supporting and valuing the workforce

Focusing on these important areas, ourbusiness management assignment helpexperts clearly state the strategic objectives and targets that need to be met with this plan.

Question 6

After preparing the human resources strategic plan, the next step is to design the risk management plan so that you can recognise all the risks that are associated with the strategic plan. In this plan, our experts also mention some strategies that help you to manage and control risk.The main aim of the risk management plan is to find strategies that help you mitigate risk and help the organisation to progress.

As per ourbusiness management assignment helpexperts, many students fail to indicate that this is the human resources strategic plan and the risk management plan for implementation that needs approval.

So, this brings an end to the approach for this assignment. However, this is only a partial approach that encapsulates the entire assignment and covers only the vital elements. If you require the entire solution of this case study analysis report writing assignment or any similar kind of assignment, then you can simply reach ourbusiness management assignment writers.

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