It’s always difficult for a student to face the deadline for submitting a thesis paper. Life seems dilapidated for handling the burden of finishing a thesis paper within time. If we really don’t have a basic idea of how to create a basic framework for a thesis paper to complete this within time, it is a mere academic catastrophe to face, as we remain perplexed due to having anxiety for the consequences of producing a bad thesis paper at the end of the course. We can discuss some quick tips regarding an easy question-answer format.

What is a Thesis Paper?

A thesis paper or a dissertation is research that needs to be submitted at the end of the course on the topic you have chosen as your topic of research. A thesis paper is not only an important part of your academic course, to earn some credit points, but it is the culmination point of your degree, which is basically a testimony as well as an academic application for the completion of your degree. Thus, it’s the most important element of your higher academic degree, and it’s the duty of a student to know and learn the steps to write a good thesis paper.

What is the Ideal Structure of a Thesis Paper?

Different educational institutions have different requirements of thesis papers, varying based on word limits, a number of pages, stylistics, referencing. In the case of structures, there should have a basic format to be followed everywhere. I am trying to give a basic format for the students to take a look at this.

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Materials and methodology
  • Results
  • Analysis of the result
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Acknowledgement
  • Reference list
  • Appendices

What is a Thesis Statement?

Now before we start understanding the steps of successfully writing a thesis paper, we should know one simple concept, “thesis statement”. A thesis statement should come in the final paragraph of the introduction of a thesis, which refers to the topic, scope and interest of the research in a very brief way. It can be said a thesis paper is nothing but the arguments and evaluation of the elements mentioned in a thesis statement.

Why Should a Thesis Statement be Contained in a Dissertation?

  • Thesis idea in brief points can give a basic hint about the research and interests reviewers to organize and develop ideas
  • To prepare a basic guide about the research
  • Directly develop the questions asked by you, framing questions in thesis statements is always important for a reviewer to find the answers and make the purview committed to the subject for the complete duration of reviewing.
  • Claiming the uniqueness of the thesis idea and evaluation.

5 Effective steps to follow for writing a compelling thesis paper

1. Choose a Topic

This is very important when the topic is not assigned. Sometimes, topics should be re-written and resurfaced even after the topic is a given one from your department. A topic should never be narrow or broader, it should be specific and precise. A topic should have the essence of scholarly evaluative hints, and it should be written in a very interesting way. A topic is always related to your thesis statement. Thus, choosing a topic requires your basic research. You can avail ideas and information from any media, be it print or web, books, scholarly articles, journals. The sooner you will be sure about a topic, the faster you can create your thesis statement and the topic, which is the precursor to begin the body of your thesis. For example, ‘Indigenous women of Canada’ is a thesis area, you have chosen, or given by your professor. Now you need to conduct primary research on this. After that, you may find a particular issue like ‘Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’, you may like to work on, and write a thesis. Thus you need to resurface your topic. The end result may be a detailed retrospective on the panic-stricken issue, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (1980-2020). We can witness, the revised topic name helps write a better thesis statement as well as engenders the feeling of interest to read the whole.

2. Preparing a Working Thesis by Sssembling all the Possible Sources

Framing the questions and designing the task are two important things to do here. Answering the questions, prepared roughly can majorly give some pivotal answers to develop thesis statements, which is the precursor to writing a thesis paper. In case of defining the tasks, a student needs to think academically, keeping all the possible elements of research and research ethics in mind. Thus, locating and evaluating data sources can be the simultaneous process to answer all those framed questions, and develop a basic framework of research. This section is important as it determines how strong or weak your research can be. thesis-paper-1

                                                University of North Carolina

3. Creating a Literature Review

Literature review is a very important exponent of a research paper. It depicts a review by the researcher about all the previous works done by the early scholars in the same field. It includes books, area study, scholarly journals, earlier research papers etc. Review of the literature indicates the limitation of earlier research in the same topic and area, as well as it hints about new insights and opening in the research ongoing. Here’s a literature review example: thesis-paper-3  

                                      University of North Carolina

4. Methods, Results, and Analyses

Methods of research should be understood by a researcher, and a clear concept about your working techniques and evaluation methods should be given. Methods are important for researchers to understand the mode of research, be it action research or experimental research. Substantiate data regarding the research are the contemporary approaches required to know the present development, updated documents- the overall dynamic of the topic. Analysis and synthesis should be the integral component to evaluate the topic, to academically introspect or retrospect the thesis statement and to showcase a proper academic calibre and research skills.



                                                 Source: University of North Carolina

5. Conclusion and referencing

Conclusion of research is the termination part which demonstrates the final overview and decisions on the problem mentioned at the beginning. This part is to be cross-checked by the reviewers to match up the statement and the researcher’s conclusive take spanning from the research. Referencing is the most technical part of academic research, but this part needs to be emphasized as a few mistakes in this part can lead to a big blunder. A research paper with an optimum level of excellence can never be taken, or granted for any academic journals or conference if any flaw can be traced in the reference portion. Pupils should be meticulous while preparing this section. thesis-paper-2 You might have completed or decided to write the thesis on your own. But have you considered getting it to proofread and edited by an expert? I suggest you should! With a professional thesis writing help, you can enhance the chances of the approval of your thesis by a large extent. Send it to us today and our professional thesis proofreaders and editors will do a quality job for your precious document. Contact us right away and get personalised assistance for your dissertations and thesis.

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