“Aspies for Freedom”; now a defunct community started the World Autistic Pride Day for the first time in 2005 from Brazil. The motto was to recognize the disability as a natural neurological condition and to promote #Neurodiversity and self-esteem for autistic folks around the world. #WorldAutisticPrideDay is celebrated each year on 18th of June and takes reference from the Gay Pride Parade, so much so that the flag symbol is also similar. apd (1) (The #AutisticPrideSymbol showcases the infinity sign in rainbow colours and represents the progressive diversity within the ASD community. Image | www.awarenessdays.com It is represented with a rainbow infinity symbol and the movement tethers to the novel idea which says #AutisicAndProud. Unlike most awareness events, this is organized and run only by autistic people, their families and celebrated largely on the internet through digital mediums. The message is simple; Autism must be accepted as a legit form of #NeuroDiversity and not like a disease that needs a medicinal cure.

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a concept or rather an idea that developmental differences such as Autism are natural variations of brain development similar to the Neurotypical brains. It calls for respecting each condition as normal and discourages display of remorse, mockery or pity for anyone different in terms of natural mental development. Neurodiversity (1) Each of our brains develops and functions differently. The idea of #Neurodiversity is to recognize all the developmental differences as normal. Even famous people such as IT Tycoon Bill Gates and Hollywood actor Tim Burton are known to be autistic. Image | www.regarding365.com

Are Autistic People Different from Neurotypicals?

Autistic people may be different from the Neurotypical type but they have their inherent qualities and abilities. The #Autism awareness day attempts to change the perspective of the general public towards Autistic from that of pity to social acceptance. For the neurotypical or so-called normal people to realize that Autism is a developmental difference and not some disability and that the integrity of Autistics be respected in public life with respect and equal opportunities and them being perceived as unique individuals. Autistic-Pride-Day The #AutisticPrideday was started by an online autistic community (Aspies for Freedom)in 2005,  to emphasize on the fact that Autism is not a disease but a condition where the brain interprets information; especially the sensory, in a different way. Image| Facebook

What is Autism?

Also known as the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Autism is clinically defined as a neurological disability that affects the brain’s capability to process information. Unlike “Allistic” people (the opposite of autism), autistic kids may have problems in communicating, with social interactions and may have laggard motor senses. Some of the other common traits are obsessive interests and repetitive behaviours. The cause for Autism is yet unknown and almost in all cases, the symptoms also do vary in each affected child.

Here are some important facts that you ought to know about Autistic Spectrum Disorder:

  • Autism is not restricted to a particular race, creed, geography or socioeconomic state of parents. It can happen to anyone.
  • A male child has a four times higher chance of being affected with ASD than a female child.
  • As per the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) data: 1 in every 54 kids born, displays some form; mild or dominant state of autism.
  • Most kids start showing the ASD symptoms in the first three years of life. Inabilities in a kid such as not being able to point at things or not looking you in the eye indicate the disorder; however, it is far too complex in some cases and every case of autism has its own unique symptoms and unique abilities too.

Why the world needs Autistic Pride Day?

The event is predominantly community-driven and interference of other charitable organisations is discouraged. The global ceremonies on this day, all partake to remind us that we are all different and just being a minority should not subject anyone to social stigma and temporary pity. The #AustisticPride rewards ASD affected population to live with the same dignity as #neurotypicals. According to a study conducted by Larry Arnold and Gareth Nelson in the early 2000s, even the autistic groups and help organizations used to promote pity for the parents and families of the affected knowing that Autism does not affect any vital organs of the human body or the life span. AFF (Aspies for freedom) thus began the pride day in 2005, on behalf of the autistic population in the world and raised slogans that Autism must not be seen as a curable disease but as an acceptable but different condition such as being from the LGBT community. Hence the infinity symbol was derived from the Gay rights movement and it signifies the infinite possibilities for an autistic individual.

Some more facts about Autism:

  • Brains of people with ASD process sensory data in a unique way and thus you will find that Autistic people react more sensitively to taste, touch, sound and even sightings.
  • Each Autistic person shows different symptoms and behaviour. No two are ever similar.
  • Despite the advanced developments in Neurosciences, what causes Autism is still not known and the treatment available to date is mainly based on therapy and counselling.
  • 40% of Autistic children develop speaking disability of varying degrees.
  • The occurrence of Autism in new-borns has grown in the last twenty years.

How can you spread the message on World Autistic Pride Day 2020?

Self-education and willingness to teach others is the key to enable normalcy in the lives of autistic people. The social perception of seeing the community as disabled is equally malignant to them as is your pity. At My Assignment Services, we receive student queries within the purview of  Public Health Assignment Help that involves the topic of autism such as Nursing Care Plans or Therapy Guidance for Autistic kids. Our academic experts ensure to assist university students in Australia and elsewhere to first recognize the real need of an affected person and their families; it is to be deemed as an equal and not as somebody who is ailing with an incurable disease. We stand in solidarity with the Autistic community in the world and urge you to develop a different point of view towards the condition of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Stay away from showing pity and embrace an attitude of equality and normalcy for the Autistic.

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